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As a franchisor, you have a lot on your plate — supporting your franchisees, innovating your brand, growing your culture, staying on top of trends in franchising, and much more. Somewhere in all that, you need to remember to market your brand to your best potential investors. But what are some of the smartest ways to do so? The franchise industry is a dynamic one, but luckily, so is franchise development marketing — or at least, it should be. A lot depends on how knowledgeable you are about its best practices and, if you’ve partnered with an agency, how well that team understands and utilizes them.

Digital Marketing Closes Deals

Today, innovative and responsive franchise digital marketing is crucial to standing out in a highly competitive sphere. Yours isn’t the only brand, isn’t the only opportunity, and isn’t going to get very far if you don’t dedicate regular time and resources toward important digital strategies like franchise SEO, paid search, a robust website, and more. 

In fact, while franchise development has historically relied heavily on broker networks to generate leads, according to a recent Franchise Update Media survey, there’s been a shift: digital marketing now accounts for 45% of a franchisor’s development budget and generates a significant portion of closed deals (60% of leads). This shift highlights the growing importance of building a strong digital marketing program.

Some Franchise Marketing Trends in the Franchising Industry

But what goes into creating a franchise development marketing plan that works hard and delivers results? Let’s take a look at three trends that do just that.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are no longer just about connecting people. They've become powerful search engines, shaping consumer behavior and brand interaction. A whopping 76% of consumers now discover new products and services through social media, according to retail TouchPoints. This demands a reevaluation of franchise social media strategies.

Gone are the days of simply having a social media presence. Today's franchisors need to leverage these platforms as active search tools to boost brand visibility, connect with a wider audience, and tap into fresh franchising markets. Some ways that brands can do this include: 

When it comes to social media, it’s never been a good idea to set it and forget it; monitoring and interacting with your platforms has always been key to staying relevant and generating ROI, especially these days.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way franchisors and franchisees market their businesses. From streamlining operations to optimizing marketing campaigns, AI is poised to revolutionize the industry through…

It’s no surprise that businesses that embrace AI are seeing a 50% increase in marketing ROI, according to Forbes. Put another way, AI is no longer optional — it's a necessity for staying competitive in today's digital landscape.

Niche Content

Content has always played a critical role in any digital marketing campaign, perhaps even more so today. Niche content, in particular — content that resonates with the specific preferences and interests of well-defined demographic groups and communities, is becoming even more important. 

This targeted approach fosters deeper connections with your audience. Tailoring your message to different segments and personas increases content relevance and engagement, allowing for more impactful marketing. By understanding your audience's needs, you can create a sense of community and belonging, leading to brand loyalty. In a world saturated with generic content, offering unique and targeted content is the key to standing out and achieving the most for your marketing dollar.

A versatile and responsive franchise marketing plan has always been vital to the success of any brand or business. But today’s digital age has ushered in all kinds of new and exciting ways to reach your best customers and deliver them something of significance. The trends we’ve just discussed are, in fact, just variations on a theme: the importance of human connection. It matters in love and marketing, and can make all the difference to the long-term success of your brand or business.

IDS pays attention to what matters: your brand’s unique goals and needs, and relies on a team of hardworking experts to design and deliver the best marketing program! Reach out to us today to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy approach.

The world of franchising is extremely competitive for all brands, but especially for emerging ones. As the “new kid in town,” you’ve got to navigate all kinds of demands that are especially important to a young brand: growing your culture, building a family of franchisees, and developing robust franchise development marketing that reiterates your worth. It’s all very exciting, but the goal, of course, is to move from new player to industry mainstay. So, how do you do that? It typically doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires a focused approach to growth. Luckily, there are some simple marketing strategies you can adopt to make that happen. Let’s look at three of them.

Table of Contents

Identify Your Best Customer

Good franchise development marketing requires a targeted and strategic approach, and that can’t happen unless you know who it is you’re trying to reach. Who is your best customer? Persona development can help answer that question.

A persona is a thumbnail sketch of your ideal customer - the person who is most likely to be interested in your brand and what you have to offer. As you begin your digital marketing strategy, you may develop and use several personas to refine an approach that speaks to the interests and pain points of your best customers. Personas help to create a deeper understanding of customer needs by answering questions about them like:

Persona development is key to effective digital marketing because it helps create a better understanding of who it is you’re trying to reach - something all brands want, no matter how long they’ve been around. However, being tuned into the goals and needs of your target audience is especially important when a brand is first starting out. 

Answer Their Questions

Once you’ve established who your best customer is, it’s up to you to start a meaningful dialog, and there’s no better way to get the conversation going than by creating and sharing relevant and engaging content. As franchise development consultants, the team at IDS knows firsthand how effective good content can be at franchise lead generation. But what defines good content? 

Well, it’s pretty simple, actually: good content answers the questions and addresses the concerns of your best customers. Good content, in the form of blogs, downloads, web pages, and more, educates, informs, and occasionally amuses. Good content feels like a good friend who you can turn to and trust anytime, day or night - and who doesn’t appreciate that?

But there’s more! Relying on well-produced content isn’t just a smart way to make connections and build brand awareness - it’s also extremely cost-effective. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing efforts and generates approximately three times as many leads. In fact:

In short, rich, robust content allows your marketing dollar to go a whole lot further (especially important for emerging brands) and delivers an ROI that few other marketing efforts can duplicate.

Share Your Brand Purpose

Emerging brands, like all brands, have a story to tell, but new brands often have a more compelling one, so make sure to share it. It’s important to remember, however, that a brand’s story is much more than a recounting of its history; it’s sharing your brand’s purpose.

A brand's purpose is its reason for being beyond making money, the initiatives it puts forth to do business and simultaneously do right by society. The purpose of an ice cream brand, for example, might be to sell ice cream and encourage quality time with family and friends; a shoe brand’s purpose might be to sell shoes while helping people stay comfortable. When a brand can dovetail its business needs with the public’s emotional needs, people respond. As author and leadership expert Simon Sinek put it: people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it, so make sure to share your why with your best customers. 

Effective franchise development marketing is nuanced and fluid and takes a long-view approach. Results tend to take time, which is all the more reason for emerging brands to create marketing strategies that include elements like the ones we’ve just discussed. Consider partnering with an agency that specializes in franchise marketing if you’re unsure about how to maximize your marketing spend.

Integrated Digital Strategies is a franchise marketing powerhouse, with a team of experts who can help your emerging brand stand out. Get started today!

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is creating massive shifts in the ways in which we market franchise opportunities to prospective franchisees. A prime example of this is the emergence of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), the search engine's response to changing user searching preferences, which is set to take the world of franchise development by storm.

Join us as we explore the technicalities of SGE and delve into the ways in which we can adjust franchise development marketing strategies to meet the demands of the ever-changing preferences of search engine users, ultimately inviting more qualified leads into your inbox. 

Table of Contents

What Is Google’s SGE? 

Google's SGE marks a significant shift in how search results are presented and interacted with. Unlike traditional search engine results, SGE employs generative AI to deliver users succinct summaries of search topics directly within the search results page. 

