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What were you doing 10 years ago — do you remember? Unless it was something remarkable, most of us wouldn’t be able to say what we were up to. But there are two people at Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) who know exactly how their time was being spent 10 years ago: Steve Galligan and Joe Mohay were co-founding what would become our award-winning franchise digital marketing agency that now celebrates a decade in business, adding new team members to our roster and signing on more A-list clients on a regular basis.

Our longevity is no accident. Whether emerging or established, brands have trusted us to become an extension of their team, working hand in hand with their leaders to deliver a suite of boutique franchise marketing agency services that translate into exceptional results.

Integrated Digital Strategies 10 Year Anniversary logo

“We’ve been working with IDS for 10+ years across three brands, and they continue to demonstrate superior customer service and deliver industry-leading results for us as the franchisor, and more importantly, our franchisees,” said Chris Buitron, Chief Executive Officer, Mainline Brands.

Currently, IDS works with 75 franchisor clients and upwards of 1,000 individual franchisees, making it an exceptionally exciting time for us. Born as a natural extension of the decades of industry experience CEO Galligan and CRO Mohay have in the marketing and media realms, IDS is an international franchise development agency with team members located across the country, as well as in South Africa and the Philippines.

“It’s pretty hard to believe we started out with only a few employees in the US and today we employ a family of four dozen across the globe who are all committed to client goals and growth,” said Mohay.

“We are incredibly proud of our marketing experts and our roster of clients,” added Galligan. “Our growth is a direct result of our commitment to the growth of our clients. They know we have their back!”

10 Years of Success in Digital Marketing for Franchises

During the last 10 years, our franchise digital marketing agency has had the pleasure of working with a wide spectrum of brands in far-ranging industries, including food and home services, healthcare, education, and more. We’ve recently added several marquee brands from private equity groups and have been tasked with executing digital marketing strategies for their combined portfolio of companies. 

“We braced ourselves for a downturn at the start of the pandemic and had to do a bit of restructuring as a result,” Galligan recalled. “But we also did some pivoting to emphasize our franchisee marketing services and have seen a tremendous return from those efforts,” he continued. “Best of all, our clients are happy with their ROI, which is what matters most. They give us a dollar and we give them back several more. Who doesn’t love that?”

“IDS took on a huge project for us, orchestrating full website redesigns for all 10 of our brands in the middle of a pandemic — without skipping a beat,” remembered Brady Lee, Chief Operating Officer, United Franchise Group. “Their professionalism and the quality of their work has been instrumental in consistently delivering high-quality leads, month after month.”

With all its growth and successes, IDS is proud to have reached this 10th-anniversary milestone and is looking forward to the next 10 years of high-quality digital marketing for franchises. We know our success is a direct result of the support our clients and the franchise community at large have shown us, and we’re excited to continue serving them.

“This is a great time for the company, for our team, and for our clients,” said Mohay. “We can’t wait to see what the future has in store!”

Interested in learning more about how our franchise marketing agency can partner with you? Contact us today!


Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), a nationally recognized digital marketing firm specializing in campaigns for established and emerging franchise brands, has closed out the first quarter with multiple new clients added to its roster, as it continues to grow at an impressive clip. The company has been singled out for the third straight year as a top choice for franchise marketing by Entrepreneur Magazine, recognition that speaks to the hard work and commitment the IDS team demonstrates every day and for every company it services.

“Our focus has always been on meeting the unique needs of our clients, and we strive to become an extension of their team,” says Steve Galligan, co-founder and CEO of the company. “Our job is to help companies reach their very best customers. We’re like to think we’re experts at that, and we always welcome the opportunity to go the distance,” he adds with a chuckle. 

The company has added 15 new clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including fast food, home restoration, health and fitness, and more, allowing the IDS team to utilize the breadth of talent and expertise it’s known for. 

