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IDS provides complete marketing management of all aspects of digital marketing for franchisors. One of the most important considerations for prospective and existing franchisees is the digital marketing platform included in their investment. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we provide a complete portfolio of products and services that help franchises increase and market their presence online. See below for a list of some of the franchise marketing solutions we offer. For more info, email us at info@idigitalstrategies or call 1-855-256-2635

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Franchise Local Marketing

IDS brings you the best Local Search solution for your franchise brand or multi-location business. Use our in-depth and fully integrated digital platform that easily manages geo-local content for each of your franchisee locations. We know that managing your franchise marketing across multi-locations is tough. Let IDS implement our proven solution in your franchise today. Click here for more info.

local franchise search automation

Franchise Inbound Marketing

Generate franchisee leads by adjusting to the way people make purchasing decisions. Track your leads throughout the process to know where your most profitable channels are. Use tactics like video, social media, traditional franchise PR, SEO, sales process implementation and content marketing to have franchise leads contacting you, instead of buying lists or leads that have been passed around. Click here for more info.

franchise inbound marketing

Franchise SEO Optimization

Most likely, you want your franchise to have a strong online presence both at the corporate level and at each of your locations across the nation. SEO is a must nowadays to keep up with your competitors as well as places you in front of the 1000’s of people searching for your business opportunity or local franchise. Click here for more info.


Whether you’re a solo franchisee or a multi-brand franchisor, you probably have felt the shift over the past handful of years. What shift are we talking about? We’re talking about how people make buying decisions. 80% of the research is done before people reach out to your local franchise or your sales team selling your opportunity. Nowadays you have to make sure you’re a choice! How do we do that? Through having a content marketing strategy and either partnering with or hiring an agency like IDS that has experience in the franchise marketing space.

Some of our other services include….

Our goal is to provide franchisor’s with a turn-key franchise internet marketing solution that provides an instant digital marketing platform. Franchises need to feel confident they are getting a strong return on their investment with your company. We take the mystery and confusion out of the process and manage it all for you. You have the option of “White Labeling” our platform with your brand or letting your franchises work directly with our team of dedicated processionals. Let IDS take your franchisor organization to a higher level by positioning your franchises at the forefront of digital marketing.

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