This experimental search experience streamlines the search process by eliminating users’ need to navigate multiple web pages to find relevant information. 

One of SGE's key features includes quick summaries generated by AI algorithms trained on extensive datasets. By offering immediate access to summarized content, SGE enhances user experience and encourages further exploration of search topics. 

SGE is designed to complement traditional search results rather than replace them entirely. Users have the flexibility to choose between AI-generated summaries and traditional search results, ensuring a comprehensive search experience. 

Implications for Website Traffic and Lead Generation

The introduction of SGE brings both opportunities and challenges for website traffic and lead generation strategies. 

Potential Effects on Website Traffic

SGE's ability to provide quick summaries directly within search results may lead to a decrease in organic traffic to individual websites. Users may find the summarized information sufficient, reducing the need to click through to specific web pages. Essentially, with SGE streamlining the search process, there could be a notable shift in user behavior towards consuming information directly from search results rather than visiting individual websites.

Impacts on Lead Generation

While overall website traffic might decrease, the traffic that does reach individual websites through SGE may consist of higher-quality leads. Users who choose to click through are likely well-informed and motivated to engage with the content, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

Optimizing Franchise Development Marketing for SGE

Let’s face it: SGE is going nowhere. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a surge in AI-enabled search engine experiences.

As SGE increasingly becomes part of the digital landscape, it's crucial for the franchising industry to adapt its strategies in an effort to capitalize on this innovative search experience. 

Leverage Long-Tail Keywords

Focus on High-Quality Content

Understand Search Intent

Implement Structured Data

Adapting to User Preferences

Monitoring and Analysis

By optimizing their marketing efforts for SGE, businesses can enhance their visibility, attract high-quality leads, and maximize conversion opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

IDS: Your Franchise Development Digital Marketing Specialists

IDS is your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving search landscape. Specializing in fostering the growth of franchise businesses, we craft and execute tailored marketing campaigns designed to resonate with your target audience, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales. With a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of franchise marketing, we are poised to propel your franchise to new heights.

We recognize the pivotal role that effective SEO plays in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and we understand the complexities involved in getting it just right. At IDS, our team of franchise SEO experts leverages their wealth of knowledge and experience to implement cutting-edge strategies tailored to optimize your website and digital content.

We understand that successful SEO isn't just about appeasing search engine algorithms—it's about creating meaningful connections with real people. That's why we prioritize ethical, white-hat SEO practices that resonate with both your audience and search engines alike. 

When you choose IDS, you're choosing a partner dedicated to your success. With our unwavering commitment to staying ahead of industry shifts and our status as SEO experts, we're ready to help you unlock the full potential of your franchise in the digital sphere.

Contact Integrated Digital Strategies today and discover how our tailored approach and marketing expertise in franchise development can propel your business forward.

In today's era of digitalization, social media has emerged as a potent force, revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their audiences. Among the myriad of digital marketing strategies, franchise social media marketing stands out as a powerful tool for engaging with customers, building brand awareness, and driving sales.

Table of Contents

As businesses increasingly recognize the significance of social media in their marketing efforts, its role continues to expand, shaping modern marketing practices. Let's take a closer look at the pivotal role of social media in marketing strategies.

The Role of Social Media in Marketing

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok offer businesses unparalleled opportunities to connect with their target audience, foster meaningful relationships, and enhance brand visibility.

Businesses often rely on specialized digital marketing agencies like Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) to help them utilize the full potential of social media in their marketing strategies. Companies like IDS bring a wealth of expertise, resources, and industry insights, enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of social media marketing with confidence and efficiency.

Expanding Reach

Businesses can maximize their reach on social media platforms through strategic content creation and distribution. Companies can connect with their desired audience by crafting engaging posts and running targeted advertising campaigns that they can leverage for data-driven insights to refine their messaging. By expanding their reach, they can attract new customers, drive website traffic, and ultimately increase sales and revenue.

Staying Connected

If you want to maintain active and engaging social media profiles for your business, it’s important to ensure consistent communication with your audience. You can do this by developing a content calendar, scheduling posts, and monitoring engagement metrics, which will help you stay connected with your followers in real-time. Whether it's sharing updates, responding to comments, or hosting live events, businesses can remain visible and accessible to their audience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

Engaging with Your Audience

Engagement is key to success on social media, and creating content that resonates with audiences should be a top priority. Businesses can captivate their audience's attention and spark meaningful conversations with compelling visuals, storytelling, or interactive polls and quizzes.

By encouraging likes, shares, and comments, you can drive increased engagement, amplifying brand awareness and promoting a deeper connection between your business and your followers.

Managing Customer Feedback

For any business that deals with customers or clients, it’s important to pay close attention to customer feedback. This information provides businesses with the tools and strategies to manage customer concerns and needs effectively. From monitoring social media mentions and reviews to responding to customer inquiries and complaints, you can ensure that your business maintains a positive online reputation.

By addressing customer concerns promptly and transparently, businesses can build trust and credibility, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Building a Strong Reputation

Building a strong brand reputation is essential for long-term success, and one way businesses can achieve this goal is through strategic franchise social media management. Businesses can position themselves as trusted authorities in their respective fields by curating high-quality content, showcasing industry expertise, and fostering positive interactions with followers. Thought leadership initiatives, influencer partnerships, and reputation management strategies can strengthen a business's brand reputation.

With the support of experienced digital marketing agencies like IDS, businesses can harness the power of social media to amplify their brand presence and drive sustainable growth in today's competitive marketplace.

How IDS Can Improve Your Franchise Development Marketing

IDS specializes in empowering franchise businesses to thrive in the competitive world of digital marketing. We are dedicated to helping your franchise reach its full potential and achieve business growth with our comprehensive suite of services and tailored strategies. Here are some key areas where IDS can enhance your business development marketing efforts:

Strategic Franchise Website Development

Crafting an effective and visually appealing website is crucial for attracting potential franchisees. IDS offers strategic website development services tailored to the unique needs of franchise businesses. From sound strategy formulation to flawless design execution, we ensure that your franchise development site attracts ideal franchise buyers.

Compelling Content Creation and Branding

Quality content is the cornerstone of effective marketing, and IDS specializes in creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience, conveying your brand's unique value proposition and fostering engagement. Whether it's website copy, blog posts, social media content, or branding materials, we ensure that every piece of content reflects your brand identity and speaks directly to your audience's needs and aspirations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Achieving visibility in search engine results is essential for attracting qualified leads. IDS implements strategic SEO tactics to improve your franchise's online visibility and organic search rankings. From keyword research to on-page optimization and backlink building, we employ proven SEO strategies to ensure that your franchise ranks prominently in search engine results, driving targeted traffic to your website.

Targeted Paid Digital Advertising

Paid advertising is an essential tool used for reaching your target audience quickly. IDS offers targeted paid digital advertising services to help your franchise maximize its advertising budget and achieve optimal results. From pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to display ads and social media advertising, we create and manage targeted ad campaigns that aim to drive qualified leads and maximize ROI.