Two other recognized names, Venture X, a leader in shared workspaces, and American Family Care, a stalwart in the urgent care industry, saw exciting results as part of IDS’s franchise development program before extending their relationships to include franchisee local marketing.

"In terms of potential market share, IDS has taken the time to understand our business, businesses that overlap our space, and helped nd other businesses I may not have thought of to target," says Sean Hart, Vice President of Franchise Sales & Development at American Family Care. "They have increased the size of our net, and the sh we are looking for, and in some cases, they’ve helped bring out the spear that allows us to be very specific and targeted when looking for potential partners."

Other brands recently signed on include iconic fast-food favorite Jack in the Box, as well as Batteries Plus, Mosquito Authority, and Honor Yoga.

“IDS made sure to listen to our needs and helped us establish important goals. Their team is incredibly responsive,” says Honor Yoga’s Founder and President, Maria Turco.

“We’re always happy when we can meet one need and identify others,” says Joseph Mohay, IDS co-founder and CRO. “It means we’re doing our jobs, and more!”

Throughout a challenging 2020, the IDS team stayed focused on their mission: provide the very best in digital marketing strategies to a wide range of industries, and they continue to leverage their growth to empowering franchisors during times of economic strength as well as uncertainty.

"Our experience with IDS has been exceptional,” says Bill Bates, CEO at Trimac Manufacturing. “They have a committed team that’s dedicated to learning about our needs and our business. There has been clear and informative communication throughout each phase, which has also helped us to clarify what our needs are as well.” 

“Like a lot of other businesses, we saw a downturn at the beginning of the pandemic,” remembers Galligan. “But we used that time to reinvent ourselves a bit and prepare for what we knew was possible, while at the same time helping many of our clients not just survive, but thrive.”

Their vision for themselves, as well as for their clients, appears to be paying off.

For more information about IDS and its suite of services, reach out to Steve Galligan: (, 978-828-0084)


As the world rounds the corner of a very challenging year and looks ahead to a new one, Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), an award-winning digital marketer for franchise brands, has leveraged its growth to continue empowering franchisors during a time of economic uncertainty. The agency was recognized for the third straight year by Entrepreneur Magazine, this time as the #1 full-service agency serving the franchise market.

“Like a lot of other businesses, we saw a downturn at the beginning of the pandemic,” remembered Steve Galligan, IDS co-founder and CEO. “Fortunately, we used that time to reinvent ourselves and prepare for what we knew was possible, while at the same time helping many of our clients not just survive, but thrive.”

Throughout 2020, the IDS team stayed focused on their mission to provide the very best in digital marketing strategies to a wide range of industries, adding an expert B2B arm to their suite of services. It has allowed them to offer robust marketing to a wide range of industries. Included are industrial and manufacturing, chemical and food processing, agricultural, IT, pharmaceutical, and medical, among many others. The company also now includes a Franchise Sales, Management and Development team, in addition to having signed deals to manage 500 individual franchisee accounts across national brands. The greatest achievement in the second half of 2020 was that IDS added 24 additional franchisors to their portfolio of clients.

“IDS took on a huge project for us, orchestrating full website redesigns for all 10 of our brands in the middle of a pandemic — without skipping a beat!” said Chad Palmer, VP of Franchise Development for United Franchise Group. “Their professionalism and the quality of their work has been instrumental in consistently delivering high-quality leads, month after month.”

In reflecting on the past year, Galligan noted: “We’ve always been sensitive to the needs of our clients, and 2020 demanded that we tune especially into the challenges that the pandemic presented.” Part of that sensitivity meant aligning with our clients’ goals to navigate these uncharted waters.

“The fact is, the franchise model provides a great way for people who may have been adversely affected by the pandemic to reinvent themselves by finding new employment that included purchasing a franchise,” said Galligan. “Partnering with a brand means access to support and resources that wouldn’t otherwise be available, and every time we help a franchisor sell a franchise, we create a new business that expands that community’s economy. It’s a real win-win!”

