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AFC’s Sean Hart Speaks on His Relationship with IDS

Integrated Digital Strategies | October 13, 2020 |
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At IDS, we do much more than work toward a client’s unique business objectives. Since our beginning in 2012, we’ve strived to build real relationships across all of the industries we serve by making our clients feel valued as business partners. 

American Family Care (AFC) has built a highly-touted reputation throughout the healthcare industry as a leader in urgent care clinics across the nation. Over the past three years, IDS has established a fantastic partnership with this brand, taking a blended approach to their marketing needs, with all aspects of our digital marketing offerings working for them in tandem. We recently took some time to talk with Sean Hart, Vice President of Franchise Sales & Development, about his experience with IDS and how our team differentiates itself from the pack. 

What has your experience working with IDS as a B2B digital marketing agency been like?

Hart: From the beginning, IDS has approached AFC’s problems/obstacles as their own. When we’re looking at ways to approach new targets, solidify our existing spot in the market, or just make sure that we’re on top of our marketing presence, I feel like I’m working with a coworker, not a vendor. The generosity of time given, willingness to work with multiple other vendors (including some competing vendors for content) and overall approach to improving our business is even better than if IDS was a member of the AFC team.  Much of what I know about marketing I learned from somebody at IDS.

What sets IDS apart from other vendors?

Hart: There is a very serious drive to gain your business, but it’s not at anyone else’s expense. IDS tells you what they can do, and in every case they have over-delivered. It’s never been a matter of what someone else didn’t do or should have done. Because of that, I use IDS in conversations with other vendors as if they are directly employed by AFC.  And, most importantly, I have never doubted that Clarissa, our IDS Account Manager, had my best interests in mind when opinions or suggestions were offered.

How has IDS helped AFC grow within the healthcare market space?

Hart: Healthcare isn’t difficult, but it is complex. There are a million different things to consider. None of them are terribly hard to grasp, but there is an overwhelming amount of information to understand. In terms of potential market share, IDS has taken the time to understand our business, businesses that overlap our space, and helped find other businesses I may not have thought of to target. They have increased the size of our net, and the fish we are looking for, and in some cases, they’ve helped bring out the spear that allows us to be very specific and targeted when looking for potential partners.

If you’re interested in IDS’s B2B or franchise digital marketing services, feel free to give us a call! Our team can offer a complimentary audit to assess your digital presence to see how we can improve it together.

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