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Are you a business in need of content writing? Let’s take a look at these two statistics….

content marketing service

B2B: Did you know that 60% decision makers say unique content helps them make intelligent buying decisions?

B2C: 61% of consumers looking for your products and services are more likely to buy from companies that offer custom content.

Bottom line, the content that your prospects find online highly affect their buying decisions and it’s essential that you put your company’s best foot forward. Content marketing is and has been mainstream, so now is the time to get very aggressive in your efforts. This is where IDS comes into play.

The content marketing plan we assemble will provide your website with branded updates to increase the amount of traffic, leads and deals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, content marketing is basically SEO. Google has been making aggressive algorithm changes over the past two years that make content even more important that it was before. Content of the highest quality, that answers the questions of your prospects and gets shared on social media will help your website domain rank higher and higher.


One of the advantages of meeting your clients face to face is being able to see body language and verbal communication. One way to do this online is through your website content. By publishing thought leadership articles that show off your expertise, you’ll start becoming known in your industry as the leader in your field. Who will your prospects think about the next time they have a need?


Many studies have shown that people want to do business with companies that offer rich information online. Whether it’s search, social or email content, people love consuming helpful, relevant content. For instance, 1/4 of all Americans make purchase decisions based on blog content. Frequently updated social media profiles have also contributed to a 72% spike in sales.

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