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AI in Franchise Digital Marketing

Alex Van Eeden | April 7, 2023 |
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What if I told you that this blog was written with the help of artificial intelligence or AI as a digital marketing tool? Don’t get me wrong; I still wrote this blog, there’s still a human behind the content you’re reading, and you’ll hopefully still find the information I’m sharing useful.

Did you know that experts in the industry are embracing AI technology to reach their marketing objectives, with 80% already successfully utilizing it?

Simply put, the time has come for us to acknowledge, particularly from a franchise development perspective, where we can use AI in digital marketing to transform the ways in which we produce content.

You might have stumbled across this blog because you are interested in learning more about ChaptGPT for franchise digital marketing, or perhaps you are already using AI tools to optimize your efforts.

AI in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we interact with machines, allowing them to complete tasks that would normally require human thought.

From translating languages and recognizing visuals to making decisions and solving problems, computer systems now enable us to do things that weren’t possible before.

The Role of AI in Digital Marketing

Let me get one thing straight, AI is not going to replace us as content marketers, but we can leverage it to improve the content we produce in our digital marketing efforts for franchises. Simply put, content marketers who are using AI are going to be more effective, BUT it’s important to remember that humans are still making content decisions.

AI enables marketers to better target prospective franchisees and understand their needs. These technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), allow marketers to analyze prospect data with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

This helps them identify prospect segments, track their behavior across multiple channels, optimize campaigns, and deliver personalized experiences to franchisee candidates.

AI-driven systems also help automate mundane marketing tasks, such as creating ads, personalizing emails, and optimizing website content. As a result, marketers can focus their efforts on higher-value activities that empower them to drive results and grow their businesses.

In the future, AI will continue to play an important role in driving digital marketing success in the franchise industry by helping marketers take advantage of available resources to identify new opportunities and develop more effective strategies for reaching their franchisee prospects.

content marketing plan

Utilizing AI to Generate Marketing Content

Using AI tools to generate content for your marketing endeavors can help drive the creation of content that is structured, helpful, and insightful for your audience. Here are just a few of the ways you can use AI for your content generation processes within your franchise business:

AI has the potential to revolutionize the way franchises engage with their prospective franchisees – from the moment they discover them through every touchpoint along their journey.

The Advantages of AI in Content Marketing

There is no doubt about it; the time has come for us to embrace AI to help us stay ahead of trends and adapt to changing technology. Not only can it radically maximize content production, but AI can also help us make better content marketing decisions.

Here are some of the other advantages of using AI in content marketing

Provide deeper insights into potential franchise profiles: AI can provide deep insights into prospective franchisee profiles, enabling marketers to create more tailored and relevant content that resonates with their target audiences.

Automate manual tasks: AI technologies can help reduce the amount of time required to create content by automating manual tasks such as keyword research and analysis. By automatically researching terms related to a brand's industry, AI can generate new topics for marketers to write about or curate existing material that is most likely to resonate with prospects.

Improve SEO campaigns: AI-powered crawlers are able to analyze website data in real-time and identify areas of improvement, such as slow page loading times or broken links that could negatively impact a site’s ranking in search engine results. Additionally, AI’s ability to quickly learn from user behavior allows it to make intelligent recommendations regarding which types of content have the greatest chance of success among prospects, helping improve the overall performance of SEO campaigns.

The Challenges of Using Artificial Intelligence

Now, when considering the use of AI in our digital marketing strategies for franchises, it’s essential to analyze the potential drawbacks of utilizing this technology.

Here are some of the challenges that I have encountered: 

  • Lack of nuance: AI often struggles to understand context and nuance, meaning it can sometimes produce content lacking any real value.
  • Robotic-sounding: AI-generated content can also be easily spotted as sounding too robotic or generic, creating a lack of engagement with readers.
  • Brand messaging: Content generated with AI may not necessarily align with your brand’s ethos or messaging. AI tends to imitate the most popular trends and language used by other brands in the same industry, which can make your content sound generic instead of unique and engaging.
  • Fact-checking is needed: AI can also have the potential to present fiction as fact, so fact-checking is essential.
  • Potential for plagiarism: There is no governance around AI regarding whether or not it can provide the same output to multiple people.

It’s essential to remember when using AI in your franchise content marketing efforts that these tools ought to be used to make our content better, not just automate it. Additionally, the outputs you get from your AI tools will be highly dependent on the inputs you give them to work with.

AI Franchise Marketing Strategy

The Best Tools for Franchise AI Digital Marketing

As I’ve mentioned, AI-powered tools can be used to optimize franchise marketing campaigns, analyze potential franchisee behavior, and automate mundane tasks such as segmentation and optimization. With so many new tools on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your franchise.

Want to learn more about what’s on the market? Here are some tools to check out:

  • Jasper: Jasper AI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to help businesses and organizations reduce costs, optimize workflows, and automate processes. It also offers pre-configured models for specific use cases.
  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT has been designed to comprehend complex linguistic structures, recognize the context in conversations, keep track of different topics, and utilize relevant information stored in its memory.
  • Claude: Claude is a sophisticated AI assistant that can engage in intelligent conversations and process textual data with ease.
  • Poe: Poe enables computers to understand and interact with humans in natural language, improving communication and accuracy.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly is an automated proofreading and grammar-checking platform that helps individuals improve their writing. It provides an in-depth analysis of text, identifying spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, and more.
  • Krisp.AI: Krisp.AI is an AI-based noise cancellation solution that is designed to reduce background noise from audio streams in real-time. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and filter out annoying distractions such as typing, dog barking, street noise, etc.
  • Quilbot: Quilbot is a powerful AI-based NLP technology that enables machines to understand human language and produce accurate, natural-sounding responses.
  • Wordtune: Wordtune's AI technology offers an extraordinary opportunity to enhance your writing - it can transform and rewrite the language you use while maintaining its full meaning.

AI has the potential to drastically improve our world and our lives, not just through the convenience it delivers but also through the power of the insights and advancements it enables.

It can inform us of patterns and trends that we would otherwise miss while making decisions based on data points that are too complex for humans to comprehend. There is an exciting future ahead of us, and it’s up to us to embrace this technology’s capabilities and use it constructively.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI in your franchise digital marketing? Contact the IDS team today to learn more about our services and how we can create a marketing strategy that will help your business grow!

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Alex Van Eeden
Alex van Eeden is a seasoned content writer with a passion for crafting engaging and informative articles. Her journey in the world of content creation began with a love for storytelling and a curiosity about how words could shape the online landscape. Over the years, she honed her skills, diving headfirst into the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing. Her work not only reflects her commitment to quality but also her ability to adapt to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. Alex understands the importance of staying on top of the latest SEO techniques and inbound marketing strategies. Her work doesn't just inform; it connects with readers on a personal level and drives results.

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