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Social media management for franchises is more important than ever. More and more people use social media not just to stay in touch with friends and family but to connect with brands they're interested in following. Social media monitoring allows you to make the best use of your social media, keeping potential leads engaged while promoting your franchise to new prospects. Here, learn more about social monitoring and how IDS helps franchises to implement it. 

Why You Need Social Monitoring

About 59% of the world uses social media. That's a massive demographic that covers virtually everywhere you could want to expand your franchise! People like social media because it does more than allow them to read about a brand, they're able to interact – asking questions, meeting current franchisees, and more. 

Creating a social media profile is a productive way to find prospective leads. However, creating a great profile and writing engaging posts is only half the battle: you need social media monitoring to ensure that your strategy is working as intended. 

People expect brands to respond to them on social media. Search Engine Watch recently found that around 70% of Twitter users expect brands to answer questions, and about 50% of people expect an answer within the hour! If someone asks a question on one of your posts or in a direct message, are you equipped to get back to them quickly?

Social media monitoring involves using tools to identify questions faster so your team can offer the right response. But its usefulness doesn’t end there – social media monitoring also allows you to identify discussion about your brand on multiple platforms, analyze engagement with posts, and manage your reputation. Lots of brands come up with great posts but still find that they’re not making much of an impact. Social monitoring allows you to break down many variables, such as the time of the post, the topic, the platform, and the demographics of people who engage, to help you garner more reactions.

IDS Social Media Manager Katelyn Baginski explains: Social media is becoming more and more like a search engine, and it's a place many consumers go to help in their decision-making process. It's a great way for brands to showcase who they really are outside of their website - company culture, behind-the-scenes happenings - it can give more of a personality to the brand.

IDS Excels at Social Media Management for Franchises

IDS is ahead of the curve when it comes to social media management for franchises. Our experts will generate a custom plan to meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking for a total social media overhaul or simply want to analyze your current strategy to find ways to improve it, we're here to help. 

We use the most effective tools and are always up-to-date on the latest algorithms. Our experts have years of experience cultivating brand engagement on social media and know what it takes to boost your following so you can find more leads and close more deals. 

Contact IDS today to learn more about social monitoring and how it can help you connect with qualified prospective franchisees.

B2B keyword research is one of the most effective ways to find new customers. More and more B2B companies are turning to search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more clients through their doors. Using keywords is the best way to get the attention of prospects who are searching for products and services like yours. Strategically working keywords into your content is a great way to ensure that your pages rank higher than your competitors’. 

However, to get the best results, you need to integrate keywords the right way. Here, learn about a few strategies we use at Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) to ensure our B2B clients reach the right audience.

Think Like Your Customer

Think of the words they'll type on Google to search for what they need. Doing B2B keyword research is a great way to identify trending words and phrases, but consider how your customers will actually search for things. Is there additional vocabulary they'd use? If so, try to integrate it into your content to capture a broader range of prospective customers.

Along these lines, building engagement by carefully crafting meta descriptions that will get their attention is crucial to making your content stand out. Meta descriptions are your chance to make a quick and effective pitch that will compel your audience to learn more by visiting your site.

Consider the Competition in Your B2B Keyword Research

Identify two or three of your biggest competitors and take a look at their content.

All of this information can help you establish a jumping-off point to develop your own content. 

When you partner with IDS, we complete a comprehensive competitive analysis to identify any weak spots to help you build your content even stronger. The goal is to convert their traffic into your traffic, and B2B keyword research is just the first step.

Research Top Performing Sites

Once you've obtained a list of search terms, be sure to check which websites achieve the highest rankings using them and analyze how they deliver their content. These sites may or may not be competitors, but looking at how they've successfully leveraged keywords can help you gather more relevant search terms.

These are just a few of the ways you can make the most of keyword research. Aren’t sure where to start? That’s where IDS comes in. Our team is made up of experts in SEO, SEM, content, social media, video production, and much more. We’ll create a custom plan just for you to help you get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

Contact IDS today to improve your keyword research and overall digital marketing plan.

