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Integrated Digital Strategies - A Franchise Marketing Agency
IDS Ranked in the Top 3 Best Marketing Agencies

Integrated Digital Strategies are proud to share that we have been honored by Entrepreneur through inclusion on its inaugural Best in Service list.

Entrepreneur recently released the 105-company list, which ranks the top 15 franchise “suppliers” in seven different categories from banking to marketing and more. In the marketing category, IDS was ranked the No. 3 top supplier for franchises.

The rankings were compiled via survey, as Entrepreneur reached out to hundreds of franchisors to find out who they did business with and how satisfied they were with them. Companies were then ranked through a combination of how many businesses they served and how satisfied clients were with their service.

“Considering how many marketing companies work in the franchise space, this survey is a complete vote of confidence in IDS and the service that our team provides to our clients,” Steve Galligan, CEO of IDS, said.

After opening for business in 2012, we’re thrilled that in just six short years we’ve managed to build such a strong reputation among our clients, but we’re even happier to know that our clients’ needs are being met on a daily basis. Inclusion on this Best in Service list highlights what we already knew: our hard-working team is among the best in the business.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our valued franchise clients, partners, and of course, the team that makes it happen every day, our employees!

To learn more about what we do and why Entrepreneur recognized Integrated Digital Strategies as a top three marketing agency, contact us today!

Investing in both franchise development marketing and franchisee marketing is a great way to ensure that you're expanding your brand while also helping your franchisees strengthen their businesses. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we can help you do both! In this entry, we'll cover a few reasons why attending to these considerations is important, and show you how we can help you maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Build Your Business While Building Theirs

A two-pronged approach to marketing has the potential to greatly benefit your business as a whole. Creating one side of a marketing approach that's consumer-facing (in order to showcase products and services, special events, and so forth) has the advantage of familiarizing customers with your brand, location, and more. This stands to benefit your franchisees directly as their customer will easily be able to look them up and learn more about their products online.

As you know, helping your franchisees market their business can help them increase sales, which directly benefits you as the franchisor. Creating a second marketing approach that's franchisee-oriented (in order to showcase the benefits of investment, what your brand has to offer franchise partners, and so forth) can help you to attract the franchisees you need to expand your brand. Linking these two campaigns together on your main website can help you to reach out to franchisees and customers alike, with little extra effort expended on your part. Indeed, when you partner with Integrated Digital Strategies, we can take the hassle out of developing and managing this two-pronged approach.

franchise development marketing

Let Our Experts Help

Integrated Digital Strategies has years of experience helping franchisors develop campaigns that reach out to franchisees and customers simultaneously. Our web design experts know how to create websites that seamlessly integrate these two important marketing approaches. With our help, franchise investment marketing and franchisee marketing are easier than ever – contact us today to see some examples of work we've done for other clients! By integrating franchisee and consumer-facing information into your website, we can help you to market both aspects of your business. Why not make the most of your marketing budget by addressing two important areas of your business simultaneously?

Focusing on franchise development marketing and franchisee marketing simultaneously is a snap when you partner with Integrated Digital Strategies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you expand your marketing approach!

Franchisee marketing is yet another way that Integrated Digital Strategies helps our franchisors. With our expertise, we'll help you support your franchisees as you work together to build your brand. We have years of experience helping franchisors develop their web presence in order to reach out to potential franchisees. Here are a few of the most common ways franchisors rely on our services to help their franchisees market their businesses.

Social Media Postings

Today's investors include millennials, and millennials aren't just adept at using social media – they rely on it in to find information on news, stocks, products, and more. Our social media experts can help you reach out to this key demographic by marketing your franchise brand on social media, helping you spread the word about your brand even farther than your website and blog. Our five-phase approach to social media allows franchisors to reach out to potential customers most effectively, helping them to solidify their presence on the web.

franchise development marketing

Link-Building Services

Another key way we help franchisors enhance their franchisee marketing efforts is through our link-building services. The more links to your website on the internet, the better. That's why our content marketing experts can help embed more links to your website throughout your blog entries, social media postings, and more. Like SEO rankings, these links can enhance your presence on the web! Best of all, our content experts have mastered the art of embedding links while still keeping your content relevant, clear, and on-brand.

Customized SEO Strategy

Integrated Digital Strategies also aids in franchisee marketing efforts by designing a customized search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for each of the brands we work with. Thanks to our comprehensive research on SEO, we're able to identify the search terms that would be most useful for any given brand. By implementing these search terms in the content we develop, we can help widen the range of potential customers who are exposed to our franchisees and their offerings through Google searches. Best of all, our insights into the types of potential franchisees you're looking to target will help us develop an SEO strategy that is thoroughly customized to the needs of our brand.

Franchisee marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Contact Integrated Digital Strategies today to learn more about how we can help you and your franchisees to reach more potential customers!

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