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LinkedIn, Instagram, and 3 Other Social Media Platforms Franchisors Should Use

Camantha Magoon | January 25, 2024 |
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Franchising offers myriad benefits to those who want to start their own businesses but may not have the time or experience to go it alone. Rather than do all the foundational work yourself, franchising lets you blend your entrepreneurial spirit with the security of a proven business model. In this digital age, however, the success of a franchise depends on more than superior and time-tested processes and procedures.

It also depends on how well a business utilizes social media platforms - a critical arena for amplifying brand presence and fostering community engagement. But how does a franchisor effectively use social media? By using the right platforms to promote their franchise social media marketing, and using them correctly.

Here's a rundown of essential social media platforms franchisors should leverage to promote their brand to new and current audiences.

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LinkedIn: The Professional Network

LinkedIn is known as the social platform for professional networking, making it invaluable for franchisors looking to establish industry authority and get their brand in front of other professionals. By implementing a franchise social media management strategy and sharing insightful articles, success stories, and franchising information, franchisors can engage with professionals interested in business opportunities.

LinkedIn also facilitates networking with suppliers and partners, offering a professional backdrop to showcase the franchisor's expertise and credibility in the industry.

LinkedIn is also a platform that can assist in distributing creative and successful paid media campaigns, which can be a major source of lead generation efforts.

Facebook: The Community Builder

It’s not an accident that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in almost every industry, even for franchise social media marketing. However, while it has a vast user base, it's not just about the numbers; Facebook's comprehensive suite of business tools allows for detailed targeting, customer engagement, and brand storytelling.

Franchisors can create location-based pages, enabling their franchisees to tailor content to local audiences while maintaining brand consistency through a corporate social media policy they should establish with franchisees early on.

As franchisors build their franchise system, one of the most important steps is to provide comprehensive social media training to franchisees. This training should be relative to platform-specific best practices, content creation, effective community engagement, and any advertising strategies.

This can either be done in-house or through a vendor well-versed in all aspects of marketing. Training franchisees on social media gives franchisors peace of mind in knowing that franchisees are adhering to brand standards while also communicating the brand’s story and engaging with a broader audience than just the company page alone can.

Instagram: The Visual Storyteller

Instagram is a visual-centric platform that offers franchisors the opportunity to showcase the brand’s culture. It's a space where brand personality shines through engaging stories and images. Instagram is a social media for franchisors tool that can highlight things like the day-to-day operations of a business and customer testimonials and even run influencer marketing campaigns that can quickly draw attention to a brand.

However, keep in mind that you should utilize more than just stock photography on Instagram; the content needs to send a message and captivate the audience, so be sure to use all features on the platform, such as Posts, Stories, and Reels. These various formats create compelling content that resonates with a younger, trend-savvy audience.

YouTube: The Inside Educator

YouTube's video-sharing platform is perfect for franchisors aiming to provide in-depth content about their franchise models as well as testimonials. Video content can range from long-form educational webinars and franchisee training materials to behind-the-scenes looks at franchise operations.

By building a content-rich YouTube channel, franchisors can benefit threefold: they can enhance their SEO, provide valuable resources for potential franchisees seeking to learn more about the business, and create a stockpile of amazing video content to share on other social platforms.

TikTok: The Trendsetter

TikTok is a unique platform. It’s fairly new compared to the others on this list, but it rose to popularity quickly. Vine walked so TikTok could run - as the kids like to say. Its explosive growth and predominantly younger audience present a different kind of opportunity for franchisors. Instead of lead generation, TikTik is a platform where brands can garner attention by tapping into viral marketing trends and connecting with a new generation of consumers and potential franchisees in a fun and informal way.

Creative and engaging content on TikTok can quickly gain traction, offering franchisors a chance to showcase their brand's personality as well as prove they are able to adapt to digital marketing’s ever-changing landscape. In just a few short years, the creators of TikTok were able to build a platform that has not only changed the way other social media platforms operate but has also changed how brands interact with their audiences.

Rule of Thumb: Don’t Waste Your Time When You Can Delegate

Lead generation is a major goal for most franchise brands we work with. However, one thing that they don’t always consider is the benefit that franchise social media management can bring to a franchise system.

At Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), we can help you use social media on its own or as part of a larger digital strategy to educate your audience, build your brand presence, and generate leads that convert into sales.

Learn more about our social media strategies and expertise when you contact IDS today!

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