B2B manufacturing companies operate in many industries. McKinsey & Company break modern manufacturing down into five key sectors:

  1. Global innovation for local markets
  2. Regional processing
  3. Energy and/or resource-intensive commodities
  4. Global technologies/innovators
  5. Labor-intensive tradables

Although each sector's products and services vary greatly, their commonality is the necessity to utilize digital marketing to maximize their growth. Today’s manufacturing scene is increasingly globalized, meaning many manufacturers are facing domestic and international competition. Because B2B manufacturers don't work with general consumers, they tend to overlook marketing. 

However, there are lots of great benefits to investing in a great digital marketing campaign. Not only can it better help manufacturers to connect with their target clients around the world, but it's also significantly cost-effective. Digital ads (e.g., Google, social, and native) are often less expensive than traditional mediums (e.g., television, radio, and newspaper) – around 62% less expensive! And inbound digital strategies can get you much more effective results. 

Here, let's look at some B2B marketing strategies perfectly suited for industrial manufacturers today.

Challenges B2B Industrial Manufacturers Face

Today’s industrial manufacturers need to get their message to the right group. They have a particular group of target clients, and they need to catch their attention. Digital Marketing provides the convenience of segmenting demographics, geographic locations, and audience behaviors that are more likely to be engaged by your marketing message. A well-designed digital marketing strategy allows you to take all of this information into account to reach your target audience. 

Thus, manufactures also need to develop the right campaign for their specific product and service offerings. Once they’ve identified where their target audience lives online, they need to create a compelling campaign that will get their attention and compel them to reach out for more information. As a manufacturer, you know that you have competitive advantages no one else can match, but you need to demonstrate those advantages to your prospective clients.

Taking customers through the sales funnel means providing them with meaningful content and walking them through the stages of learning about the business’ products and services to, ultimately, contacting the company. While many manufactures have streamlined their production processes, fewer have streamlined the sales funnel. 

Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help

The best way for B2B manufacturers to start is to create a custom plan to connect with their target clients. A few strategies to build into that plan have proven to be especially effective in B2B industrial manufacturing.

These are just a few B2B marketing strategies that can help 21st-century manufacturers to connect with more prospective clients. IDS can help you develop a custom marketing plan for your manufacturing business from the ground up. We take your business, your clients, your goals, and your budget into account. Contact us today to start the process.

Social media is becoming increasingly more important to businesses, especially LinkedIn. Great LinkedIn profile optimization can help you better connect with potential customers while also improving your company’s visibility. IDS provides comprehensive social media optimization services to help you fully leverage your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts. Here are a few of our expert tips to improving your LinkedIn profile.

Complete Your Profile 100% for LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn’s algorithms favor profiles that are totally complete by utilizing all fields and options available – making you more visible to your potential customers. Joining 50+ groups and utilizing a vanity URL are good ways to complete your profile and make it stand out.

For example, if you work in the software field, take the time to find groups related to software and join up! It will help you make yourself more visible to prospects while also giving you access to great industry insights. These are just a couple of the social media optimization services IDS offers to help our B2B clients maximize their LinkedIn profiles.

Make the Most of Your Headline

Headlines can be optimized with keywords to ensure they are searchable. Optimize your headline so that people who are interested in your services will be directed to your page. 

For instance, if you are “XYZ Manufacturing,” don't just say your name -- compliment your name with a sub-header or description with keywords that are highly relevant and drive the most revenue for you. You can articulate more of what you do -- such as the industries you serve and the types of manufacturing you can provide. You can even include geographic keywords in case people are looking for partners in your area.

The goal is to deliver relevant details while also catching the attention of valuable prospects.

Use Video

Video is a great way to effectively convey everything your B2B company can do. It allows you to showcase the processes behind your products and services. In the manufacturing industry, video gives your prospective clients a sneak peek into your factory or production space. Software companies are able to show their product in action, and business services companies can feature tangible, visual examples of what they have to offer.

 87% of digital marketers say that LinkedIn is a successful channel for videos, making it the most effective channel according to recent research.

IDS not only produces high-quality videos, but also helps you effectively share them across a variety of channels so your target audience is more likely to notice them. 

Zack Yeremian is our resident expert on B2B digital marketing and social media optimization services. Contact him today through this form, or email him at

If you’re an executive looking to ramp up your sales, there are a few B2B marketing trends that you should be aware of. Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) specializes in B2B marketing, and we’ve observed that taking these trends into account can make a big impact on the efficacy of your marketing spend. 

