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Here's How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn's New Algorithm Change and What That Change Means for You

Integrated Digital Strategies | October 15, 2019 |
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As of July 2019, LinkedIn implemented a new algorithm that will immediately change strategy for all marketing teams and strategists using the platform. Integrated Digital Strategies has adapted to these changes in the past by developing up-to-date game plans for social media marketing for franchises. Not every change that is made creates a disadvantage for the user; instead, it’s to promote organic and meaningful content. Read on to discover how you can improve and adapt to this algorithm and take advantage of these changes.  

What a Social Algorithm Change Does

To fully understand LinkedIn’s new algorithm, it’s essential to know what the change is designed for. The purpose of a change like this, across all platforms, is to create a set of rules and guidelines that promotes certain content. While some pages might promote frequent activity and present content chronologically, such as Twitter, other platforms support organic and quality content as opposed to regular posting like Facebook. The way that these algorithms are implemented is completely dependent on the way that certain platforms would like their content to be consumed by the user. 

What Does LinkedIn’s Change Include?

With this recent algorithm change, it appears LinkedIn has decided to go the route of a platform like Facebook or Instagram. Its new algorithm prioritizes content that is most likely to be relevant to you and what users on the platform will engage with. While users are still able to filter content from “Top” to “Recent” using a scroll wheel, you will not have to post incessantly to get a user's attention or to appear at the top of a timeline. Similar to SEO, based on the content that you produce and how it ranks for quality and relevancy, your account will build a reputation with the platform. 

How To Approach Moving Foward 

Our team is continuously looking to improve our strategies for social media marketing for franchises, so we have a few tips on how to alter your approach moving forward. As we've stated, a change to a social algorithm doesn't always mean the switch will have a negative impact. The approach your company should take when developing your new strategy is to generate unique content to post, at optimal times and with the professional business tone that has been identified with LinkedIn for years. By also using SEO keywords, you'll be able to boost your social posts to the top of the feed. As a result of creating unique and timely content, you should see real improvement in the ranking of your posts. 

Would you like to keep updated on the changes that are being made to all social platforms and how they affect social media marketing for franchises?  Stay up-to-date with our blogs or feel free to contact us today.

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