Engaging Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a powerful platform for connecting with potential franchisees and building brand awareness. IDS develops and implements social media marketing for franchises that resonates with your target audience, drives engagement, and builds brand loyalty. From content creation and community management to paid social advertising, we leverage the power of social media to expand your franchise's reach and drive growth.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Data-driven insights are essential for optimizing your marketing efforts and achieving measurable results. IDS provides comprehensive analytics and reporting services to track the performance of your marketing campaigns, measure key metrics, and identify areas for improvement. With our detailed reports and actionable insights, you can make informed decisions and continuously refine your marketing strategy for maximum impact.

With IDS as your trusted partner, you can unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts and take your franchise’s success to new heights. Contact us today for expert marketing assistance.

At Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), we're in the business of helping other businesses succeed. It’s what motivates our team every day and, over the last dozen years, what we’ve come to be known for. Today, we work with over 75 franchise brands across multiple industries, helping them grow their presence to reach their best customers, both at the franchise development and consumer levels. 

IDS has ranked in the top 20 on Entrepreneur’s annual Top Franchise Suppliers list for the last six years, and this year, we’re working hard to continue that trend, providing the very best in digital marketing services to our clients, helping them grow in meaningful ways through a robust suite of digital marketing services.

 “We take our jobs very seriously,” says Joseph Mohay, President and co-founder of IDS. “We know our clients depend on us to deliver the best results possible, and our team is 100% committed to that.”

IDS Entrepreneur Top Franchise Supplier

Entrepreneur’s Top Franchise Suppliers ranking recognizes those agencies and suppliers that provide best-in-class services to help franchisors and franchisees grow and run their businesses. The publication is a recognized industry expert, and its rankings are accepted as the world’s best and most comprehensive. Every year, its editors survey more than 1,000 franchisors, from emerging brands to established companies, asking them to provide which service providers they and their franchisees use and rate their satisfaction with them in terms of quality, cost, and value of services. Suppliers are then scored based on the results, and the top scorers make it onto the list.

“Of course,” says Joe, “we don’t work to rank. We work to meet the important needs of our clients. But if we can enjoy a little outside recognition as a result ‑- well, that’s just icing on the cake!”

The businesses we service know they can count on an uncompromised approach to their digital marketing needs as we factor in their KPIs, brand awareness, growth goals, and more. We never take their belief in us for granted, and as a result, we have enjoyed remarkable growth over the years, with a fully remote team that includes members in the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and more. It’s a multi-national force that brings a unique perspective and work ethic to everything IDS does — and it’s no surprise that our standing in the franchise sphere caught the attention of another digital marketing leader, Ignite Visibility. IDS has officially joined forces with Ignite to bring bigger and better services to clients, and together, we’re dedicated to meeting the needs and goals of the brands we serve.

Our Suite of Services

Whether you're an emerging brand looking to grow your presence or a legacy brand working to stay relevant, IDS has a strategy to meet your needs. From website development to content marketing to paid search and more, our experts are ready to put together a game plan that will remain flexible, responsive, and on budget. 

“Good digital marketing is really a combination of skill, insight, and intuition,” says Joe. “It’s also about respect — for the needs of the client and the hard work they’ve put into realizing a dream. We know how that feels.”

For more information about the comprehensive services IDS can provide your brand, reach out to our team today!

In today’s business world, the impact of digital franchise marketing and the potential benefits that it can bring when executed to its full potential cannot be overstated.

Table of Contents

Some brands, though, don’t experience the full benefits of their marketing efforts because they don’t utilize all the relevant marketing strategies they should. The best digital advertising campaigns are driven by:

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes among franchisors is misunderstanding the difference between SEO and PPC as it relates to their marketing efforts. Some franchise brands believe that PPC and SEO essentially do the same thing. In contrast, others perceive that they work completely separately from each other and choose to employ one over the other instead of adopting both strategies.

In this blog, we’ll detail everything franchisors should know about SEO vs. PPC, how each works to target your ideal audience, best practices for maximizing their effectiveness in your marketing campaigns, and how they complement each other in your overall digital franchise marketing strategy.

SEO and PPC Both Make a Significant Impact

SEO and PPC are critical pillars of any organization's marketing efforts in today's digital business world. Learning how to optimize your performance in both areas can greatly enhance your brand's visibility within the industry and attract more of the audience you are looking to bring in.

While both involve keyword search rankings and performance, there are differences in how you should set up and execute your plans to witness the best return possible from your marketing campaigns.

Best Digital Marketing Practices for SEO

Franchise SEO is designed to improve a website’s rankings for organic search results and overall performance. A better SEO ranking moves a website further up the search results page so the user does not have to scroll as far down to find the site.

One of the best aspects of utilizing SEO is its ability to improve your ranking for multiple keywords at once, rather than dedicating resources to one target at a time.

A few examples of ways you can help your SEO ranking include:

Best PPC Practices

PPC marketing allows businesses to target specific audiences searching for franchises. By creating campaigns with relevant keywords and ad groups, franchises can reach potential investors who are actively researching opportunities. PPC ads typically appear above organic search results, increasing visibility.

A key benefit of PPC marketing is budget control. You only pay when someone clicks your ad, not for ad placement. Once your set budget is reached, your ads stop appearing until the time frame resets (daily, weekly, monthly). This ensures efficient use of your marketing resources.

Below are some best practices for making your franchise PPC campaigns as effective as possible:

How PPC and SEO Work Together

SEO and PPC are more tightly connected than some realize. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we understand the critical role each plays – not only in what each contributes performance-wise but in their ability to help you achieve broader marketing goals. With the right “expert’s touch” to strengthen your SEO and PPC marketing, you could witness these positive results:

Higher Site Visitor Conversion Rate

Like SEO, the best PPC marketing campaigns are built around targeting keywords that strike a balance between high search volume and low competition. Aligning your SEO and PPC efforts will help you capitalize on targeting and reaching your best audience for your franchise opportunities. It can also provide a healthier return on investment (ROI) for your PPC campaigns.

Less Reliance on Paid Advertisements

If your SEO research is lacking, you’ll more than likely find yourself settling for more competitive keywords. This is problematic when it comes to PPC marketing because the more competitive keywords demand higher bids and budgets – which can increase your expenses and lower your ROI. The right SEO strategy reduces the likelihood of this headache and can create more leads per money spent on your PPC campaigns.

Stronger Brand Awareness with Consumers

When executed correctly, PPC and SEO will leave limited, if any, gaps in your marketing efforts. PPC, by nature, achieves greater short-term results, while SEO typically fulfills long-term goals by working to improve your keyword ranking and positioning in search engine results. Consistently appearing at the top of results pages will steadily resonate with users over time and should drive more traffic to your website.

Improved Brand Value

Web users often rely on organic search results, rather than paid ads, to provide the answers to their queries. When your brand frequently appears in the first organic search results, it can improve your website’s credibility as well as enhance the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Better Website User Experience

Following the best practices for SEO and PPC should help your website appear easier to read and more appealing to visitors. This not only drives traffic by itself, but many search engines recognize which websites are best optimized and will help your positioning in both organic and paid ad search results.

