Online Video Production

Video Production

Online video has become an important component to generating traffic to business websites.  Studies have shown that people are more attracted to video than text and will most likely watch a portion of your video that you have on your site.  The online video audience is rapidly growing with sites like Youtube and Vimeo getting billions of impressions every day.

IDS will produce custom videos that best represent your business, product or service.  We will also create a custom Youtube Channel for your company and distribute that video content across social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  The search engines also love video and will, a lot of the times, present your videos higher in the search rankings than your static website pages.

More videos from Clear Vision Video

Integrated Digital Strategies employs an experienced production team, Clear Vison Video, that will highlight your company in the most effective and creative manner.

Concept to Completion

We will work with you the entire time…from brainstorming to distribution…. making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the video

Training Videos

Help your prospective customers answer their top 30 FAQ’s through video.  For more info on Inbound Marketing, click here.

Branding & Marketing Videos

Tell the story of who you and your company are. Today, people want to see behind the curtains and telling your story is a way to do that.

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