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Why It’s Important to Audit Your Marketing Plan and Website Annually

how to market your business IDS

Have you been wondering how to reach potential franchisees most effectively? At Integrated Digital Strategies, it’s all we think about! While you’ve likely invested in a marketing strategy and franchise website design in the past, many franchisors don’t realize that it’s important to revisit these every year. In this entry, we’ll explain how regularly assessing […]

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Why Are Franchise Sales Websites So Important?

website design IDS

Website design is a critical part of the franchise sales process. In today’s world, potential franchisees turn to the internet in order to research investment opportunities. Having just the right website design can help catch your future customers’ attention, give them the information they need about your business, and show them the next steps to […]

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How to Create the Right Content for Your Clients

content marketing IDS

Creating the best possible content marketing strategy for potential franchisees is key for any franchise owner looking to get ahead. At Integrated Digital Strategies, helping businesses reach just the right audience is our specialty. In this entry, we’ll cover a few ways we create the right content for potential franchises. Develop Personas of Your Target […]

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Content Matters: Generate Leads with Quality Content

creating quality content

Does creating quality content for your website really matter? It sure does! From the main page content to the downloadables, quality content not only attracts people to your business, but it can turn those people into leads who then turn into customers. Creating quality content can do a lot of good in terms of getting […]

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Target Marketing for Lead Generation

marketing segmentation

Generating leads is the main goal of any franchise development campaigns. Finding qualified leads online requires a wide variety of techniques, including paid advertising, organic strategies, quality content, search engine optimization efforts, and so much more. At the core of all of those efforts is target marketing, which is critical for lead generation. Target marketing […]

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