Setting up and managing SEO and PPC marketing efforts can be difficult tasks to handle all on your own. That’s why you should consider trusting the digital marketing experts at Integrated Digital Strategies. We have delivered outstanding results for the PPC and SEO campaigns of many franchise companies before, and we’re confident that our services will prove their worth for your brand time and time again!

Reach out to our expert team of digital marketing professionals at Integrated Digital Strategies, and we’ll offer insights on how our services can elevate your SEO and PPC performance for your franchise marketing plans!

Local SEO marketing has become a crucial aspect of franchise development marketing. As franchises expand their footprints across multiple locations, the need to optimize their online presence at the local level has never been more important.

Table of Contents

In this article, Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) delves into the world of local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that every franchise should implement to enhance their franchise development efforts. From understanding the unique challenges faced by franchises to crafting an effective local SEO marketing strategy, this guide will provide actionable insights to help franchises thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

Understanding Local SEO Marketing in the World of Franchising

Local SEO has become an essential marketing strategy for businesses, including franchises. Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing a business's online presence to attract more traffic, leads, and customers from location-based searches on search engines like Google.

Franchises operate across multiple locations, and franchisors are continually looking for potential franchisees within specific target markets, making local SEO crucial when it comes to franchise development marketing. By optimizing for local search, franchisors can target candidates seeking opportunities within precise geographic areas.

For example, if someone were to search “franchise opportunities in Georgia” and you’ve optimized your website or web page to appear for that search query, you’re more likely to get page visits and, ultimately, leads.

location focused SEO strategy

Local SEO Challenges for Franchises

Franchises face a few challenges when it comes to implementing effective local SEO strategies to support franchise development. Let’s delve into two of the most prominent ones.

Local SEO Strategy for Franchises

A comprehensive local SEO marketing strategy tailored to the unique needs of franchisors can significantly enhance online visibility, engagement, and, ultimately, franchise development success. In this section of the guide, we explore a few of these strategies that can be implemented for optimal performance.

Thorough Local Keyword Research and Optimization

Local Link Building and Citation Management

Content Creation and Localization

Mobile Optimization for Local Searches

desktop mobile friendly

Partner with IDS to Implement Local SEO for Franchises

Imagine having dedicated hyperlocal pages on your website that speak directly to potential franchisees in specific geographic areas. With IDS, this becomes a reality. Our hyperlocal pages are strategically crafted to resonate with local audiences, creating a compelling narrative for franchise opportunities within their reach.

Identifying, qualifying, and pursuing potential franchisees can be a daunting task. Hyperlocal marketing, a specialty of IDS, serves as a powerful solution to alleviate the headaches associated with this process. By leveraging our hyperlocal pages integrated into your website, we streamline the franchisee acquisition journey, making it more targeted and efficient.

The IDS team has consistently delivered tangible results for franchise brands across diverse industries. Our digital marketing services have proven to be a game-changer, attracting qualified entrepreneurs to franchise with confidence. Whether you operate in the food, retail, or service sector, our tailored strategies are designed to meet your brand's unique needs.

By partnering with IDS, you can redirect your time, energy, and valuable resources toward refining other critical aspects of your franchise opportunities. Our comprehensive franchise marketing services work on your brand's behalf, freeing you from the complexities of digital promotion and allowing you to focus on enhancing your franchise offerings.

Ready to take your franchise development efforts to the next level? Whether you're looking to attract qualified entrepreneurs, streamline franchisee acquisition, or enhance your online presence, IDS is here to help.

Reach out to our team now to schedule a consultation and learn more about the transformative power of hyperlocal marketing for your franchise development program.

Don't miss out - contact IDS today, and let's get started on a journey toward franchise development excellence together!

Staying ahead in the fast-paced world of franchising requires a keen eye on emerging trends and evolving business practices. At IDS, we pride ourselves on keeping a pulse on the latest developments in franchise growth strategies and digital marketing innovations.

As we progress further into 2024, we've rounded up several potential trends franchise brands, operators, developers, sales teams, and marketers might find interesting as the year continues to unfold.

Table of Contents

2023 Franchise Trends Recap

Before we dive into the franchise trends you can expect to see across the industry this year, let’s do a quick recap of 2023.

A Stable Franchise Industry

The franchise industry saw stability in 2023, driven by cooling inflation, stabilizing prices, rebounding supply chains, and strong job reports. Despite economic uncertainty, the industry stayed strong, with increases of almost 15,000 units and approximately 254,000 jobs, reaching a total output of $860.1B, a bump of 4.2% over 2022’s data.

Better Work-Life Balance

In addition to fueling employment and driving economic growth, franchising allowed more individuals to follow their passions and leave the corporate world behind as they started their own businesses in 2023. One out of six Americans has embraced entrepreneurship, and with more individuals craving better work-life balance and flexibility as a main driver for their franchise aspirations, this number is expected to rise.

work-life balance

Multi-Unit Boom

Multi-unit development was big for franchises in 2023 as investors and private equity firms took more interest in scalable revenue. Franchisors proactively positioned their multi-unit opportunities for owners to fully leverage proven franchise systems to better adapt to consumer needs, develop strong operating models, and increase levels of efficiency.

Franchising Industry Trends in 2024

As we enter Q2 of 2024, the franchising industry continues to boost economic development, foster entrepreneurship, and facilitate job creation, representing a multi-faceted landscape of entrepreneurial endeavors and business expansion models.

This year is poised to be a year of opportunity and cautious optimism, driven by an increased focus on customer experience and the resurgence of traditional marketing methods. With technological advancements, increased awareness of diversity in franchising, and enhanced franchisee support, it’s clear that franchising’s resilience and adaptability remain foundational pillars in shaping the modern business landscape.

Here are some of the trends and innovations expected to fuel more growth this year:

Economic Cooling = Slower Decision-Making

As the economy stabilizes, the current cool-off period will be met by election-year anxiety. This will slow down new deals, as investors will be more cautious with decision-making. To support growth, franchisors will shift their focus to enhancing franchisee support and profitability.

Increased Adoption and Influence of Technology

With franchisors looking to take advantage of strategic growth, many brands are focusing on adopting and implementing technological advancements. Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the business landscape as this technology offers significant competitive advantages when used correctly.

Generative AI has already begun helping the franchise industry, as it allows franchisors and their franchisees to simplify routine tasks with increased efficiency, enhance customer service by deciphering consumer data, assist with training programs and ongoing support, and analyze trends across different industries. Adopting this technology allows franchise brands to focus on strategic planning, brand development, and more growth opportunities.

Continued Focus on Customer Experience

Maintaining customer contact has always been important. In today’s world, customer experience is a key component for many franchise industries as modern consumer preferences shift toward increased value in products and experiences. For franchisors to remain competitive, they must adapt their marketing approach with evolving strategies to foster a strong brand-consumer relationship as they attract and retain customers.

customer journey

. . . And Increased Emphasis on Franchisee Experience

With new leads expected to stay in the funnel longer, franchisors are increasingly emphasizing franchisee support and profitability. Brands are taking a back-to-basics approach to operations, focusing on fundamental skills across all aspects of the business to help existing franchisees support growth. As more franchisors aim to create authentic customer connections, they’ll need to support their franchisees as they play a starring role in building brand loyalty.

