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Unveiling the Digital Franchise Marketing Impact of SEO vs. PPC

Bill Petherbridge | April 4, 2024 |
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In today’s business world, the impact of digital franchise marketing and the potential benefits that it can bring when executed to its full potential cannot be overstated.

Some brands, though, don’t experience the full benefits of their marketing efforts because they don’t utilize all the relevant marketing strategies they should. The best digital advertising campaigns are driven by:

  • Website content, including webpages, blogs, and downloadables
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Hyperlocal targeting
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Social media posts
  • And plenty more!

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes among franchisors is misunderstanding the difference between SEO and PPC as it relates to their marketing efforts. Some franchise brands believe that PPC and SEO essentially do the same thing. In contrast, others perceive that they work completely separately from each other and choose to employ one over the other instead of adopting both strategies.

In this blog, we’ll detail everything franchisors should know about SEO vs. PPC, how each works to target your ideal audience, best practices for maximizing their effectiveness in your marketing campaigns, and how they complement each other in your overall digital franchise marketing strategy.

SEO and PPC Both Make a Significant Impact

SEO and PPC are critical pillars of any organization's marketing efforts in today's digital business world. Learning how to optimize your performance in both areas can greatly enhance your brand's visibility within the industry and attract more of the audience you are looking to bring in.

While both involve keyword search rankings and performance, there are differences in how you should set up and execute your plans to witness the best return possible from your marketing campaigns.

Best Digital Marketing Practices for SEO

Franchise SEO is designed to improve a website’s rankings for organic search results and overall performance. A better SEO ranking moves a website further up the search results page so the user does not have to scroll as far down to find the site.

One of the best aspects of utilizing SEO is its ability to improve your ranking for multiple keywords at once, rather than dedicating resources to one target at a time.

A few examples of ways you can help your SEO ranking include:

  • Conducting extensive keyword research
  • Creating new content and re-optimizing existing content
  • Implementing link-building strategies
  • Making technical SEO changes to the backend of your website
  • Optimizing your website’s performance and display on mobile devices

Best PPC Practices

PPC marketing allows businesses to target specific audiences searching for franchises. By creating campaigns with relevant keywords and ad groups, franchises can reach potential investors who are actively researching opportunities. PPC ads typically appear above organic search results, increasing visibility.

A key benefit of PPC marketing is budget control. You only pay when someone clicks your ad, not for ad placement. Once your set budget is reached, your ads stop appearing until the time frame resets (daily, weekly, monthly). This ensures efficient use of your marketing resources.

Below are some best practices for making your franchise PPC campaigns as effective as possible:

  • Utilize A/B testing to determine the best ad copy, design, and ad group targeting for your goals
  • Make real-time adjustments while your campaign is ongoing based on continuous monitoring of data-driven feedback
  • Identify changing market trends and adapt changes to match them

How PPC and SEO Work Together

SEO and PPC are more tightly connected than some realize. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we understand the critical role each plays – not only in what each contributes performance-wise but in their ability to help you achieve broader marketing goals. With the right “expert’s touch” to strengthen your SEO and PPC marketing, you could witness these positive results:

Higher Site Visitor Conversion Rate

Like SEO, the best PPC marketing campaigns are built around targeting keywords that strike a balance between high search volume and low competition. Aligning your SEO and PPC efforts will help you capitalize on targeting and reaching your best audience for your franchise opportunities. It can also provide a healthier return on investment (ROI) for your PPC campaigns.

Less Reliance on Paid Advertisements

If your SEO research is lacking, you’ll more than likely find yourself settling for more competitive keywords. This is problematic when it comes to PPC marketing because the more competitive keywords demand higher bids and budgets – which can increase your expenses and lower your ROI. The right SEO strategy reduces the likelihood of this headache and can create more leads per money spent on your PPC campaigns.

Stronger Brand Awareness with Consumers

When executed correctly, PPC and SEO will leave limited, if any, gaps in your marketing efforts. PPC, by nature, achieves greater short-term results, while SEO typically fulfills long-term goals by working to improve your keyword ranking and positioning in search engine results. Consistently appearing at the top of results pages will steadily resonate with users over time and should drive more traffic to your website.

Improved Brand Value

Web users often rely on organic search results, rather than paid ads, to provide the answers to their queries. When your brand frequently appears in the first organic search results, it can improve your website’s credibility as well as enhance the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Better Website User Experience

Following the best practices for SEO and PPC should help your website appear easier to read and more appealing to visitors. This not only drives traffic by itself, but many search engines recognize which websites are best optimized and will help your positioning in both organic and paid ad search results.

Setting up and managing SEO and PPC marketing efforts can be difficult tasks to handle all on your own. That’s why you should consider trusting the digital marketing experts at Integrated Digital Strategies. We have delivered outstanding results for the PPC and SEO campaigns of many franchise companies before, and we’re confident that our services will prove their worth for your brand time and time again!

Reach out to our expert team of digital marketing professionals at Integrated Digital Strategies, and we’ll offer insights on how our services can elevate your SEO and PPC performance for your franchise marketing plans!

About the Author

Bill Petherbridge
Bill Petherbridge is a Content Writer at Integrated Digital Strategies. In his role, Bill writes targeted, engaging content for franchise brands to help them connect with their audience of consumers and entrepreneurs. His work for clients includes webpages, blogs, and downloadables to draw website traffic and boost franchise development and performance.

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