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As a health care professional, you’ve probably debated the same two questions with your colleagues as with your peers: Are we in the business of making money, or are we in the business of helping people?

With any luck, you’ve concluded that these two questions are not mutually exclusive; you can be profitable and steer people to the road to better health at the same time.

As you look for ways to accomplish both objectives, put blogging at the top of your to-do list. It is the most important step you can take to attract new patients to your practice and invigorate your bottom line—while positioning yourself as an industry expert and valuable source of information. Consider the ways that blogging makes this happen.

Browsing on your computer

Give your website a “physical exam” before you blog about your practice.

The journey begins with your website, which is arguably the most effective marketing tool you have at your disposal. It could be visually stunning—a source of pride for everyone in your practice. Still, you must ask yourself: How are people finding it among hundreds of other websites, particularly those of your likely competitors?

Typically, people call up a website in one of three ways:

Blog about your practice to enhance your bottom line.

In these terms, your visually stunning website might appear to be a risky enterprise. But it doesn’t have to be. You can negate this risk by blogging—the engine driving the inbound marketing strategy that should be the cornerstone of your practice.

Inbound marketing enables people to find you and your website with ease. So rather than send expensive postcards, flyers, and ads out your practice door, create content on a blog linked to your website that brings new patients directly in your practice door.

Blogging makes financial sense because:

Blog about your practice to help others.

In addition to financial benefits, blogging can bring you a sense of personal fulfillment because:

Developing and writing blog articles that achieve two objectives—enhancing your bottom line and helping others—requires skill, experience, and a deft hand. Call Integrated Digital Strategies for a consultation before you blog about your practice, and find how we can integrate all of your objectives.

Integrated Digital Strategies - A Franchise Marketing Agency
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