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In today's digital age, businesses face the challenge of effectively reaching their target audience, which is even more complex for franchises with multiple locations.

Enter geographic segmentation, and include this concept into your franchise SEO marketing strategies to capture enormous growth.

How you may ask?

Well, this concept allows businesses to customize their marketing efforts to specific regions and connect with the right audience to achieve meaningful results. In this blog post, we explore how to do just that!

Boosting Your Local Visibility

Franchise SEO marketing is crucial in any inbound marketing strategy. It involves optimizing your franchise website and online assets to improve local visibility in search engine results.

Targeting specific keywords and location modifiers can increase your online presence when potential customers search for products or services in their respective areas. This effective strategy can lead to more organic traffic, higher SEO rankings, and enhanced brand visibility, ultimately driving more targeted leads.

hyperlocal marketing franchise clients

Engage Prospects At All Stages

Effective lead nurturing involves building relationships with potential customers at every journey stage. Geographic segmentation is instrumental in tailoring efforts to capture the specific needs and preferences of individuals in different regions.

By analyzing data and understanding the characteristics of leads from various locations, franchises can create personalized content and targeted marketing campaigns to nurture these leads effectively.

This approach enhances engagement, builds trust, and increases the possibility of converting leads into loyal customers.

Measuring Success at a Regional Level

Monitoring franchise key performance indicators or franchise KPIs can provide valuable insights into the success of marketing efforts' implemented at the franchise brand overall.

Tracking specific franchise KPIs for geographic segmentation, such as local website traffic, conversion rates, and regional customer acquisition costs, can help franchises identify areas for improvement and allocate resources effectively to maximize their return on investment (ROI).

US Geography

Effective Advertising for Local Targeting

Franchise search engine marketing or franchise SEM involves paid advertising campaigns that target specific geographic areas.

Platforms like Google Ads can help franchises create highly targeted ads that appear to potential customers within a specific region. It reaches a qualified audience actively searching for products or services in the local area.

By precisely selecting keywords, creating compelling ad copy, and optimizing landing pages, you can drive quality traffic to your websites and increase your chances of generating leads and conversions on a regional level.

Aligning Marketing with Local Context

It is vital to align marketing efforts with the local context of each franchise location when implementing inbound marketing strategies.

Understanding the unique characteristics, demographics, and preferences of the target audience in different regions and tailoring messaging, offers, and promotions can establish a deeper connection with customers, enhance loyalty, and drive growth in chosen areas.


You know how important it is to reach your target audience meaningfully. But what about doing it on a localized level?

By dividing markets based on location, you can tailor your marketing efforts to specific regions, unleashing a whole world of opportunities for engagement, improved brand visibility, and, ultimately, better business outcomes.

Ready to unlock the power of precision in your franchise marketing? Contact Integrated Digital Strategies to discover how IDS can help you drive targeted growth through effective inbound marketing strategies for geographic segmentation.

Are you looking for ways to boost the efficacy of your marketing campaign? Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) provides a wide range of digital marketing services for franchises! We have years of experience generating leads for some of the largest and best-known franchise brands in the industry. We’re a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs! If you’re just starting to learn about all of the potential digital marketing has to offer, here are a few key terms you should understand.

digital marketing services for franchises

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

These two types of marketing differ when it comes to platforms as well as strategy. Outbound marketing strategies are likely familiar to you: radio, television, and print ads that reach out to a broad audience with a quick message. Not only can these strategies be ineffective, they can also be expensive! It costs nearly twice as much to generate a lead using these strategies as it does to generate a lead using inbound marketing!

Inbound marketing strategies are cost-effective and highly targeted. Integrated Digital Strategies uses information on age, education, interests, and aspirations provided by companies like Google and Facebook to develop a pool of potential leads with a greater likelihood of being interested in your brand. We reach out to them using targeted, informative posts that are geared towards their unique needs. These strategies have the potential to generate more leads, but also better-quality leads, making them some of the most valuable digital marketing services for franchises.

SEO Strategies

When it comes to digital marketing services for franchises, search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation. In order to achieve higher rankings in search results, it’s important to develop content that search engines consider relevant. One way to do this is by identifying targeted keywords to include in your content. Integrated Digital Strategies’ SEO experts can help you determine what your target customers are searching for, and how you can optimize or create new content to get their attention. Next, our content team and graphic designers will get to work, helping you to develop a website, blog posts, and a social media presence that are all designed to capture great search results.

Organic Search vs. PPC Ads

Google search results are ordered based on factors like organic and pay-per-click (PPC) results. Every brand wants to appear close to the top of the list in Google searches in order to attract the most attention. SEO research helps brands customize their content so it’s highly-relevant in a large number of searches, increasing their organic rankings. PPC advertising allows companies to further improve their search results because they can pay to appear higher on the list. Thus, both organic and PPC searches are important digital marketing services for franchises. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we can help you get the most of your advertising budget by working with you on your inbound marketing strategies and tactics.