IDS’ strategy and holistic approach allowed the company to achieve double-digit top-line growth with a healthy profit during a time when many companies were forced to cut back on services and staff.

“We’re really grateful for the chance to work with all our clients, both old and new, and are looking forward to helping them reach their goals for 2021 and beyond,” continued Joseph Mohay, IDS co-founder and CRO. “It’s all about staying proactive, positive, and ready to meet the day.”

Check out IDS' recent client success stories on their resources page.

For more information about IDS and its suite of services, reach out to Steve Galligan: (, 978-828-0084)

At IDS, we’ve worked with dozens of franchise brands and have been a part of many successful franchisor stories. This month, Franchise Consultant Magazine features a piece on the Titus family, the founders of franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG and IDS have been partners since 2015, and we’re humbled to have played a part in their franchise business growth strategy. Learn more about UFG and how they’ve transformed franchising over the last 35 years. 

A Family Business

Ray Titus and Jim Tatem

Along with his father Roy, Ray Titus opened the first Signarama store in 1986. The business had a straightforward mission: to create signs of all shapes and sizes. The business was such a success that father and son decided to franchise their concept. Today, there are over 700 Signarama stores worldwide!

Bolstered by their success with Signarama, Roy and Ray founded UFG and began building up other franchise brands. Today, legacy brands like Fully Promoted, SuperGreen Solutions, and Transworld Business Advisors make up UFG’s foundation. They’ve partnered with over 1,600 franchisees in 80+ countries. Along with his sons, A.J., Austin, and Andrew, Ray Titus continues to grow the company by investing in new concepts.

Their focus on family, knowledge of franchising, and dedication to research and development have helped UFG to stay on top for decades. At IDS, our digital marketing services help them to stay there. 

The IDS Partnership with UFG: Master Franchise Development in Action

Since we at IDS began working with UFG, we’ve developed unique strategies for each of their brands, helping them to find their target audience of franchise investors. Throughout this time, we’ve analyzed the performance of their websites and digital content and have continued to adjust our strategies in real-time to keep UFG on top of relevant search results. 

A few of the strategies we’ve utilized for UFG include:

SEO: Keeping their websites, blogs, and other content updated with relevant keywords to capture more traffic and direct it their way. 

Hyper Local Pages: Targeting prospective franchisees in specific areas where brands need to expand. 

SEM: Strategically investing in paid ads to amplify their message to the right audiences. 

Blogs: Regularly publishing SEO-optimized blogs that serve the dual purpose of keeping prospects updated and informed about their brands.

As franchise development experts themselves, the UFG team has had unique insight into how each of these strategies have helped to grow their business. See what they have to say about our partnership for yourself:

“I spent months vetting essentially every well-known franchise focused marketing company. After receiving detailed proposals and speaking with dozens of vendors, it was clear that Steve, Joe and the team at IDS were the best choices. Not only was their pricing the best, the IDS team were unequivocally the easiest and best to deal with on such a large project. Most importantly, after completing the projects, we needed to see a quick ROI. Bottom line, within 6 months of launching all sites and marketing plans, we had closed deals and positive ROI.” – Jason Anderson, President, Venture X

“We’ve been working with IDS the last 5 years and we couldn’t be happier. Even through all the uncertainty that’s been surrounding the country in 2020, our IDS-created websites continue to generate great traffic as well as new franchise buyers.” -- Brady Lee, COO, United Franchise Group

We couldn’t be more excited that UFG and the Titus family have been recognized by Franchise Consultant Magazine. UFG stands out among our many customer success stories because we’ve gotten to know them so well over the years, and know that their integrity and business acumen make them a standout in the franchising space. We wish them many more years of success, and can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.

If you’re in need of franchise development services, contact IDS! We’ll devise a custom plan for your franchise that’s designed to help you similarly connect with your target prospects.