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is geared towards helping you land specific accounts. Chances are, you have a company in mind that you’d love to do business with. As it happens, there are lots of ways that you can get the attention of that company – and others like it – by adjusting your marketing strategy. 

One proven method of capturing the attention of a small target audience online is through SEO and SEM strategies. Taken together, these help you to get your digital content in front of the right audience by leveraging their online search behavior. It’s really not complicated, especially when you have an expert in your corner.

IDS can help you generate digital marketing materials that go hand-in-hand with strong SEO/SEM strategies to garner the interest of the companies you want to work with. We can even handle the sales funnel/lead nurturing process to guide them from awareness to decision.


 In-person events and webinars are among the most effective ways to secure leads. These give you the chance to highlight your competitive advantages in a more personal way, meeting your prospects “face-to-face” and answering their questions.

Since in-person events likely won’t make a comeback in the near future, webinars have become the best viable option – making them a key B2B marketing trend to capture in 2021.

Not sure where to start? IDS can help create and promote effective webinars so you can easily connect with interested prospects and showcase your competitive differences. With our help, you can be sure that your webinar will reach the strongest possible audience of prospective leads.

Web Analytics

B2B organizations use web analytics more than any other tool to boost the efficacy of their content marketing. When used correctly, web analytics can provide valuable data on who is viewing your content, for how long, and which content best compels leads to move through the sales funnel

It’s possible to manage web analytics on your own, but partnering with IDS will give you distinct advantages over your competitors. We work with content specialists, designers, and developers all in one team. That means when we notice a trend developing based on web analytics, we can immediately prescribe a change in strategy and get it implemented quickly – keeping your digital content on top.

Documented Content Strategy

The number of successful B2B marketers with a documented content marketing strategy has been growing year-over-year because it works. Documenting your content strategy simply means making a plan for what you intend to publish, when, and why. Mapping this out ensures that each piece of content you produce is likely to have the maximum impact on your readers. 

The graph below illustrates that more and more B2B marketers are beginning to document their content strategy – illustrating that it works, and making it another key B2B marketing trend for 2021.

Percentage of B2B Marketers with a Documented Content Marketing Strategy

Effective Use of Organic Content Distribution Channels

 Social media and blogs are favorite organic content channels among B2B marketers. They give you the opportunity to interact with your prospects where they live online, and in a format that’s easy to establish two-way communication.

The graphic below demonstrates that social media, blogs, and email are used heavily in the B2B landscape because they’re effective. When you contact IDS, we can help create an organic content strategy from the ground up that will most effectively draw leads to your content.

Organic Content Distribution Channels B2B Marketers Used in Last 12 Months

IDS is consistently monitoring B2B marketing trends to keep our skills sharp, so we can offer our clients the best possible custom solutions. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for your business. 

At IDS, we’ve worked with dozens of franchise brands and have been a part of many successful franchisor stories. This month, Franchise Consultant Magazine features a piece on the Titus family, the founders of franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG and IDS have been partners since 2015, and we’re humbled to have played a part in their franchise business growth strategy. Learn more about UFG and how they’ve transformed franchising over the last 35 years. 

A Family Business

Ray Titus and Jim Tatem

Along with his father Roy, Ray Titus opened the first Signarama store in 1986. The business had a straightforward mission: to create signs of all shapes and sizes. The business was such a success that father and son decided to franchise their concept. Today, there are over 700 Signarama stores worldwide!

Bolstered by their success with Signarama, Roy and Ray founded UFG and began building up other franchise brands. Today, legacy brands like Fully Promoted, SuperGreen Solutions, and Transworld Business Advisors make up UFG’s foundation. They’ve partnered with over 1,600 franchisees in 80+ countries. Along with his sons, A.J., Austin, and Andrew, Ray Titus continues to grow the company by investing in new concepts.

Their focus on family, knowledge of franchising, and dedication to research and development have helped UFG to stay on top for decades. At IDS, our digital marketing services help them to stay there. 

The IDS Partnership with UFG: Master Franchise Development in Action

Since we at IDS began working with UFG, we’ve developed unique strategies for each of their brands, helping them to find their target audience of franchise investors. Throughout this time, we’ve analyzed the performance of their websites and digital content and have continued to adjust our strategies in real-time to keep UFG on top of relevant search results. 