 These are just a few of the important terms to know as you research digital marketing services for franchises. Contact Integrated Digital Strategies today to learn more about how we can help maximize your digital marketing efforts!

Integrated Digital Strategies is your source for inbound marketing for franchises. Many business owners have experience with outbound marketing strategies: billboards, television and radio, and print ads that we’re all familiar with. These tried-and-true strategies are still a go-to for many companies, but the truth is that there’s far greater potential to reach your target customers by implementing an inbound marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of inbound marketing and how Integrated Digital Strategies can help!

inbound marketing for franchises

What is Inbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing relies on casting a wide net, but that means making a quick pitch, catching people’s attention, and hoping that they’ve made an impression. However, as we all know, many people take steps to avoid advertising in their daily lives. They fast-forward through television commercials, turn down the radio, and skip through advertising sections in magazines. In fact, 86% of people skip commercials and 44% of direct mail is never even opened!

Inbound marketing for franchises targets a smaller pool of potential customers but utilizes data like demographic information and internet browsing habits to identify a pool that’s much more receptive to what a brand has to offer. By presenting highly-targeted ads in venues like Google and Facebook, people are more likely to be interested in inbound marketing messages. Best of all, inbound marketing has the potential to produce better results at a lower cost than may outbound marketing strategies.

Integrated Digital Strategies Maximizes Inbound Marketing for Franchises

There are a number of different ways to utilize inbound marketing strategies to generate leads for your franchise brands. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we’ve spent years fine-tuning our knowledge, and we’re able to utilize a number of different inbound marketing strategies to drive traffic your way.

For instance, our search engine optimization (SEO) experts regularly run analyses to identify a wide range of Google searches that our clients appear in, and we work to drive them further up in the search results – making them more visible to potential customers. We integrate our SEO knowledge to improve and redesign websites, helping franchisors to deliver an effective message that reaches the widest possible audience. We also help them develop and maintain company blogs, further enhancing the scope of their messaging. Of course, we’re also experts in social media and utilize channels like Facebook ads to regularly identify and reach out to potential leads. These are just a few of the ways Integrated Digital Strategies excels when it comes to inbound marketing for franchises. We work with franchise brands large and small, and we’re able to create a customized marketing package that will meet your needs and your budget.

Are you ready to explore inbound marketing for franchises but aren’t sure where to start? Let Integrated Digital Strategies help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can promote your brand effectively.

Have you been wondering how to reach potential franchisees most effectively? At Integrated Digital Strategies, it's all we think about! While you've likely invested in a marketing strategy and franchise website design in the past, many franchisors don't realize that it's important to revisit these every year. In this entry, we'll explain how regularly assessing your marketing strategy and website design can help you to stay aware of who your potential franchisees are, and reach them most effectively.

Why Do I Need to Audit My Marketing Plan?

If you're a franchisor, you've probably got a great understanding of who your potential franchisees are. However, many entrepreneurs don't realize that demographics are constantly shifting. For instance, millennials are one demographic that many businesses are keenly interested in understanding. These young adults have their own interests, tastes, and ways of communicating. Thus, it's important that entrepreneurs understand the best possible language and mediums for attracting their attention to franchise with their business.

Regularly auditing your marketing plan to be sure you're reaching key demographics such as millennials or baby boomers is one important way to help your franchise stay on top. At Integrated Digital Strategies, our inbound marketing experts can help you identify your ideal franchisees, as well as target your marketing efforts directly to them, making sure you get the most "bang" for your marketing "buck."

how to market your business

If My Business Hasn't Changed, Why Should I Update My Website?

One important reason to keep your franchise website updated is to make sure it always looks fresh, helping you put your best foot forward when you are trying to attract potential franchisees to your business. When you work with Integrated Digital Strategies, our website design experts can help you make sure your franchise website looks great, runs great, and contains all of the useful information potential franchisees are looking for.

Furthermore, keeping the language on your website fresh is an important way to ensure that you are effectively reaching your target audience. In the 21st century, people rely on search engines like Google more than ever to find what they are looking for. Thus, keywords are especially crucial if you're wondering how to market your business most effectively. An important part of what we do at Integrated Digital Strategies is researching the efficacy of keywords, helping our clients ensure that the vocabulary they've chosen has the potential to pull in plenty of traffic. Since popular keywords are always changing, it's important to keep your website updated so that it always stays strong in Google searches.

These are just a few tips on how to reach potential franchisees by regularly updating your marketing strategy and franchise website. To learn more about the services we provide at Integrated Digital Strategies, contact us today!

As the owner of a healthcare practice, you might be new to a different type of practice: creating or managing content for a blog on your website.

Blogging lies at the center of an inbound marketing strategy and is the most important step you can take to attract new patients to your practice and invigorate your bottom line—while positioning yourself as an industry expert.

If you know the type of content your prospective patients want and need from your blog, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors. But before you begin creating content for your blog, be certain that you’re optimizing the content you create.

