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Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) brings the convergence of Search, Social, Local and Mobile to Franchise Brands, Local Businesses, Agencies and Publishers. Our scalable local internet marketing solutions and fully Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions are highly focused on Hyper-Local SEO, Local Search Automation, Mobile Site Optimization, Social Media Marketing, National & Regional SEO, Website Development and more. Serving the globe, our integrated digital marketing teams in Boston, Orlando and Miami are here for you!

Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing

This comprehensive internet marketing ebook will guide you through every essential step you should be taking to effectively market your business on the web.


Ebook: A Setup & Strategy Guide for Your Business

Since its inception, nearly 50% of companies rate Google+ as important to their business. Just last year, 15% of marketers acquired a customer from this social channel.


Ebook: Inbound Marketing for Franchise Development

The marketing world is changing the way you attract franchisees to your business. Rather than sending advertisements out to prospective franchise owners — through cold calling, pop up ads, or email campaigns — businesses do better when they reach their prospects through more organic means.


Recent Blog Posts

Four Ways to Optimize Your Content to Bring in New Patients

As the owner of a healthcare practice, you might be new to a different type of practice: creating or managing content for a blog on your website. Blogging lies at the center of an inbound marketing strategy and is the most important step you can take to attract new patients to your practice and invigorate […]

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Is Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Competitive in the Digital World?

No one has to remind you, the owner of a brick-and-mortar business, that consumers continue to migrate to the “surf and click” domain of online shopping. Although you’re savvy enough to realize that some shoppers will always prefer to see and hold products in their hands before making a purchase, you’ve been around long enough […]

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Creating Personas to Enhance Franchise Development

What is Franchise Development? It is the process of identifying the different people who buy particular franchises. Each franchise organization has unique attributes that attract potential buyers and it is critical to identify these attributes and create groups that are categorized into franchise personas. As soon as personas are identified, the next step is to […]

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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Let IDS Show You How to Optimize Your Web Presence

Face it: To get customers more familiar with your brand, you need marketing. The end goal is gaining more brand awareness, or customer familiarity with your products and services, and leveraging that brand awareness into brand equity and increased sales. Brand equity is the value that comes from having a great, reliable product. It’s the […]

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Blog about Your Practice: Count the Ways Blogging Makes a Difference

As a health care professional, you’ve probably debated the same two questions with your colleagues as with your peers: Are we in the business of making money, or are we in the business of helping people? With any luck, you’ve concluded that these two questions are not mutually exclusive; you can be profitable and steer […]

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Franchising on Your Mind? 5 Steps to Grow and Expand Your Business

The marketing staff at Integrated Digital Strategies works with both franchisors and franchisees to create a digital marketing platform that engages and retains customers. Integrated Digital Strategies can help franchisors generate attention and traffic from potential investors and help franchisees build the franchise’s digital brand and online presence. To create the most effective content marketing, the […]

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3 ways to improve your dental content marketing

Advertising seems like it’s losing it’s appeal. Many dental marketing consultants say that all you really need is a solid inbound marketing program and new clients will come streaming in the door. Well, I’m here to say that it’s not true.

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Franchising is an Art, a very successful, proven and profitable art, however; it all depends on the way you market the franchise. It’s more like selling the system to a more efficient, and an enabled set of clients, who in turn will sell it to the end users.

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Utilize Your Content

You know your customers better than anyone. You know what their pain points are and the trends in the marketplace that may influence purchasing decisions. Therefore you need to take advantage of this knowledge to guide prospects closer to being new clients.

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Testing Before You Break the Bank

Testing the dental marketing you’re doing is a must. With all of the awesome tools out there available, you really have no excuse. Before you start, however, you need to set up a couple things first.

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