A few of the strategies we’ve utilized for UFG include:

SEO: Keeping their websites, blogs, and other content updated with relevant keywords to capture more traffic and direct it their way. 

Hyper Local Pages: Targeting prospective franchisees in specific areas where brands need to expand. 

SEM: Strategically investing in paid ads to amplify their message to the right audiences. 

Blogs: Regularly publishing SEO-optimized blogs that serve the dual purpose of keeping prospects updated and informed about their brands.

As franchise development experts themselves, the UFG team has had unique insight into how each of these strategies have helped to grow their business. See what they have to say about our partnership for yourself:

“I spent months vetting essentially every well-known franchise focused marketing company. After receiving detailed proposals and speaking with dozens of vendors, it was clear that Steve, Joe and the team at IDS were the best choices. Not only was their pricing the best, the IDS team were unequivocally the easiest and best to deal with on such a large project. Most importantly, after completing the projects, we needed to see a quick ROI. Bottom line, within 6 months of launching all sites and marketing plans, we had closed deals and positive ROI.” – Jason Anderson, President, Venture X

“We’ve been working with IDS the last 5 years and we couldn’t be happier. Even through all the uncertainty that’s been surrounding the country in 2020, our IDS-created websites continue to generate great traffic as well as new franchise buyers.” -- Brady Lee, COO, United Franchise Group

We couldn’t be more excited that UFG and the Titus family have been recognized by Franchise Consultant Magazine. UFG stands out among our many customer success stories because we’ve gotten to know them so well over the years, and know that their integrity and business acumen make them a standout in the franchising space. We wish them many more years of success, and can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.

If you’re in need of franchise development services, contact IDS! We’ll devise a custom plan for your franchise that’s designed to help you similarly connect with your target prospects.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Strategy

Many companies invest in one or two B2B marketing services, but oftentimes they don’t have a marketing strategy. That is, to say, they haven’t coordinated their efforts between trade shows, web development, SEO, and so forth. A lack of strategy can lead to a disparate campaign that’s targeting the wrong audience and content that’s more focused on your company than your ideal prospects – losing their interest as a result. An uncoordinated campaign is a waste of your time and your marketing budget.

Taking the time to document and outline a comprehensive strategy can pay off for B2B companies. ClickZ’s Jacqueline Dooley points out: “Nearly 70% of the top performing B2B marketers … noted that their organization had a documented marketing strategy compared with just 16% of the least successful marketers.” 

While it’s clear that a comprehensive marketing plan is important for B2B companies, many of them don’t have the time to coordinate one on their own. That’s where Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) comes in. We provide B2B content marketing services (and much more) to help our clients meet their lead generation goals.

IDS Components of a Great Marketing Strategy

IDS is a digital marketing agency that creates customized, coordinated marketing plans for each of our clients. We take into account your unique needs to design a campaign that’s right for you. We work with a team of web developers, graphic designers, and content creators to revitalize your digital presence and help you connect with the prospective customers you need. A few of our key services include:

These are just some of the B2B marketing services IDS provides to help our clients expand their customer bases.

Learn More in Our eBook

Our eBook, The IDS Guide to Generating Highly Qualified Website Leads for B2B Manufacturers, delves deeper into the importance of creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Additional topics in the eBook include:

You can download it here for free!

Contact IDS today for a free competitive analysis to show how our B2B marketing services can help boost your lead flow!

While most franchise executives share a goal of awarding new franchises, they don’t always understand how a well-developed lead nurturing strategy contributes to the franchise marketing process. The term “lead nurturing” refers to direct, or indirect, educational conversations that happen between a sales team and a prospect, from the inquiry stage until the lead is actively ready to make a decision. An ill-informed prospect will never be ready to commit, so a good nurturing strategy can make or break a deal. 

Why Your Franchise Needs Lead Nurturing Services

Most B2B buyers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they ever speak with a company representative. That means your prospects have likely already educated themselves on the basics of investing in your brand and have identified the top reasons why they either like - or are concerned about - your franchise. Now, they need you, as a franchisor, to address their pain points -- even before they think to ask you the questions. This may seem impossible, but we assure you it’s not. 

By taking some time to audit your brand, identify your key buyer personas, and list your top differentiators and the most frequently asked questions about your model, you’re halfway there. If you put the time in it will pay off in more leads, and more qualified leads. Unfortunately, for franchisors, time is not always available in abundance. And as the FranConnect graphic below demonstrates, once leads become stale, only 15% of franchisors have campaigns in place to go back and nurture dead leads, allowing potentially viable prospects to slip through the cracks.

