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The Cost Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing Versus Outbound

Plenty of companies are looking to improve their marketing efforts, but sometimes it’s hard to identify the most cost-effective and reliable option. Integrated Digital Strategies has been aiming to improve online franchise marketing using inbound strategies and we’ve seen the incredible impact it can make. There are benefits that come with handing your message to the interested few as opposed to screaming that message to the unconcerned majority. Keep on reading to learn the reasons why inbound marketing has proven to be a cost-effective and result-driven option.

Narrow Sight, Reasonable Expenditure

How often do the jingles playing from your car radio or the graffiti-riddled, peeling billboards on the highway get you to take action and try out a product? Outbound marketing’s broad forms of delivering a message make it harder to rationalize the price point. Inbound marketing gives purpose to an advertisement by directing a message to the qualified and probable consumer. The sales-rooted advertisements that typify outbound marketing make it difficult to justify major commitment of resources. Outbound marketing’s messages to the majority who don’t empathize with the solution or problem the service associates with often make these efforts a waste. IDS has worked in the online franchise marketing industry for years and use inbound marketing to narrow the search for our clients. By narrowing the scope of the message, our clients can find and reach out to potential franchisees without wasting large amounts of money on uninterested viewers.

Consumption of Information and Content

With new forms of content coming into the picture, it seems as if there is less and less support every year for the avenues of outbound marketing to have an impactful reach. Decreasing newspaper readership is causing printshops to close, radio hosts are taking their acts to the podcast studio, and even television stations have taken a hit from the convenience of streaming services. The facilitators of this outbound marketing have not been able to survive and it has led to an incredible push toward inbound marketing. Instead of directing resources to these dying forms of content, companies are benefiting from the thriving forms of inbound marketing. 

Results That Rationalize Price Points

IDS works tirelessly with our clients to slash the cost of leads and attract qualified franchisees. We have found that the results that come from optimizing companies’ inbound marketing efforts have produced incredible results, and not just for our own clients. Studies have shown that leads gathered by inbound marketing have proven to cost over 60 percent less than outbound leads. It makes complete sense that the efforts of talking to individuals who can actually relate to a product would yield greater results. Further research has shown that three out of four inbound marketing channels cost less than the outbound process. It’s no wonder that the popularity of inbound marketing is increasing, and companies are finally veering off the outbound marketing wave.

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