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April 16, 2020
3 Reasons Our Franchise Family Should Be Optimistic About the Future
It’s quite clear that a significant portion of the franchise industry has been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19. Society has been put on pause, and the temporary closure of businesses has put plenty of us in an endless...
March 31, 2020
Navigating Your Franchise Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19
As most of us sit home and wait for the coronavirus to run its course, U.S. businesses of all sizes are faced with a massive economic downturn that could spell their demise. It’s a bleak picture for sure, but the...
February 20, 2020
Talking Shop with IDS: IFA Convention 2020 Q&A with Co-Founders Steve Galligan and Joseph Mohay
The International Franchise Association (IFA) held its annual convention in sunny Orlando, Florida, for a receptive audience filled with some of the most accomplished names in the franchise industry. Integrated Digital Strategies’ (IDS) co-founders Steve Galligan and Joe Mohay attended...
February 10, 2020
(PRWEB): Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) Rebrands with New Logo and New Website
BOSTON (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 20, 2020: Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), a complete digital marketing solution, has rebranded and unveiled a new logo — the lighthouse. Specializing in franchise brands, franchise development and local franchisee marketing, IDS recently debuted its new look...
December 20, 2019
(PRWEB): Integrated Digital Strategies Relocates!
AMESBURY, MASS. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 19, 2019: Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), a nationally recognized digital marketing firm specializing in campaigns for established and emerging franchises, has moved its offices to a larger location, in anticipation of continued growth. Singled out for the...
December 19, 2019
Make a Connection with Your Buyer: The Power of Emotion
Companies are always looking for new and effective ways to optimize their marketing strategies and better understand the buyer’s mentality. There are incredible benefits to analyzing the emotional state of consumers — and the processes they go through when making...
November 21, 2019
The Cost-Effectiveness of Inbound vs Outbound Marketing
Most businesses, big or small, are looking to improve their marketing efforts, but sometimes it’s hard to identify the most cost-effective and reliable way to do that. Integrated Digital Strategies  can improve the online franchise marketing efforts of your business using...
October 15, 2019
Here's How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn's New Algorithm Change and What That Change Means for You
As of July 2019, LinkedIn implemented a new algorithm that will immediately change strategy for all marketing teams and strategists using the platform. Integrated Digital Strategies has adapted to these changes in the past by developing up-to-date game plans for...
October 6, 2019
Using Social Media to Grow Your Brand
Having the ability to introduce thousands of consumers to your product or service on a regular basis is the dream of any business owner — and the good news is, social media can help turn that dream into a reality....
June 13, 2019
Qualified Leads: What They Are, How to Find Them, and Why They Make a Difference
As every franchisor knows, it can be a struggle just to find leads, let alone qualified leads who are interested in investing in your brand. Our online marketing services for franchises are specifically designed to reach potential investors who are...
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