Commercial cleaning has emerged as one of the top franchise segments to look out for, and amongst the vast competition, Image One Facility Solutions made a name for themselves as an industry trailblazer. Co-founders Tim Conn and Mike Schuchman started the company in 2011, and their decades of industry experience have helped them develop innovative and tech-savvy cleaning services to enhance their clients’ properties.

At the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim and Image One responded swiftly and are now strategizing new and exciting ways to rejuvenate the Cleaning for Health conversation. Tim is passionate about the franchise experience and making sure his partners feel prepared for the road ahead is his top priority. For their franchisees and clients, Image One has proven time and time again that they are the top example of dependability.

We took some time to pick Tim’s brain about Image One’s recession-resistant model, franchising in an evolving economic climate, digital marketing, the growth of his brand, and so much more.  

A Standout Franchise Opportunity

IDS: How many franchisees is your brand partnered with?

Tim: We currently have 66 franchise owners. Most of them are in the Chicago area, but we have a couple in Florida, one in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, and Texas.

IDS: What is it about Image One that stands out from any of the other commercial cleaning franchise opportunities in the industry?

Tim: It isn’t just how we stand out in the cleaning segment of franchising, but in all of franchising.  There were so many franchises that were affected negatively by the recent COVID-19 outbreaks.  While many were caught reacting, we were responding. We immediately took the initiative to order equipment that might be necessary for our franchise owners to continue operating and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Everything from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Electrostatic Sprayers for disinfecting buildings. The cleaning franchise opportunity has always been seen as recession-resistant, but now we know how critical we really are. Cleaning is truly an essential business. Many of our franchisees are busier now than they have been ever before. They and their teams are part of the frontline in fighting the spread of this virus.

IDS: What do franchisees stand to gain from a partnership with Image One?

Tim: Franchise owners have the opportunity to grow a business to any level that they would like.  We have some franchisees that want to stay small and do some of the cleaning themselves, but most are growing to the point where they don’t clean on a daily basis -- they work on growing the business, not the day to day cleaning.  Image One offers them the opportunity to be in a field that is now more respected than ever before. People finally realize the importance of cleaning and we are seeing it as people are thanking the crews for all that they are doing.

IDS Connects Franchisors with Prospective Franchisees

IDS: Why is digital marketing important for Image One?

Tim: Digital Marketing is important to everybody. There are very few people these days who look at [the phone book], or other once traditional advertising. Having a digital footprint is essential to every business. Even if you use traditional salespeople and cold calling, you need to have the digital presence to show you are a legitimate business.

IDS: Where do most of your leads come from?

Tim: We get a combination of online leads that come through organic SEO, as well as pay-per-click campaigns, and 3rd party portals that direct leads to us as a result of their strong online platforms. 

IDS: What do you enjoy about the relationship you have with your franchisees and what do they appreciate most about the partnership?

Tim: I love being able to help them grow a business.  That is what is really exciting to me about being in this business. Somebody wants to go into business but they don’t really know what to do or how to do it, it’s all new to them, but then they buy a franchise, and if it’s the right team of people, they help that new business owner to achieve something that they probably couldn’t’ have done on their own.

IDS: What are you doing differently within the franchise sales process to adapt to candidates? How have you pivoted with marketing message and approach? 

Tim: We have definitely changed our course. We are beginning to reach out to candidates to let them know how important this industry is. People understand now more than ever the importance of Cleaning for Health, and we are promoting that to new candidates as well as to our existing clients and franchise owners.

We’re excited to see how Image One’s focus on Cleaning for Health continues to help them attract new franchisors to their brand. In our experience, this is just one of the many ways Image One has adapted to industry trends in order to offer the best possible support to customers and franchisees alike. As they continue to fine-tune their franchise offering, IDS will respond by providing them with digital marketing services that are designed to get the word out to the right prospective franchisees. 

Do you want to enhance your digital marketing strategy to target the best possible audience? We will help you grow! Contact IDS today for more information about our robust marketing services.