While inbound marketing holds the promise of bringing new patients in your door—unlike direct mail pieces that go out your door—optimizing your content could mean the difference between landing on the first page of an organic search and the sixteenth page. And you know that people rarely dig that far.

As proud as you might be of your website, if it’s not optimized, it’s ineffective. Follow these content optimization guidelines and to boost your blog’s ability to bring new patients in your door:

content optimization

Content Optimization with Keywords

Just as you probably do when searching for something on the Web, your prospective patients look for information by inputting keywords. But when you’re creating or optimizing content rather than searching for it, you want to make the best possible predictions of the keywords those prospective patients will choose.

This is where Google Adwords can direct your efforts so that you can make the best choices. Type in a keyword, and this content optimization tool will tell you how many people are using it—and similar keywords—as they conduct a search.

At this juncture, it’s vital to remember that content optimization is about marketing to the masses. It’s not about invoking your healthcare education to come up with the keyword “extension of the incisal ridges.” You’ll find that most people search for “overbite” instead. Likewise, it’s not about assigning your aspirations. This mistake could lead you to come up with a lengthy keyword, such as “the best dentist in the DuPage County area of Illinois.” Most people prefer to stay close to home, so they will likely include their community of residence in a short keyword, such as “Naperville dentist.”

Assumptions about keywords can backfire, so you cannot afford to skip this crucial exploratory step.

Optimize with Restraint

With your choice keywords in hand, build each page of content on your website around one keyword. This may feel restrictive, but a well-optimized page is centered on one keyword only. The page can include some words closely related to your chosen keyword. If you’re brimming with keywords, the solution should be obvious: create more pages.

The search engines will reward your restraint and sense of purpose. Each time you create a new page of keyword-centric content, they react by elevating your ranking. And the higher your ranking, the easier you’ll be for prospective patients to find.

Optimize by Stressing Quality First, Quality Always

While the search engines reward focus, they favor high quality equally. Google is well known for closely guarding its algorithms, but it clearly articulates its definition of quality.

Before you write or approve content for your dental practice blog, be sure you understand where Google sets the bar on the issue of quality content. Reading its standards, expressed in the form of questions, is worth every minute of your time.

Optimize by Heeding the Details

A WordPress tool called SEO Yoast can assess how “SEO friendly” your content is. But you don’t need to create your content in WordPress to heed three other small but important details to fully optimize your content.

These details include ensuring that each page of content:

Following these “content cues” gets easier with practice, but if you want to bring dynamism to your practice’s content, reach out to the experts at Integrated Digital Strategies. As our name implies, we integrate all the content optimization objectives for your practice, and we can catapult your blog’s ability to bring new patients in your door.

No one has to remind you, the owner of a brick-and-mortar business, that consumers continue to migrate to the “surf and click” domain of online shopping.

Although you’re savvy enough to realize that some shoppers will always prefer to see and hold products in their hands before making a purchase, you’ve been around long enough to know that you cannot afford to take these tactile shoppers—and others like them—for granted.

You must stay competitive in the digital world—and your website, arguably your business’s best advertisement and the sharpest tool in your marketing arsenal, holds the key. Only by using your website can you unlock the transformative influence of inbound marketing, enhance your online business presence, and continually attract new customers. You might even show those “surf and clickers” what they’re missing.

online business presence

Inbound Marketing Reverses the Tide

As a brick-and-mortar business owner, you probably have done your fair share of outbound marketing, such as the catalogs, sales offers, coupons, flyers, postcards, and other materials that have gone out your door. Even when these pieces are executed perfectly, you know that, at best, they might generate a response rate of about 2 percent.

Inbound marketing reverses this traditional flow of marketing—and greatly increases your odds of success by bringing vetted customers in through the door of your brick-and-mortar business. Content serves as the bait, and once customers are hooked by the content you offer, all you have to do is reel them in.

With a sound marketing strategy as the foundation, inbound marketing can draw customers to your business at a fraction of the cost of outbound marketing initiatives while transforming your online business presence.

Businesses Are Enthusiastic about Inbound Marketing

Before you begin to integrate the six tactics of an inbound marketing strategy, consider inbound marketing’s track record of success. HubSpot’s eighth annual report on the strategy—the result of interviews with more than 4,500 businesses—found that inbound marketing is:

Grow Your Online Business Presence with Six Tactics

If you’re familiar with the sales “funnel,” you’ll see some similarities in how inbound marketing is designed to motivate potential customers, moving them through the four-step process of attraction, conversion, closing, and indulging/surprising them (in other words, keeping them happy).

With this strategy as your backdrop, six inbound marketing tactics will increase your online business presence and help your business stay competitive in the digital marketplace:

Mastering the tactics of inbound marketing requires skill, experience, and steady, confident leadership. But even the most impressive efforts will flounder if they are not driven by a sound inbound marketing strategy.

Call the professionals at Integrated Digital Strategies for a consultation. When it comes to inbound marketing, they know all the right moves, and they will ensure that your brick-and-mortar business stays competitive in the digital world with an online business presence.

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