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February 16, 2024
Top 10 Chicken Franchise Opportunities for 2024
In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 chicken franchise concepts for 2024 that drive the growth of this dynamic industry and provide insights into the important factors to consider when evaluating chicken franchise opportunities and investment opportunities. [ez-toc] Food...
January 25, 2024
LinkedIn, Instagram, and 3 Other Social Media Platforms Franchisors Should Use
Franchising offers myriad benefits to those who want to start their own businesses but may not have the time or experience to go it alone. Rather than do all the foundational work yourself, franchising lets you blend your entrepreneurial spirit...
January 7, 2024
How to Take Advantage of Strategic Franchise PPC Audience Targeting
It goes without saying that franchisors constantly strive to enhance their online presence and attract the right audience: their potential franchisees. Franchise PPC (pay-per-click) advertising has emerged as a powerful tool in franchise development marketing, allowing franchisors to target specific...
December 27, 2023
Unraveling the Quandary: The Problem with AI-Generated Content Detectors
While conducting our review of generative artificial intelligence (AI) options at IDS, we tested and scrutinized various tools and adopted a conservative approach to AI, keeping a primary focus on human writing. Amid our testing process, two things became apparent:...
November 26, 2023
Why Are Demographics Frequently Used By Marketers?
When it comes to digital marketing, demographics are frequently used by marketers because they provide valuable information about the characteristics of a population, which can be crucial for understanding and targeting specific consumer groups.  [ez-toc] These characteristics may include age,...
November 12, 2023
What Are the Two Types of Franchise Marketing?
Every business model adapts to new ways of reaching and engaging with their audience in the digital transformation era. The franchise business model is no exception. Franchise marketing has seen a significant shift towards digital strategies, leveraging technology to ensure...
October 30, 2023
Revolutionizing SEO with AI
If you’ve given artificial intelligence (AI) tools a test run, you’ve probably quickly figured out that while this technology is incredible, it’s not quite ready to take over the world. Yet. But the truth is, like all sectors of the...
October 10, 2023
Why You Don’t Want 100 AI Blog Posts and Other AI Considerations
At IDS, we stay current on industry trends, with every member of our team following the latest in their areas of expertise. We regularly host company-wide meetings so all departments can come together to discuss topics of interest relative to...
October 3, 2023
IDS Lands on the 2023 Inc. 5000 List
Growth. It’s what every parent wants for their children, and what every franchise digital marketing agency wants for itself. Ten years ago, Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) started as an idea on a shoestring, setting up shop in three rooms where...
September 18, 2023
How to Differentiate Your QSR Franchise
Effective quick-service restaurant (QSR) marketing has never been more important in an industry where competition is rife. As a QSR franchisor, your success hinges on so much more than just the quality of your menu. You also need to be...

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