U.S. Lawns is the leading commercial landscape maintenance franchise in the country with approximately 190 franchisees across 250 locations. As we’ve supported U.S. Lawns in their digital franchise marketing efforts, we’ve gotten to know them as a company that goes above and beyond for their customers and franchisees alike. We recently sat down with Dave Wells, U.S. Lawns’ Senior Director of Franchise Recruiting, to learn more about the powerhouse brand, their digital marketing strategies, and their plans for staying on top in the new world of franchise development. 

About U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns and their franchisees have been thriving for over 30 years — in part because they focus on doing business with commercial clients. Dave explains: “The green industry encompasses different areas, but we focus on the most profitable and sustainable: the commercial sector. Their business is more sustainable in all economic climates, and they have a budgetary line item to spend rather than their own discretionary income.”

While their goal has always been to achieve 100% client retention, U.S. Lawns has grown into the industry giant it is today by supporting their franchisees in every area of operations. In Dave’s words, “I’ve been in franchising for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like it. U.S. Lawns is support-intensive, we support franchisees during their launch and after. Independent operators struggle to reach a level of sustainability because they can’t be involved in every aspect of the operation. We put processes in place to help rise above the day-to-day operation and allow them manage multiple crews.”


How IDS’ Digital Franchise Marketing Helps U.S. Lawns to Grow

David Wells (left) pictured with two new U.S. Lawns franchisees
David Wells (left) pictured with two new U.S. Lawns franchisees

It’s impossible to overstate the power of digital marketing in the franchise space: Dave estimates that 99% of U.S. Lawns’ franchise leads learn about the brand online, and do online research before engaging with their team.

That being said, the U.S. Lawns process goes a lot deeper than simply finding franchisees who are financially qualified; they’re seeking franchisees who share their values and are looking for a long-term partnership. “This is a relationship sale — we’re selling a team to the franchisee, and that’s a team that includes our network of franchise owners.”

This is one of the most valuable services IDS provides U.S. Lawns. Our inbound digital franchise marketing efforts are designed to communicate a franchisor’s culture and values to prospects as they move through the sales funnel. We don’t just want to get U.S. Lawns lots of leads: we want to find them the right leads. Dave observes:

IDS has been a great company to work with in that they understand the need to tell great stories and tell stories appropriately. They help with lead generation efforts however they can to develop a conversion pipeline.

U.S. Lawns and the New World of Franchising

There’s no question that the business world is changing, and it’s unclear how things will look in the future. Happily, as a B2B company, U.S. Lawns franchisees continue to provide valuable landscape maintenance services to their clients. On the franchise development side, Dave and his colleagues rely on their company values as they plan for the future. 

When asked what U.S. Lawns is doing differently within their franchise sales processes, Dave reported:

The current situation is encouraging us to rethink our process entirely. We’re looking at long-term solutions to this short-term crisis. Inviting candidates into the office for discovery day is impossible today, but we’re looking long term — we might not need to do that at all! We can still relay culture and values by redesigning processes to incorporate more video, conference calls, and webinars. 

How do we maintain the personal interaction? It can be a challenge. But we’re not looking to attack coronavirus head-on. We’re not going to play to the masses or capitalize on the situation. We take care of our franchisees first and foremost, and let them tell the stories about their businesses. 

Dave also observed that many prospective franchisees are, unsurprisingly, a little more cautious about investing in a business: “People are more cautious, but the last thing we want to do is pressure someone to make a decision in a situation that creates discomfort. We let the brand speak for itself. Franchises are still operating well!”

That being said, Dave is optimistic about the future: “There are lots of questions about the world in general, including franchise development. Still, [more prospects] will be looking to franchises as a solution to investment and career prospects. Given our recession-resistant model, and being as we’re an essential service, we think we’ll have a really good story to tell. We look forward to getting that story in front of many prospects.”