Brands are also ramping up efforts to assist franchisees with employee retention to accelerate growth and reduce hiring and onboarding time. Other initiatives that more brands will focus on include:

Make a Difference with Marketing

To set themselves apart in the market and foster strong brand-consumer relationships, franchisors, and franchisees should be united in their creative marketing efforts. Increasing focus on human-centric marketing is being seen as a means to cut through the noise and create authentic connections with customers. Conversely, while digital content and AI appear to be leading marketing strategies, some brands are embracing traditional marketing tactics to take a more personalized and direct marketing approach.

Expanded Visibility for Women

Last but certainly not least, a greater number of women in franchising will enter leadership positions. Women will become a bigger driving force in increasing attention to female consumers' needs while also furthering the visibility and importance of women in the franchising community.

Franchise Development Trends 2024

Franchise development was driven by several factors in 2024, mostly centered around budgets and costs. Trends that shaped the development side of the franchise sector included:

Less Dependence on Brokers

Selling is tough when interest rates are high, inflation drives prices higher, and resulting profit margins are limited. Franchisors relied on brokers for franchise recruitment or lead generation when interest rates were low. Yet, now brands are realizing broker sales are no longer worth their high fees and that more lead generation is possible through digital advertising.

Increasing Digital Budgets

With digital advertising becoming the number one source for closed deals, franchisors are decreasing their spending on broker sales to increase their digital marketing strategies. Strong digital marketing strategies can help propel brands forward in 2024, with more companies investing in themselves through PR, digital marketing, and CRM tools.

Battling Rising Costs

Thanks to inflation, the cost of everything related to doing business has increased over the past year. Franchise development was hit hard with increased costs of goods, shipping, real estate, labor, recruitment, advertising, and, in some cases, rising franchise fees. Franchisors are realizing that they need to pivot their target audiences by shifting to more investor-based personas to achieve sales growth.

The Importance of First-Party Data

As we continue gravitating toward a cookie-less future, franchisors will need data and a robust CRM to source leads. First-party data is becoming increasingly significant as a means to understanding your target audience while embracing campaign cost efficiencies. To rise above the competition and ensure your brand is heard above the digital noise highlights the need for an optimized omnichannel approach.

Increased Use of AI

AI is permeating every industry at an accelerated pace, and franchise development is no different. Franchise development has seen the power of harnessing AI to develop and produce more content at a faster rate, underscoring the need to embrace this technology or risk falling behind. However, don’t rely on new technologies too much; humans are still highly elemental to the process.

ai franchise marketing strategy

Higher Recruitment Budgets

It’s no secret that recruitment budgets have continued their upward trend for 57% of franchise brands. As digital marketing continues to consume more of the advertising spend, brands need to track ad spending and its effectiveness while watching and nurturing their recruitment efforts from referrals.

Measuring costs associated with lead generation is a key factor when considering how much franchise brands should allocate to acquire prospective owners. By analyzing this data, brands can manage their costs more effectively to improve their total cost per lead.

Franchise Sales

Franchise sales for 2024 are expected to reach the best year’s results since before the pandemic. Let’s take a look at what’s driving franchise sales for the year ahead:

Increased Consumer Sentiment

With consumer sentiment rising steadily, franchising is poised to continue its upward trend. As job openings decline, remote work opportunities wane, and financial conditions loosen, more new entrepreneurs are expected to move toward becoming their own bosses. Even with interest rates and inflationary pressures as obstacles, franchisors are expressing a positive outlook for business growth in the months ahead.

Evolving Acquisition Routes

The main strategies franchisors currently employ to acquire prospective owners include email and text marketing, paid search, and social media. However, as these options and their platforms undergo significant changes, franchisors will have to develop more ways to reach lead generation goals.

Franchisors can get ahead by embracing lead generation through digital channels, SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media and franchise portals, broker networks, multichannel media strategies, cross-branding franchises, adapting to rising costs, and more.

Franchise Marketing

Franchise marketing continues to grow as more franchisors invest in digital campaigns to reach prospective franchise owners. No longer an afterthought, a strong digital marketing campaign is a necessary component for robust brand awareness and lead generation.

hyperlocal marketing strategy

Here are some ways franchise marketing is adapting in 2024:

Improving Visibility Through True Multichannel Campaigns

By utilizing a true multichannel campaign, franchisors can improve their visibility through their franchise website, email, social media, apps, and other branded information. Accessibility and consistency across multiple devices are the backbone of multichannel campaigns and critical to spreading brand awareness, generating stronger audience engagement, building long-term loyalty, and reaching prospective franchise owners.

AI’s Growing Role

AI’s expanded use presents many opportunities for franchise digital marketers to streamline operations, engage with more prospective franchisees, and make informed decisions. This technology can help increase overall productivity by adding efficiencies like automation and personalization to create comprehensive management systems for data collection, analytics, and optimization for franchisors as they review their marketing strategies.

franchise marketing strategist using AI tool

Systems Approach to Franchise Marketing

In the spirit of true multichannel marketing, it’s imperative for franchisors and franchisees to employ a systems approach to structure their marketing content. By ensuring brand consistency, franchisors can eliminate inefficiencies between channels and brand strategies, continue to grow their business, and maintain control over brand values, image, and messaging across all channels.

Building Upon 2023’s Growth

With a stable economic environment, an emphasis on work-life balance, and an increase in multi-unit expansions, 2023 marked a year of growth and adaptability. As we navigate 2024, the industry faces new challenges and opportunities. The trends highlighted, from economic considerations to the integration of technology and the emphasis on customer and franchisee experiences, underscore the industry's dynamic nature and reflect a shifting landscape of inclusivity and innovation.

While facing rising costs and shifting consumer sentiments, franchisors are adapting by leveraging digital platforms, embracing AI, and redefining marketing approaches. As franchising continues to evolve, it remains a cornerstone of economic growth, entrepreneurship, and community engagement, promising a future marked by resilience, creativity, and collaboration.

To discover how your brand can leverage digital platforms, embrace AI, and redefine marketing approaches to propel your franchise to unprecedented heights of success, get in touch with a member of the IDS team today, and learn more about our services and how we can help you craft a winning strategy!

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 chicken franchise concepts for 2024 that drive the growth of this dynamic industry and provide insights into the important factors to consider when evaluating chicken franchise opportunities and investment opportunities.

Table of Contents

Food trends may come and go, but one contender has stood the test of time while continuing to ruffle feathers with its versatility and palatable charm: the ever-humble chicken.

From fried chicken sandwiches to wings and tenders, the growing demand for poultry has sparked a wave of new chicken franchise concepts and restaurant opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the most-consumed protein in the country.

top 10 chicken franchise opportunities

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The increase in demand for chicken is nothing new; beef has been steadily declining in consumer demand due to research linking red meat consumption with increased risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers. The past few years have seen the rise of plant-based alternative meat products – mostly targeting beef analogs – in an effort to reduce red meat consumption.

