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Do I Need Franchise Web Design for my Business?

Alex Van Eeden | October 17, 2022 |
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The short answer is yes, you most definitely do! Your website is arguably your business’s best advertising tool. Franchise web design will allow you to unlock the transformative influence of inbound marketing while enhancing your business’s online brand presence.

Whether you need to refresh your web development strategies or want to start on a whole new franchise website development project, IDS has got you covered.

Want to learn more about franchise web design before you jump into the process? Here’s why you need a franchise development website.

Web Development Strategies: Take Advantage of Inbound Franchise Marketing Services

Creating a franchise development website will allow you to start practicing the methodologies of inbound marketing, as websites are one of the main areas of your brand communication where this type of marketing takes place.

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy aiming to attract franchisees in unique ways by providing them with content and brand experiences that align with their ideals and life goals. The focus here is on attraction rather than interruption, which is what outbound marketing tends to do; it forces advertising messaging onto your franchisees in impersonal and annoying ways.

By reversing the tide of this traditional form of marketing, inbound marketing grows your franchise by building lasting and meaningful relationships with potential franchisees.

One of the main components of inbound marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). Franchisors looking for prospective franchisees have unique marketing needs to reach their ideal customer.

IDS understands that, for franchisors, the key isn’t just attracting many leads; it’s about attracting high-quality leads. We help our clients increase the number of qualified prospective franchisees engaging with their content by implementing relevant and effective search engine optimization.

Franchise Website Design

Franchise Web Design to Enhance Your Online Brand Presence

Online brand presence is crucial for franchise businesses in this day and age. Without it, franchises wouldn’t be able to maintain their reputations, build credibility and boost engagement with target audiences. Franchisors simply have to have a website to make themselves visible and attractive to potential franchisees.

At IDS, we are experts in franchise website development, and we recommend focusing on three main elements when building a website for your business:

  • Original, high-quality content: This can run the gamut from informative, educational articles to newsletters, white papers, and ebooks. Expand your definition of “content” to include podcasts, videos, and webinars. People are drawn to visuals, and sometimes they are more likely to share them, resulting in extra brand visibility.
  • Blogs: Each time you post a new page of content on your franchise business blog, search engines reward your effort with a promotion in their rankings. A higher ranking improves your brand’s visibility, which attracts more potential franchisees to your website.
  • Vibrant web design: Your web design must grab visitors immediately. Effective website design is part art, part science because each page should be designed around one keyword, and landing pages must be alluring.

IDS takes web design for franchises to the next level: our years of experience have given us unique insight into exactly how to catch and hold the attention of your target investors.

Leverage Paid Search Engine Marketing

Hosting a franchise website gives you the platform to attract and engage potential franchisees with paid search engine marketing (SEM). SEM is one of the best ways to maximize your business’s online presence, with the goal of appearing at number one on search engine search results.

Don’t get us wrong; organic search is still vital, and in most cases, you can make the most of your efforts by leveraging both organic and paid search engine marketing. So, what’s the difference between the two?

  • Organic search: Search engines rely on several factors to determine the relevance of search results. One of those factors is keywords. If a page utilizes the keywords you’re looking for, it’s more likely to display as one of the top results.
  • Paid SEM: Unlike organic searches, paid searches allow you to skip to the front of the line. By establishing your search result as a paid ad, you’ll show up close to the top of the search list even if your page doesn’t use keywords often or isn’t linked to other pages.

Integrated Digital Strategies helps our clients improve their rankings in organic search results by identifying the applicable keywords that are being searched for most often. We also have years of experience with paid search engine marketing, helping our clients make the most of their SEM budget by strategically investing in paid search advertising.

Less Work for Your Staff

An excellent franchise website will provide information on all of the most essential details of your business. Potential franchisees can browse it at their leisure, learning what you have to offer at their own pace. Putting this information online can save your staff valuable time when more entrepreneurs who contact you have already researched the opportunity you’re offering.

The key here is premium content; by including all the necessary information in a concise and easy-to-understand way, you’ll receive fewer queries that your website could have quickly answered.

At IDS, our content team produces top-quality content for each page of your franchise website that answers questions and addresses the concerns your visitors may have.

What Should Be Included in My Franchise Website Development?

Our society is driven by what we read, see, and hear online, and your website’s homepage often makes someone’s first impression of your brand. Those critical few seconds after they click on it could be the difference between acquiring their business and never hearing from them again. Here’s how to retain the attention of your franchise website visitors and attract leads in a strategic way:

  • Eye-catching images and videos: Did you know that a drop in user engagement could be directly related to your website’s photos and videos? Pictures and videos hugely impact SEO; low-quality and slow-to-load content could be why your most important pages aren’t ranking well.
  • Precise placement of CTAs and lead capture forms: Lead forms and calls to action (CTAs) are the last stop before conversion, so you need to ensure your users clearly understand where they should go if they’re interested in learning more.
  • Educational material: If you ask for someone to take action and invest in your vision, it’s essential to give them something valuable first. Sure, your users might think about asking you questions directly, but it makes much more sense to position your brand as a resource. Blogs, resource libraries, and FAQ sections are a great way to do this.
  • Testimonials and awards: Validation is one of the most important steps in any buyer’s journey. By showcasing awards, testimonials, and even growth numbers, you can help your leads validate their potential investment.
  • Clear and clean navigation: The most critical part of good web design for franchise brands is laying everything out in an easy-to-understand format. If someone new to your opportunity has just found your homepage, how are they greeted? Are all the pages that are important to them clearly displayed on your site’s navigation banner?
  • An available territories map: An available territories map is a quick and visually appealing way to share your growth and reinforce meaningful ideas on what it means to be part of your franchise.

At IDS, we believe the power of your digital footprint is invaluable. We’ve seen how it can impact results in the franchise space — having a team of detail-oriented marketing experts by your side will help your business stand out.

Are you interested in a website redesign for your franchise business and ongoing digital marketing support? Contact our agency today for more information about our franchise marketing services.

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