Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective online marketing tools today and many companies use it to spread the news about their products, events promotions or nurturing leads. It’s also a very inexpensive tool to use.

One of the most valuable things to have as a business is a good list of email addresses. If you already have a list, IDS will design and write emails that will create interest in your business and generate more leads and deals. If you don’t have an email list, we can help you strategize on buying or renting a list that fits your target market.

Using Hubspot, we will help you understand the analytics behind your email campaigns and send regular reports detailing open rates, click through rates and other email KPI’s.

email marketing

As we work with you on developing your email marketing campaigns, we will tailor each email to your mission and your customer’s needs, from monthly to weekly communications, to coupons or announcements.

Email marketing is definitely a tried a true marketing tactic that we will help you with keeping in touch with your customers and prospects but to also shorten the sales cycle and lower your cost per lead.

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