When the National Chicken Council began recording per capita chicken consumption in 1960, Americans were eating an average of 28 pounds of chicken and 63 pounds of beef annually. Over the years, chicken per capita consumption has continually increased while beef consumption has steadily decreased. In its early estimates for 2024, the Council predicts consumers will eat around 102 pounds of chicken and 54 pounds of beef per person.

In its early estimates for 2023, the Council predicts consumers will eat nearly 102 pounds of chicken and 57 pounds of beef per person.

With carnivorous consumers hungry for something deliciously different, chicken has stepped up to the plate and flown the coop. For franchisors, that’s nothing to balk at – they, too, can leverage the increase in chicken consumption to delight their customers with fresh takes on nostalgic favorites, new international concepts, and enhanced flavor capability via sauces.

Chicken, it seems, has scratched its way through the pecking order to rule the roost.

A Chicken in Every Pot

The food service industry is among the strongest in terms of economic output: forecast to reach $997 billion in sales in 2023, the market presents an abundant opportunity. With pandemic restrictions lifted, consumers are returning to the restaurant experience, as evidenced by 84% of respondents that stated that going out is a better use of their time than cooking and cleaning up.

In turn, the chicken franchise scene has seen remarkable growth. As part of the behemoth food service industry, the market for fast-food chicken franchises in the US is a chicken in every pot with an estimated value of $55.6 billion. The market has seen a growth rate of 1.1% over the past year alone, following an 8.4% uptick in growth over the past five years.

Chicken-focused franchise concepts are more popular than ever, creating an overnight sensation in demand and offerings. Over the past five years, more than 40 new fast-food chicken concepts have entered the franchising market, paving the way for new brands to compete for market share as part of this powerful trend.

Something to Squawk About

The demand for chicken is driving menu item innovations as brands continue to compete in this growing market. Chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, and chicken nuggets are among the most popular items, and franchise concepts are responding to the demand with high-quality food, innovative flavor options, and sharp operations.

While it was once the battle of burgers, we are now in the age of the battle of the chicken sandwich. Long-established and beloved brands are debuting new menu offerings left and right, while a new wave of franchise operators is embracing other trends like international flavors, healthier meal options, eco-friendly items, and dishes tailored to takeout to augment their chicken concepts.

With nearly every chicken franchise system featuring a fried chicken sandwich as a menu centerpiece, it really just boils down to offering a quality chicken sandwich with a flavor-filled sauce. Consumers care more about the main dish than the sides, and rightfully so. Franchisors can satiate growing consumer demand with flavor variety, international perspectives, and imaginative takes on nostalgic classics.

Feather Your (Franchising) Nest

For chicken concept franchisors, now is the time to make a full offering in the segment. As consumer demand for chicken continues to increase, franchise systems can take advantage of high demand by adding more chicken offerings while embracing lower food costs.

Coincidentally, as poultry supplies have improved, prices for chicken breasts, thighs, and wings have decreased, bringing relief to chicken franchisors. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the price for chicken breasts has seen a 70% reduction since its peak in the US, a key factor in driving more concepts to step up their chicken offerings while taking advantage of more attractive margins.

What’s more, savvy operators and franchisors are embracing the new normal as temporary fixes developed during the pandemic have firmly taken root with consumers. By offering expanded delivery services, providing outdoor dining options, and investing in contemporary technology, operators can cater to more consumers while boosting their bottom lines.

Additionally, operators have harnessed other aspects of the new normal to entice customers. This is accomplished by presenting engaging offerings at all hours, creating more value deals, offering flexible pricing, developing multi-course meal bundles, and more.

For prospective franchisees looking to get in on the growing craze, don’t be a chicken: this is a great opportunity to break into a booming industry and embrace a trend with staying power and solid return on investment. In short, the industry is booming and isn’t showing signs of slowing anytime soon. Consumer demand will continue to increase as franchise systems expand.

Top 10 Chicken Franchise Opportunities

At IDS, we provide integrated marketing solutions and strategies for a wide range of franchise concepts. While we don’t put all our eggs in one basket, we’ve established long-standing relationships with quite a few chicken franchisors, helping drive chicken franchise growth.

Let’s take a look at some of the top chicken franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs to consider investing in for 2024:

brand name
Bojangles logo


Beyond its unique name, Bojangles stands out by existing simultaneously across three popular categories: quick service, chicken, and breakfast. For more than 45 years, the brand has offered Southern know-how when it comes to best-in-class fried chicken and putting franchisees on the right path. Their efficient business model utilizes convenience and quality to entice guests to keep coming back and help franchisees capitalize on growing industry demand.

As part of their franchise model, franchisees enjoy strong performance through all three primary dayparts; off-premises dining to maximize sales, labor, and workflow; and high-quality food with authentic flavor. One of the brand’s unique value propositions is having built a reputation for quality by using in-house recipes and fresh ingredients with no compromises, shortcuts, or microwaves. This includes made-from-scratch biscuits baked every 20 minutes and their hallmark Legendary Iced Tea®.

Bojangles offers two franchise concepts for franchisees to choose from: Express and Traditional. The estimated initial investment for Express locations ranges from $895,890 to $1,414,500, and for Traditional, $1,060,400 to $3,020,750.

brand name
Hooters logo


Hooters is a true American original, boasting a crave-able high-quality menu, reasonable prices, and a vibrant restaurant prototype. The legacy brand is approaching 40 years of franchise experience, built upon the strong foundation of its world-famous Hooters Girl hospitality.

The brand has come a long way from its start in October 1983, with over 430 locations in 28 countries and 250 corporately held locations. Franchisees can take advantage of their worldwide recognition in addition to several dedicated support teams: franchise development, franchise operations, construction and design, training, marketing, supply chain, and product development.

Hooters offers several franchise concepts, as they are adaptable, including freestanding, conversion of an existing freestanding restaurant, shopping center end caps, street-front retail locations, and highly trafficked captive audience venues. The estimated initial investment range for new build locations is $2,748,300 to $4,100,000, with the estimated initial investment for conversion locations ranging from $1,258,300 to $2,280,000.

brand name
Church’s Texas Chicken logo

Church’s Texas Chicken

As the brand surpasses 70 years of operation, it’s no surprise that Church’s Texas Chicken has become one of the largest quick-service chicken chains in the world. Starting in 1952 across the street from the Alamo, Church’s firmly cemented its original Texas roots with bold, hand-crafted flavor, and they don’t plan on changing that any time soon.

Church’s franchise opportunity presents investors with integrated support at every stage. The franchise system business model incorporates operations, marketing, and technology support to help franchisees see maximum return on investment. The brand’s team of industry experts provides franchisees with valuable tools and resources, including national media marketing, a domestic online delivery system, accelerated communication via streamlined tech, and more, all designed to keep guests happy and coming back for more.

The brand offers several franchise concepts to invest in. For a freestanding Blaze 1700, the initial investment ranges from $1,296,225 to $1,464,335. For the freestanding Blaze 1400, investors can estimate spending between $1,192,202 and $1,406,509. And for an end cap unit, the estimated franchise cost range is $676,500 to $1,016,300.

brand name
golden chick

Golden Chick

Originating in central Texas in the late 1960s, Golden Chick has become a leading quick-service chicken restaurant. With over 50 years of franchising experience and success, the brand prides itself on wholesome and satisfying heritage menu items as the originator of Golden Tenders® while remaining mindful of the potential that the latest dining trends can hold.

