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The Cost-Effectiveness of Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Integrated Digital Strategies | November 21, 2019 |
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Most businesses, big or small, are looking to improve their marketing efforts, but sometimes it’s hard to identify the most cost-effective and reliable way to do that. Integrated Digital Strategies  can improve the online franchise marketing efforts of your business using inbound strategies that are impactful and that fit your budget. There are plenty of benefits that come with sharing your message with the interested few rather than blasting it out to an unmoved majority. Keep reading to learn the reasons why inbound marketing has proven to be a cost-effective and result-driven option.

Narrow Sight, Reasonable Expenditure

How often do repetitious product jingles or peeling billboard images get you to take action and buy a product or service? Outbound marketing’s broad and indiscriminate message delivery makes it harder to rationalize the price point, and harder still to gauge its effectiveness. Inbound marketing is advertisement with a defined audience in mind, and it directs its message to a qualified and likely consumer. Spending your marketing dollars on outbound strategies is often wasteful, because your message falls on the eyes and ears of too many people who don’t empathize with the solution your product or service provides. But inbound marketing narrows the field and targets only those buyers who are most interested in what it is you have to offer. By narrowing the scope of the message, our clients can find and reach their best potential franchisees without wasting their money on disinterested parties.

Consumption of Information and Content 

With each new and unique way for content to be delivered, it seems there are less and less ways for outbound marketing to reach a meaningful audience. Decreased newspaper readership is causing printshops to close, radio hosts are taking their acts to the podcast studio, and even television stations have taken a hit due to streaming services. Many of the traditional facilitators of outbound marketing efforts are struggling, and it's led to an incredible push toward inbound marketing. Instead of directing resources to antiquated outbound avenues, more and more companies are relying on inbound marketing strategies to get the word out. 

Results That Rationalize Price Points

IDS works tirelessly with our clients to cut the cost of qualified leads and attract qualified franchisees. We've found that the results that come from optimizing companies’ inbound marketing efforts have produced incredible results, and not just for our own clients. Studies have shown that leads gathered by inbound marketing have proven to cost over 60% less than outbound leads. Further research has shown that three out of four inbound marketing channels cost less than the outbound process. It’s no wonder the popularity of inbound marketing is increasing, with companies of all sizes turning to it to meet their marketing needs.

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