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Why Investing In Online Marketing for the B2B Industry is Crucial in a New Economy

Eric Goudreau | June 23, 2020 |
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As we deal with the effects of COVID-19, digital marketing is expected to play a crucial role in instilling buyer confidence, possibly greater than it ever has before. Buyer trends from all around the world have shown hesitancy since the pandemic, so instilling confidence in your target demographic is essential. IDS’ online marketing for the B2B industry is effective because we take the time to understand our clients' ideal buyers and will curate our content according to their needs and goals. 

The Digital Shift

A lot of B2B businesses are service-based brands, and for them, digital marketing hasn’t necessarily been a top priority. However, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in that mindset over the past couple of years, especially since COVID — more B2B businesses are ditching traditional outbound forms of marketing and switching to inbound. 

Now, B2B digital marketing has taken on greater importance. Studies have shown 90% of B2Bs have transitioned to a digital or virtual sales model during COVID-19, and with that, B2B businesses everywhere are looking for innovative ways to individualize their entire online experience.

 At IDS, we know how to complement your unique brand value with stunning websites and attention-grabbing content. We want to help you stay ahead, which is why an account manager will assess the best next steps based on relevant user data and competitive audits. 

So, what are your clients looking for when they visit your website?

What Online B2B Users Are Looking For Post-COVID

Transparency: When new users click on your website, they are essentially entering the world of your brand. A prospective lead who is still just learning about your brand will prioritize honesty and transparency before continuing down the funnel. One way to instill trust in your user is by giving them all the details they should know through rich content. Your clients want to feel informed before deciding and want to know what you will do to resolve their problems. With the help of informative blogs, infographics, and service-specific inner pages, your leads will have an easier time understanding your brand. 

Speed: This is a theme that can touch on almost every aspect of the user experience in B2B digital marketing. Whether you know it or not, users will associate their online experience with your business. According to the Search Engine Journal, nearly 70% of users say that page speed impacts their purchase decision. Loading times that are too long can cause user frustration and your best customers might leave your site before they even see the home page. That’s why page speed is one of the most important areas that IDS monitors when developing your website. 

Exposure: There are many B2B businesses out there that can offer incredible services, but their clients don't know where to find them. That’s where IDS' SEO services can really help. We’ve spent years creating content for our clients that ranks well on search engines and increases their brand exposure. This type of online marketing for the B2B industry is crucial because when someone searches for your services on Google, your brand should be among the top results. IDS can help make that happen.

Are you interested in IDS' online marketing for the B2B industry? We love talking shop with business owners who want to implement the latest and greatest marketing strategies. Feel free to contact us today!

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