3 Ways to Improve Your Dental Content Marketing

Advertising seems like it’s losing it’s appeal. Many dental marketing consultants say that all you really need is a solid inbound marketing program and new clients will come streaming in the door. Well, I’m here to say that it’s not true.

If anyone is a firm believer of Inbound Marketing, it’s me. I also believe that most dentists need to have a supplemental paid media budget set aside for their advertising program. Simply creating content and throwing it up on your blog isn’t enough now. A well thought out content marketing strategy needs to be in place before you start investing your time and money into any sort of marketing.

There are three ways that can improve the results from your current dental marketing:

  • Promoting your content
  • Utilize your content as a part of the sales funnel
  • Testing your content before you break the bank

Promoting Your Content

After you’ve built out your blog, continuously written fresh content and thought about the people you’re targeting while you’re writing, then it’s time to start thinking about a little promotion. I’m not talking about you talking about you or your practice. I’m referring to getting your content in front of the right people.

Let’s say that you created a handy little checklist or video on “Ways to Clean Your Braces” but no one is downloading it. An easy place to start is the other marketing channels you’re currently in. Do you advertise in any local publications? Do you contribute to anyone else’s blog? If so, that’s a good place to start mentioning quick Calls to Actions for your checklist after you’ve provided value.

Native Advertising isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s a tactic that many brands are taking to get their messaging in front of their potential and current customers naturally without seeming too “salesy”. As a dentist, you can do the same. A company called Outbrain allows you to place your content along side editorial content on sites like CNN, Fast Company, Slate and others. You can also target the state that you’re located in instead of nationally if your prefer.

Utilize Your Content as a Part of the Sales Funnel

You know your customers better than anyone. You know what their pain points are and the trends in the marketplace that may influence purchasing decisions. Therefore you need to take advantage of this knowledge to guide prospects closer to becoming new clients and have your current customers become more valuable customers.

How do we do that? Two ways.

When you have prospects coming to your site, you obviously want to answer their questions and give them value. Many times, people are willing to trade their email address and name to obtain something of higher value like an eBook, Checklist, Guide etc etc.

Once that transaction has been made, you should set up a series of emails that go out over time. These “touches” will help in brand awareness and aid in getting you referrals if done right. We recommend working with an agency that has experience in this type of demand generation.

Testing Before You Break the Bank

Testing the dental marketing you’re doing is a must. With all of the awesome tools out there available, you really have no excuse. Before you start, however, you need to set up a couple things first.

  • Determine your marketing goals
  • Determine the channels you need to be in (and the “Why”)

After you’ve done your due diligence in finding out where you need to be and have successfully set up your goals, then its time to start implementing your test strategy.

A/B Tests: Install two tracking numbers on the same type of ad and see which one converts the best. You can also use two different landing pages or Calls to Actions when setting up your eBook or Guide offer to test to see which one resulted in a better visit to conversion ratio.

Learn from the Metrics: Are you already spending money on paid media like Google Adwords? You have a wealth of data there to start testing out. Take a look at your most popular Ad Groups and keywords. Implement that same content into your other marketing channels to see if it has the same results.

In summary, if you come into your dental marketing plan with a strategy in place and continually test what’s working and what’s not, you’ll see a huge uptick in new patients, more valuable current customers and a lot more revenue.

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