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IDS Named to Prestigious List in Entrepreneur

best in service

Integrated Digital Strategies are proud to share that we have been honored by Entrepreneur through inclusion on its inaugural Best in Service list. Entrepreneur recently released the 105-company list, which ranks the top 15 franchise “suppliers” in seven different categories from banking to marketing and more. In the marketing category, IDS was ranked the No. […]

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What Are the Basics of Local Franchise Marketing?

franchise marketing solutions

Have you been exploring franchise marketing solutions for your business? If so, local franchise marketing might be just the strategy you’ve been looking for. Local franchise marketing allows franchisors to advertise for their franchisees on a corporate level. By using strategies like search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Integrated Digital Strategies helps franchisors to […]

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Independent Business Owner or Franchisee — The Important Difference

franchise development owners

There are tons of people out there with the urge to own their own business, but they don’t exactly know how to do it. The two primary options are becoming an independent business owner or owning a franchise. So, what’s the difference? It’s actually huge, and it’s important to be able to address it clearly […]

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Why You Should Be Investing in Both Franchise Development Marketing And Franchisee Marketing

franchise development marketing IDS

Investing in both franchise development marketing and franchisee marketing is a great way to ensure that you’re expanding your brand while also helping your franchisees strengthen their businesses. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we can help you do both! In this entry, we’ll cover a few reasons why attending to these considerations is important, and show […]

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The Basics of Franchisee Marketing

franchisee marketing IDS

Franchisee marketing is yet another way that Integrated Digital Strategies helps our franchisors. With our expertise, we’ll help you support your franchisees as you work together to build your brand. We have years of experience helping franchisors develop their web presence in order to reach out to potential franchisees. Here are a few of the […]

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