Percent of Campaigns by Stage
Image source: FranConnect1

Around 43.9% of new leads drop off before they take part in a second call1, indicating that campaigns for new leads are especially important in their early stages. Slow response times on the part of franchisors is one of the most significant factors leading to the drop in interest. 

When you partner with a firm like IDS for lead nurturing services, we do the nurturing for you and give you back your time. We don’t waste time on ineffective prospecting – we handle communication with your leads quickly and effectively, ensuring you won’t lose early leads because of slow response times. 

If your franchise is losing new leads at a high rate, it’s probably time to revamp your lead nurturing program.

How to Nurture Your Franchise Leads

When you create a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy, you’ll want a variety of content to walk leads through the sales funnel, including:

Blogs: Websites are one of the most effective ways to drive new leads – in fact, nearly 29% of deals are attributed to websites1. Many referrals arrive at websites via online searches and PPC campaigns, which often lead to blogs. An interesting, relevant, and up-to-date blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website, and a great way to nurture leads. Prospects who trust your content to educate themselves about your brand and your industry over time will already be well into the sales funnel before they contact you.

Email drip campaigns: These can be tailored to leads in every stage. One of the best things about email campaigns is they give you a chance to connect directly with leads about multiple topics that are likely to be interesting to them. A creative drip campaign can be especially useful in reviving interest from dead leads. 

Webinars: In our post-COVID world, webinars are being used for virtual discovery days, conferences, and even virtual conventions. They are useful for generating new leads as well as moving existing leads further down the sales funnel. Only 1% of leads will drop off after attending a webinar and reviewing your FDD, so a great presentation can go a long way towards closing the deal. 

IDS creates custom lead nurturing programs for franchise development and B2B companies. Contact us today to learn more about how we use these strategies to get the best results for our clients. 

LLC, FranConnect. Webinar: Franchise Sales Index 2020, 2020.

IDS has always been active in the B2B space and recently took on a major B2B project where we delivered robust industrial digital marketing services to Artisan Industries, a provider of thermal separation solutions.

Unique Chemical Processing Digital Marketing Strategies for Artisan Industries

As a provider of thermal separation solutions, Artisan Industries offers specific services to a select group of clients in industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and CBD/hemp. They were concerned that their original website wasn’t effectively reaching their target audience, and that the site design made it difficult for visitors to get necessary information about their services. 

IDS Account Manager Mark Hite reflects: “Artisan Industries came to us frustrated with the unfinished feel of their website. We worked with them hand-in-hand to create a newly designed site that encapsulates their brand and appeals to their specific client personas.”

Mark and the IDS team developed a customized strategy to help Artisan better communicate their message. A few key features of our strategy included:

The result is a website that looks and functions better, and more accurately represents their brand. b2b digital marketing agency

"We worked with the IDS team throughout the COVID-19 pandemic on building our new corporate site. During this challenging time, we had a hard deadline, in which we had to launch our site regardless of the events that occurred. The IDS team focused and cared greatly about our company and our needs. They worked diligently to develop and to launch our complete corporate site on time, even through the pandemic. IDS cares about their customers’ needs and maintains and nourishes long-term relationships for the greater success for all."

-Caitlin Powers, Marketing Director: Artisan Industries Inc.


A Range of Services at IDS

IDS has worked with numerous B2B companies in the past, but our partnership with Artisan Industries has been especially satisfying. Businesses like Artisan that need to deliver a targeted message to a select audience will find that our expertise in digital marketing can help them greatly increase their lead generation, and we’re excited to continue taking on more B2B clients from diverse industries. 

IDS can provide effective digital marketing strategies for a variety of industries including industrial and manufacturing companies, chemical and food processing, energy, water treatment, agriculture, IT, pharmaceutical, medical, and many others. We’ll work closely with you to learn more about who your clients are and where they live online, and can develop a wide range of content to catch their attention and convert leads into customers. Examples of our B2B marketing services include:

Whatever the needs of your B2B company, our team is ready to develop a customized digital marketing plan to help you achieve your goals. 