U.S. Lawns is managing the changing economy with the same integrity they apply to their everyday business. Their franchise network is one of the strongest around, and we’re looking forward to watching it become even more so in the years ahead. 

Integrated Digital Strategies is a franchise digital marketing agency that creates custom suites of services for all clients. Contact us today to learn how our team can tell your brand story to the audience of prospects you’ve been looking for.

Our very own Joe Mohay got a chance to sit down with George Leith on episode 332 of Vendasta's Conquer Local podcast to talk the X's and O's of franchise sales. The two went into the details of franchising, the relationships Joe has built over the years, and why Integrated Digital Strategies has always striven to be a trusted advisor for our clients. Some other topics touched on in the episode titled "Trust in Franchise Selling" include:

At IDS, we know that trust is not only important in the franchisee/franchisor relationship, but also when franchisors bring on partners like us. A franchise marketing agency should feel like an extension of your family, always attending to your needs. Whether you are an emerging brand or a long-time industry veteran, we encourage our readers to give this 35 min. episode a listen below:

For more information about our extensive suite of digital marketing services, please feel free to contact IDS today!

BOSTON (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 20, 2020: Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), a complete digital marketing solution, has rebranded and unveiled a new logo — the lighthouse. Specializing in franchise brands, franchise development and local franchisee marketing, IDS recently debuted its new look at the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) 2020 convention to an enthusiastic response, with many franchisors anxious to learn more about their integrated approach to digital marketing.

“We’re extremely excited for the future,” said Stephen Galligan, IDS co-founder and CEO. “We’ve grown considerably and felt it was time to do for ourselves what we do for so many of our clients — update and refresh our look, and really reiterate what it is we do better than anyone else.”

The IFA convention was the perfect opportunity to debut IDS’ rebrand, website redesign, and beautiful new exhibit booth. Hundreds of franchise movers and shakers were in attendance in an audience that was highly receptive to what Galligan, and co-founder and CRO Joseph Mohay, had to say about digital marketing.Updated IDS logo

“We really see ourselves as an extension of our client’s sales and marketing team,” said Mohay. “We’re an agency that believes in delivering personalized and professional service, while keeping focused on results every step of the way. It’s a true partnership!”

That philosophy was reiterated by many current IDS clients who were also in attendance, and who were anxious to sing the praises of IDS’s thoughtful contributions to their marketing efforts.

“After vetting multiple partners to increase our online presence, the experience we’ve had (with IDS) has been extraordinary,” said Jack Humbert, VP of Development at Byrider Franchising. “Our lead volume is up and our online presence is ten-fold. But I think the most important thing about working with IDS is the people. They care about your results and they’re easy to communicate with. They became our partner in a short period of time.”

IDS’s attendance at the IFA event marked their seventh time there, which meant visiting with numerous old friends, as well as making new ones — many of whom enjoyed the Client Appreciation Reception that IDS hosted at the beautiful Columbia Restaurant, in Celebration, FL. With over 30 clients, friends, and family enjoying some time to network and relax, Steve and Joe thanked their guests for entrusting IDS to meet their sales and marketing needs and to help them reach important milestones.

“One of the main reasons we’ve stayed with IDS for the last six years is that we really hold them to the numbers,” said Jason Anderson, President of Venture X, and part of the United Franchise Group family of brands. “I can tell you, if the results weren’t there, we wouldn’t be with IDS!”

Jessica Ray, Director of Franchise Marketing at Huddle House Inc., agreed. “IDS became an extension of our franchise marketing team because of the challenges of managing campaigns in-house, along with other sales and marketing activities. Partnering with IDS helped us reach our franchise sales goals much faster!”

The IDS team was especially excited to unveil their new lighthouse logo, which speaks to their deep Newburyport, MA roots, the city where the US Coast Guard was born. The company wanted to stress its role as a trusted source for all things digital marketing, particularly since the industry can be quite complex. The quintessential New England lighthouse became the perfect symbol, as IDS specializes in not only helping brands navigate the choppy waters of digital marketing, but also to stand out in highly competitive markets.