Aside from its longevity, highly recognizable brand name, and beloved menu, Golden Chick offers a franchise opportunity with a business model that provides many advantages to owners, including competitive start-up costs, superb ground-up or conversion construction design, strong marketing, and advertising support programs.

The brand enables franchisees to choose from three unique concepts, allowing them to develop a restaurant that best suits the needs of their community while staying on budget. For freestanding, ground-up locations, investors can estimate spending $895,890 to $1,414,500 on their initial investment. For a freestanding conversion location, the initial investment range is between $438,450 and $957,500 and for prototypical end-cap restaurant locations, the estimated franchise cost is $470,450 to $946,400.

brand name
Buffalo Wild Wings logo

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wings. Beer. Sports.® What’s not to love about B-Dubs? Buffalo Wild Wings has grown from two hungry guys to the largest sports bar brand in the US, with over 1,200 locations. The brand stands out because, unlike other restaurants aiming to get customers in and out quickly, Buffalo Wild Wings wants you to stick around, enjoying their transformative restaurant design, best-in-class food and drink, and innovative sports-watching experiences.

Since 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings has embraced a welcoming neighborhood atmosphere where game time morphs into stories worth telling. With 20 signature sauces and seasonings, there’s something for everyone on their menu. The brand aims to be a premier operator and franchisor by providing franchisees with best-in-class support across all areas, including restaurant development planning, design and construction, operations training, marketing and branding, and supply chain expertise.

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a variety of franchise concept designs, including non-freestanding, conversion of an existing site, new freestanding, and non-traditional locations. The total initial investment for The Great American Sports Bar ranges from $2,481,500 to $4,604,800.

brand name
KFC logo

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

No other brand is as synonymous with fried chicken as Kentucky Fried Chicken. The world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain was founded in 1930 and has been franchising since 1952. Pioneered by the “Colonel” Harland Sanders, the brand’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices has dominated the QSR industry, selling sixty million buckets of chicken annually in the US alone.

With nearly 75 years of franchise history, it’s hard to find a franchisor with more experience than KFC. The brand prides itself on its classic comfort food and commitment to value and serving local communities. It’s a brand that continues to innovate by adding new menu items like chicken sandwiches, tenders, and fries.

KFC’s franchise opportunity offers industry-leading incentives for new development, flexible asset formats and designs, digital ordering capabilities, award-winning marketing, and strong unit economics, offering several restaurant formats, including traditional, non-traditional, and in-line restaurants. For new-build, ground-up construction, investors can estimate a $1,442,600 to $2,771,550 initial investment, with a re-open or remodel estimated between $1,008,600 and $2,221,500.

Brand LogoBrand Name
Popeyes logo

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Founded in 1972, Popeyes has built one of the most successful quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchises upon rich Cajun and Creole flavors. Unmistakably Louisiana-inspired, the brand embraces its history and culinary traditions while distinguishing itself with an authentic and unique New Orleans-style menu featuring spicy chicken, chicken tenders, and other regional items.

Popeyes offers a strong franchise opportunity complete with broad reach and decades of experience. The brand provides top-notch franchisee support in all sectors, including marketing, food, and customer services, in addition to instant brand name recognition, increased visibility, and customer interest.

To open a new restaurant with Popeyes, investors can estimate spending $383,500 to $3,545,800 for the initial investment.

brand name
Wingstop logo


Focused almost exclusively on high-quality buffalo-style chicken wings, Wingstop has positioned itself as The Wing Experts by putting flavor first. Opening its doors in 1994, the brand quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its proprietary recipes, outstanding food, and superior customer service. The brand began offering franchises in 1997, becoming one of the fastest-growing concepts in the country.

Wingstop offers excellent corporate support, plentiful training and educational resources, a relatively low cost, territory protections, low staffing requirements, and more as part of its franchise opportunity. Franchisees enjoy site selection, lease cost negotiation, grand opening, and ongoing support, as well as marketing assistance.

The brand offers two different franchising options: single-unit and multi-unit. For either option, investors can estimate spending $315,310 to $948,080 on their initial investment.

brand name
slim chickens logo

Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens maintains a simple mission: make the best hand-breaded chicken tenders using only 100% all-natural premium tenderloins and the freshest ingredients. Founded in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 2003, the brand offers chicken tenders, wings, and wraps cooked to order and served with house dipping sauces.

Slim Chickens is known for being more than a quick meal, combining crave-able food, a cool vibe, and an extra touch of Southern hospitality as the company’s culture. The brand offers excellent branding, strong unit economics, and a passionate executive team to position franchisees for success.

Slim Chickens provides best-in-class support with site selection, design, construction, training, marketing, operations, real estate, and financing/accounting.

To open a new restaurant with Slim Chickens, investors can estimate spending $1,307,000 to $4,052,000 for the initial investment.

brand name
Zaxby's logo


Since 1990, Zaxby’s has been serving made-to-order chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, and salads with Southern hospitality and a modern twist. The brand has since become beloved for its Chicken Fingerz™, wings, and legendary Zax Sauce.

Zaxby’s combines great food, a comfortable vibe, and fun people who care about each other, which translates into customer loyalty. The brand provides franchisees with marketing support, location development assistance, menu expansion, a robust initial training program, and ongoing business coaching.

To open a new restaurant with Zaxby’s, investors can estimate spending $501,700 to $950,200 for the initial investment. All of Zaxby’s locations are full-service restaurants in freestanding buildings that provide in-store seating and drive-thru windows.

Chicken QSR Opportunities by the Numbers

Franchise NameFranchise FeeRoyalty FeeAdvertising FeeTotal Number of Franchise Units (as of 2023)3-Year Franchise Growth RateEstimated Total Initial Investment Range
Bojangles$20,000 - $35,0004%4%7986.5%$622,500 - $3,647,200
Hooters$75,0005%2%367-3%$1,258,300 - $4,100,000
Church’s Texas Chicken$15,0005%5%1,535-1%$805,225 - $1,896,300
Golden Chick$30,0004%2%21215.2%$1,191,350 - $1,913,300
Buffalo Wild Wings$12,500 - $25,0005%3.25%1,252-1%$2,481,500 - $4,804,800
KFC$45,0004-5%5%28,47516.7%$1,852,825 - $3,771,550
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen$50,0005%4%4,09121.1%$383,500 - $3,695,800
Wingstop$20,0006%5%2,04642.5%$325,616 - $974,733
Slim Chickens$15,0005%3%214130.1%$1,628,900 - $4,389,000
Zaxby’s$35,0006%3-4.5%9221.8%$1,391,700 - $3,266,200

Data collected from each respective brand’s page:
Chicken Franchises - Page 1.” Entrepreneur, 2024.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Chicken Franchise Opportunity

There’s a lot for investors and entrepreneurs to consider when not only deciding whether franchising is the right choice for them but then also choosing which franchise opportunity is best suited to their goals. Ultimately, it’s important to review several concepts to determine which option best suits your capabilities and objectives, so you can make an informed decision that appeases all your personal and financial requirements.