If you work with a B2B services company that needs to improve its visibility and lead flow, contact IDS today and see how our B2B digital marketing agency can improve your digital marketing strategy.

U.S. Lawns is the leading commercial landscape maintenance franchise in the country with approximately 190 franchisees across 250 locations. As we’ve supported U.S. Lawns in their digital franchise marketing efforts, we’ve gotten to know them as a company that goes above and beyond for their customers and franchisees alike. We recently sat down with Dave Wells, U.S. Lawns’ Senior Director of Franchise Recruiting, to learn more about the powerhouse brand, their digital marketing strategies, and their plans for staying on top in the new world of franchise development. 

About U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns and their franchisees have been thriving for over 30 years — in part because they focus on doing business with commercial clients. Dave explains: “The green industry encompasses different areas, but we focus on the most profitable and sustainable: the commercial sector. Their business is more sustainable in all economic climates, and they have a budgetary line item to spend rather than their own discretionary income.”

While their goal has always been to achieve 100% client retention, U.S. Lawns has grown into the industry giant it is today by supporting their franchisees in every area of operations. In Dave’s words, “I’ve been in franchising for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like it. U.S. Lawns is support-intensive, we support franchisees during their launch and after. Independent operators struggle to reach a level of sustainability because they can’t be involved in every aspect of the operation. We put processes in place to help rise above the day-to-day operation and allow them manage multiple crews.”


How IDS’ Digital Franchise Marketing Helps U.S. Lawns to Grow

David Wells (left) pictured with two new U.S. Lawns franchisees
David Wells (left) pictured with two new U.S. Lawns franchisees

It’s impossible to overstate the power of digital marketing in the franchise space: Dave estimates that 99% of U.S. Lawns’ franchise leads learn about the brand online, and do online research before engaging with their team.

That being said, the U.S. Lawns process goes a lot deeper than simply finding franchisees who are financially qualified; they’re seeking franchisees who share their values and are looking for a long-term partnership. “This is a relationship sale — we’re selling a team to the franchisee, and that’s a team that includes our network of franchise owners.”

This is one of the most valuable services IDS provides U.S. Lawns. Our inbound digital franchise marketing efforts are designed to communicate a franchisor’s culture and values to prospects as they move through the sales funnel. We don’t just want to get U.S. Lawns lots of leads: we want to find them the right leads. Dave observes:

IDS has been a great company to work with in that they understand the need to tell great stories and tell stories appropriately. They help with lead generation efforts however they can to develop a conversion pipeline.

U.S. Lawns and the New World of Franchising

There’s no question that the business world is changing, and it’s unclear how things will look in the future. Happily, as a B2B company, U.S. Lawns franchisees continue to provide valuable landscape maintenance services to their clients. On the franchise development side, Dave and his colleagues rely on their company values as they plan for the future. 

When asked what U.S. Lawns is doing differently within their franchise sales processes, Dave reported:

The current situation is encouraging us to rethink our process entirely. We’re looking at long-term solutions to this short-term crisis. Inviting candidates into the office for discovery day is impossible today, but we’re looking long term — we might not need to do that at all! We can still relay culture and values by redesigning processes to incorporate more video, conference calls, and webinars. 

How do we maintain the personal interaction? It can be a challenge. But we’re not looking to attack coronavirus head-on. We’re not going to play to the masses or capitalize on the situation. We take care of our franchisees first and foremost, and let them tell the stories about their businesses. 

Dave also observed that many prospective franchisees are, unsurprisingly, a little more cautious about investing in a business: “People are more cautious, but the last thing we want to do is pressure someone to make a decision in a situation that creates discomfort. We let the brand speak for itself. Franchises are still operating well!”

That being said, Dave is optimistic about the future: “There are lots of questions about the world in general, including franchise development. Still, [more prospects] will be looking to franchises as a solution to investment and career prospects. Given our recession-resistant model, and being as we’re an essential service, we think we’ll have a really good story to tell. We look forward to getting that story in front of many prospects.”

U.S. Lawns is managing the changing economy with the same integrity they apply to their everyday business. Their franchise network is one of the strongest around, and we’re looking forward to watching it become even more so in the years ahead. 

Integrated Digital Strategies is a franchise digital marketing agency that creates custom suites of services for all clients. Contact us today to learn how our team can tell your brand story to the audience of prospects you’ve been looking for.

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