“We’re the total package,” reiterates Galligan. “We specialize in complete solutions for a variety of digital marketing needs, and our clients trust us to deliver, no matter how much or how little they’ve asked us to do.”

Are you ready to grow your brand and move to the next level? Our suite of services is the answer! Reach out today for more information.

AMESBURY, MASS. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 19, 2019: Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), a nationally recognized digital marketing firm specializing in campaigns for established and emerging franchises, has moved its offices to a larger location, in anticipation of continued growth. Singled out for the last two years as a top choice for franchise marketing by Entrepreneur Magazine, IDS has added numerous nationally recognized franchise brands to its roster of clients and is looking forward to a very robust 2020.


“We couldn’t be happier,” said Steve Galligan, co-founder, and CEO of the company. “We’ve been highly focused on growing our own brand, and have essentially done for ourselves what we do for our clients on a regular basis. And it’s worked.”

Galligan and his local team recently packed up their belongings and moved from the coastal community of Newburyport, MA, just outside of Boston, to the edgy and industrial river city of Amesbury, MA. The company now occupies 2,500 square feet of newly rehabbed loft space that was once home to a renowned turn-of-the-century carriage manufacturer. The industrially chic space, with its high ceilings, large windows with exposed brick and wood beams, is perfect for the marketing team to conceptualize, brainstorm, and create.

The office recently hosted an open house that drew a large and receptive crowd, including U.S. Lawns, a powerhouse client of IDS. US Lawns Executives including Brandon Moxam, Vice President of Marketing, and two other executives from the company spent a productive weekend with the IDS team planning strategies, recapping the year, and celebrating. “We have a wonderful relationship with the folks at U.S. Lawns, and have been their digital marketers in recent years,” said Galligan. “We know their brand inside and out, and they’ve trusted us to help them grow and reach their goals. And so far, every year we’ve been able to do that for them.” Moxam agrees. “IDS is the best type of partner. They’re the partner that is really an extension of our team, taking the time to get to know our brand."

Whether it be an emerging or an established brand, IDS excels at managing all aspects of company’s franchise digital marketing needs and specializes in content that engages and converts.

IDS Amesbury Office

“We pride ourselves as being an all-inclusive resource for franchise brands, helping them navigate the complex landscape that is digital marketing. We like to think we keep them where they need to be — right in front of their best customer.”

Reach out to IDS directly for more information on the suite of services they have to offer.

Contact: Steve Galligan (, 978-828-0084)

IDS Ranked in the Top 3 Best Marketing Agencies

Integrated Digital Strategies are proud to share that we have been honored by Entrepreneur through inclusion on its inaugural Best in Service list.

Entrepreneur recently released the 105-company list, which ranks the top 15 franchise “suppliers” in seven different categories from banking to marketing and more. In the marketing category, IDS was ranked the No. 3 top supplier for franchises.

The rankings were compiled via survey, as Entrepreneur reached out to hundreds of franchisors to find out who they did business with and how satisfied they were with them. Companies were then ranked through a combination of how many businesses they served and how satisfied clients were with their service.

“Considering how many marketing companies work in the franchise space, this survey is a complete vote of confidence in IDS and the service that our team provides to our clients,” Steve Galligan, CEO of IDS, said.

After opening for business in 2012, we’re thrilled that in just six short years we’ve managed to build such a strong reputation among our clients, but we’re even happier to know that our clients’ needs are being met on a daily basis. Inclusion on this Best in Service list highlights what we already knew: our hard-working team is among the best in the business.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our valued franchise clients, partners, and of course, the team that makes it happen every day, our employees!

To learn more about what we do and why Entrepreneur recognized Integrated Digital Strategies as a top three marketing agency, contact us today!

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