Inbound Marketing For Targeting Specific Geographic Areas

Franchise Search Engine Marketing is one of the harder marketing tactics in your franchise inbound marketing program. What makes it so hard? Google is continuously changing their algorithms to make search more friendly for the potential prospects looking for you.

Many new franchise owners are looking to expand out geographically starting close to where their current franchise is now. So starting a general, top of the funnel, “any geography will do” mentally certainly won’t do.

Here is one of the ways you can do Inbound Marketing for specific geographic areas.

Google Trends
You may have access a software like HubSpot that can do a lot of the work for you, but for this article we’re going to refer to the Google Trends tool since it’s free for anyone to use and it’s a proven and reliable source.

At this point, you should know what keywords your potential franchisee would be looking for. I recommend starting with the general ones like, “buy a franchise” or “franchise businesses” and click search. After your search, you’ll need to go to the left side and adjust the “Limit to” section to the United States only (if that’s where you live).

franchise inbound marketing

As you can see, “buy a franchise” is trending upward in the United States. This is definitely a good sign for the franchisor as its most likely an indicator of increased demand.

Since you narrowed your search down to the United States, you’ll see a map of the US with the states that have the most searches for that term.

franchise inbound marketing 3

If you’re in one of those states, awesome! If not, I would still consider going after it as a part of your inbound marketing strategy since it is trending upward. I would then start looking at the Related Terms section as well as other general phrases potential franchisees may be looking for when doing their search. Rinse and repeat.

Now is when your franchise inbound marketing program kicks in. You should have a list of about 10-20 trending, geographically hot keywords. Using those keywords in combination with the geographically targeted area you want to go after, you’ll want to do this….

Start blogging, making videos, Slideshares and other content
Remember who your target persona is while creating this content
Cross promote the content you make on social networks
Continuously test: Whats getting the most shares and clicks?
Create more content similar to the content that’s doing the best

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