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How to Differentiate Your QSR Franchise

There’s never been a better time to invest in digital marketing for QSR franchises. The $278.6 billion QSR industry faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic but has bounced back quickly – it's predicted to grow nearly 9% in 2021. People came to rely on drive-thru and curbside pickup during the pandemic, giving QSRs a leg up over other restaurant concepts. We predict that these thriving trends are unlikely to reverse themselves anytime soon, making 2021 an especially exciting time for QSRs.

If your fast food restaurant franchise is ready to seize the opportunity for expansion, you'll need to set yourself apart from the competition – not just in your stores but to prospective investors as well. IDS knows how to create digital marketing strategies and collateral designed to grab the attention of your ideal franchisees.

When you partner with us, we’ll create a custom plan designed to meet your goals and your budget. Here, learn about a few of the ways we’re able to help each of our clients create a unique digital footprint.

Persona Development

Building a website that communicates information about your QSR is one thing, but how do you know your target audience will find it? And if they do, will your content resonate with them? That's where persona development comes in.

One of the first steps we take at IDS is to help you create personas: hypothetical buyers you'd like to target. These guide our digital marketing for QSR franchises. We consider factors like:

  • Their QSR experience
  • Their current income and occupation
  • Their goals
  • Reasons why your franchise would appeal to them
  • Where they spend their time online and offline

Once we've created these personas, they guide us in building your collateral and choosing the right SEO strategies. With our help, your message will be fine-tuned and land in front of just the right audience to pique their interest.

The Right SEO and SEM Strategies

You’ve worked hard to create a unique concept with its own culture, menu, and target demographics. You stand out to your customers, but to prospective investors, your investment opportunity could be getting lost in the shuffle among other QSR franchises.

That’s why one of the most critical parts of digital marketing for QSR franchises is helping your content stand out online. Our SEO and SEM experts know how to conduct competitive analyses: seeing where you stand against competitors in Google searches, breaking down their strategies, and using that information to your advantage, so your website ranks higher in search results.

Curated Content

Once we've helped you develop a website that speaks to your target audience, with the right SEO and SEM strategies in place to direct them to the site, we'll want to keep things fresh with curated content. Not only does this present the opportunity to share information on special topics related to your brand (e.g., current events, eBooks, blogs), it will also allow us to integrate more high-ranking keywords and backlinks into your content so we can attract even more targeted reads.

Digital marketing for QSR franchises is crucial if you’re looking for ways to differentiate your brand. Contact IDS today to learn more about what we can do to help.

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