Prospective franchise owners should review all relevant franchise information, including each brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document, as part of the due diligence process. You’ll want to keep in mind your personal preferences, especially when it comes to how present you’d like to be as an owner (versus taking on more responsibility as an owner/operator) and how excited you are about the concept.

A large factor you’ll want to consider is your financial qualifications. Each franchise concept has a unique set of financial requirements you’ll have to meet, so you must be prepared to conduct an in-depth review of your finances to ensure you meet the necessary monetary qualifications. If you require financing options and the franchisor doesn’t provide direct financing, you’ll want to determine which options are available to you.

Some of the key factors you’ll want to consider as you review chicken franchise concepts include:

IDS Helping Franchisee Candidates Find the Right Franchise

With chicken franchises on the rise, it’s a great time to consider investing in any one of the top ten chicken franchise opportunities we’ve highlighted above. These ten companies are time-honored franchise brands that provide exemplary franchisor support and can help you leverage your investment to achieve your goals.

As chicken consumption continues to increase, the demand for chicken franchise restaurants will undoubtedly continue to rise. It’s your time to capitalize on the growing demand for chicken, and a chicken franchise opportunity can help you do just that with the backing and support of a leading franchisor.

At the end of the day, determining the best franchise opportunity for you can significantly impact your success. You’ll want to choose one that meets all of your criteria and that you’d be an ideal candidate for. You’ll also want to make sure it excites you and aligns with your personal interests because becoming a franchise owner is more than just a job; it’s a path toward building the lifestyle you want.

It’s important to take the time to consider not only the factors we’ve outlined above but also all available resources when it comes to your qualifications and capabilities. Your success is inherently tied to your franchisor’s success, and a good franchisor can make all the difference.

IDS Works with Chicken QSR Franchisors to Strategize a Successful Franchise Marketing Plan

If your chicken franchise concept is looking for a complete franchise digital marketing solution, turn to IDS.

With over ten years of experience in the franchise industry, we offer full-service digital marketing services that help franchisors find the right buyers.

IDS can create a marketing strategy to help you turn your franchise development site into a magnet for ideal prospective franchise candidates while growing your brand’s digital presence and outranking your competitors on search engines with a robust website. We use a multi-pronged, customized approach to address your specific goals and objectives.

Our experienced marketing team can help you get the most out of your franchise marketing efforts by providing the tools, strategy, and expertise you need to grow your franchise brand and achieve the results you're looking for. We work with franchisors and franchisees to provide customized digital marketing campaigns that are proven to drive franchisee sales through a strong digital presence.

IDS features a full suite of digital marketing products and services to suit any franchise concept, including content creation, search engine optimization, social media advertising, website design, reputation management, and much more. You can count on our experienced franchise development marketers as an extension of your team.

If you’re looking for multi-location marketing, we can help with that too! We’ve assisted countless clients with specialized multi-location marketing strategies to further their business growth.

Our approach to driving sustainable online growth for multi-location brands includes high-level brand strategies, effective marketing plans, specific advertising goals, local SEO best practices, social media management, and more.

IDS is your expert team for attracting highly qualified franchisees to your concept, making their new locations a success for both themselves and your brand. Let our scalable, fully integrated digital marketing solutions elevate your franchise growth with a strategy that will bring your brand name to new heights!

Are you interested in learning more about how IDS can help grow your chicken franchise concept? Get in touch with a member of our team today!

It goes without saying that franchisors constantly strive to enhance their online presence and attract the right audience: their potential franchisees. Franchise PPC (pay-per-click) advertising has emerged as a powerful tool in franchise development marketing, allowing franchisors to target specific audience segments that are relevant to their offerings.

Table of Contents

In this post, we delve into the art of PPC audience targeting, shedding light on how businesses, particularly in franchise development, can leverage this practice to maximize their marketing efforts.

The Power of Franchise PPC Audience Targeting

Precision and relevance are the cornerstones of success in the modern franchise development marketing world. As businesses navigate the complex terrain of franchise development, the ability to hone in on the right audience becomes a pivotal factor in ensuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

At its core, PPC audience targeting involves tailoring advertising efforts to specific audience segments based on demographics, behaviors, and interests. This ensures that marketing messages resonate with the right individuals at the right time.

In the context of franchise development, where fostering meaningful connections with potential franchisees and investors is paramount, audience targeting ensures that marketing efforts are directed toward individuals most likely to engage. This not only optimizes resources but also enhances the overall efficiency of franchise marketing campaigns.

hyperlocal marketing franchise audience

Best Practices for Successful PPC Audience Targeting

There are a number of best practices that can elevate PPC strategies and ensure that marketing efforts resonate with the right audience and yield optimal results for franchise development.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Utilizing Data-Driven Insights for Ongoing Improvements

a/b testing campaigns

A/B Testing Strategies for Ad Copy, Visuals, and Targeting Parameters

Adapting Strategies Based on Changing Market Dynamics and Trends

The effectiveness of PPC audience targeting lies in a dynamic and adaptive approach. By implementing these best practices, businesses can fine-tune their strategies, ensuring that PPC campaigns resonate with the right audience, foster engagement, and drive success in franchise development marketing.

The Importance of Paid Search Competitor Analysis

When it comes to PPC marketing, every click holds significant value, and gaining a competitive edge involves a meticulous examination of your competitors. Before any audience targeting can occur, it’s essential to look at what your competitors are doing and strategize how you can improve their efforts.

Paid search competitor analysis offers strategic insights into market trends, effective messaging, and successful keyword strategies. Decoding the approaches of industry rivals not only provides a competitive advantage but also keeps businesses ahead of the curve in adapting to emerging trends.

By comprehensively understanding competitor tactics, businesses can adapt and refine their PPC campaigns, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of the evolving digital landscape.

Display Ads vs. Search Ads: Choosing the Right Approach

Businesses often face a crucial decision: whether to leverage display ads or search ads - or perhaps both.

Display Ads

Search Ads

Work with Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) on Your PPC Campaigns

Developing a successful PPC campaign requires knowledge and a strategic partner who understands the intricacies of franchise digital marketing. Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) is your ally in navigating the complex landscape of PPC advertising, offering expertise that extends beyond conventional approaches.

We understand that one size does not fit all. With a strong understanding of the franchise development landscape, IDS crafts customized PPC campaigns tailored to your business's unique goals and challenges.

IDS specializes in a holistic approach to digital marketing. By seamlessly integrating PPC with other channels, such as social media, content marketing, and SEO, IDS ensures that your franchise development campaigns benefit from a synergistic and comprehensive strategy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your PPC campaigns and propel your franchise’s success. Let's embark on this journey together.

Contact IDS today to transform your franchise development marketing. Our team is eager to collaborate, innovate, and drive results for your brand.

Contact IDS!

Are you ready to work with IDS on your new website development project? Contact IDS today to get started

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