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Why Outbound Marketing is a Thing of the Past

outbound marketing + IDS

Inbound marketing for franchises is a must in the 21st century. You rely on modern technology to run your business. Internet-based resources support business owners at just about every turn, from ordering, to record-keeping, to communication. You don’t rely on outdated technology in your day-to-day work, so why would you utilize it to promote your […]

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What is Inbound Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

inbound marketing for franchises

Integrated Digital Strategies is your source for inbound marketing for franchises. Many business owners have experience with outbound marketing strategies: billboards, television and radio, and print ads that we’re all familiar with. These tried-and-true strategies are still a go-to for many companies, but the truth is that there’s far greater potential to reach your target […]

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Why Facebook Is Still an Important Marketing Tool

digital franchise marketing

If you’ve been following current events, you know that social media companies like Facebook are under increased scrutiny when it comes to the ways they manage their users’ data. When it comes to digital franchise marketing, the truth is that Facebook is an extremely important tool. Facebook remains increasingly popular among its users who rely […]

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The Importance of Social Media

If you’re looking to grow your business, social media marketing is an important part of any strategy. It’s safe to say that social media is now a worldwide phenomenon, with users around the globe accessing platforms like Facebook and Instagram from mobile technology and computers alike. It’s estimated that around 77% of Americans have a […]

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What to Look for in a Great Account Manager

franchise development account manager

If your company is looking into franchise development, you’ve identified a great way to expand your brand. Search engine marketing and other digital strategies are particularly effective tools to spread the word about your company to the right potential investors. There are many marketing companies for you to choose from in this arena – after […]

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