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(PRWEB): Integrated Digital Strategies Relocates!

AMESBURY, MASS. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 19, 2019: Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), a nationally recognized digital marketing firm specializing in campaigns for established and emerging franchises, has moved its offices to a larger location, in anticipation of continued growth. Singled out for the last two years as a top choice for franchise marketing by Entrepreneur Magazine, IDS has […]

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Make a Connection with Your Buyer: The Power of Emotion

Companies are always on the prowl for new and effective ways to optimize their marketing strategies. Businesses everywhere want to better understand the buyer’s mentality prior to making a purchase. There are incredible benefits that come from analyzing the emotional state of the buyer and the process they go through when making a purchase. Integrated […]

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The Cost Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing Versus Outbound

Plenty of companies are looking to improve their marketing efforts, but sometimes it’s hard to identify the most cost-effective and reliable option. Integrated Digital Strategies has been aiming to improve online franchise marketing using inbound strategies and we’ve seen the incredible impact it can make. There are benefits that come with handing your message to […]

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Here’s How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s New Algorithm Change and What That Change Means for You

As of July 2019, LinkedIn implemented a new algorithm that will immediately change strategy for all marketing teams and strategists using the platform. Integrated Digital Strategies has adapted to these changes in the past by developing up-to-date game plans for social media marketing for franchises. Not every change that is made creates a disadvantage for […]

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Brand

Having the ability to introduce thousands of consumers to your product or service on a regular basis is the dream of any business owner — and the good news is, social media can help turn that dream into a reality. If used correctly, social media can create public awareness of your brand far better than […]

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