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If you’ve been following current events, you know that social media companies like Facebook are under increased scrutiny when it comes to the ways they manage their users’ data. When it comes to digital franchise marketing, the truth is that Facebook is an extremely important tool. Facebook remains increasingly popular among its users who rely on it to stay in touch with friends and family, keep up on current events, and network with those who have similar interests. Let’s take a closer look at why Facebook remains an important resource for advertising and marketing.

digital franchise marketing

A Broad Yet Focused Reach

When you advertise on Facebook, you’re introducing your business to a potential 1.6 billion people worldwide! Facebook has developed a number of algorithms that make it simple for companies to reach the audience they want. When you partner with Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), you can make an even stronger impact with your digital franchise marketing budget. We’ll help you analyze Facebook’s demographic data, ensuring that your ads reach out to the right audience.

A New Way to Interact with Customers

In the old days of marketing, businesses interacted with customers through one-way channels like television and radio. These campaigns were developed and initiated based on demographic data about who was watching or listening. However, this data often didn’t go beyond the basics such as age and gender. Facebook users willingly share much more personal information in their posts: their hobbies, their aspirations, their problems, and so forth. Facebook’s algorithms, when coupled with the expertise found at IDS, can leverage this information to ensure your digital franchise marketing posts reach the right audience that will be receptive to what you have to offer.

IDS Makes it Easy to Get Started with Digital Franchise Marketing

Facebook is absolutely a viable marketing tool in 2018. With its massive number of users and the useful demographic data they collect, companies have a lot to gain from getting involved on social media. If you have little experience with Facebook, the idea of digital franchise marketing on this platform may seem intimidating. IDS can work with you to help you get the most out of a Facebook campaign without the trial and error that comes with doing it yourself.

Our social media experts have years of experience developing strategic campaigns on social media sites like Facebook. With our help, we can work together to create meaningful and eye-catching content that grabs the attention of your targeted audience. When utilized side-by-side with other digital franchise marketing strategies, we think you’ll be amazed at the increased exposure your business will have! With a full range of services to choose from, including search engine optimization and reputation management, we have the tools and expertise you need to revamp your business’ online presence.

Contact IDS today to learn more about how we can help you to improve your digital franchise marketing efforts on Facebook and across the internet!

Have you been exploring franchise marketing solutions for your business? If so, local franchise marketing might be just the strategy you’ve been looking for. Local franchise marketing allows franchisors to advertise for their franchisees on a corporate level. By using strategies like search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Integrated Digital Strategies helps franchisors to spread the word to potential customers and franchisees simultaneously. Learn more about this exciting franchise marketing solution below!


franchise marketing solutions

Help Your Franchisees Thrive with Franchise Marketing Solutions

One of the most significant benefits of opting to purchase a franchise is the marketing support offered by many franchisors. Franchisees love knowing that they can count on the help of their franchisor to market their business most effectively. Traditionally, corporate advertising campaigns are targeted toward the consumer at large, without much attention to their individual buying habits. Local franchise marketing, on the other hand, taps into the unique internet behaviors of potential clients, allowing franchisors to strategically market their brand to the most relevant customer base. This franchise marketing solution allows you to spread the word about the products and services offered by your franchisees while also promoting your franchise development.

As you can see, local franchise marketing is a much more precise and personalized way to drum up business for your franchisees than blanket campaigns on television or the radio.


How Does Integrated Digital Strategies Help?

Integrated Digital Strategies helps you connect with the audience you’re seeking in a variety of ways. We stay on top of the latest internet franchise marketing solutions tools and technologies. For instance, we’re experts on platforms like Google My Business, and help our clients increase their visibility through organic and paid internet marketing strategies alike. We’re always conducting research on the keywords that are being searched most often and help our clients to identify and utilize the most relevant keywords for their brand. Thus, they’re able to better predict what their potential customers are searching for in order to make their websites more visible.

This is a great strategy to bolster both your consumer-facing and franchise development efforts online. By building a top-notch, comprehensive website with features like blogs that allow you to regularly update your content to reflect hot topics and the latest keyword research, you’ll be able to keep your brand visible online. We also utilize our expertise in paid and organic searches to help ensure your brand appears among top search results as often as possible. We’re experts in social media and are able to help you increase your online presence by networking effectively with your customers and franchisees alike.

Integrated Digital Strategies can help you keep potential franchisees clicking through your site while simultaneously letting potential customers know about new products and services. With our help, you can support your franchisees as they grow their business while also attracting new investors.

These are just a few of the reasons that local franchise marketing are the franchise marketing solutions you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to market more effectively for your franchisees and for your franchise brand!

Franchisee marketing is yet another way that Integrated Digital Strategies helps our franchisors. With our expertise, we'll help you support your franchisees as you work together to build your brand. We have years of experience helping franchisors develop their web presence in order to reach out to potential franchisees. Here are a few of the most common ways franchisors rely on our services to help their franchisees market their businesses.

Social Media Postings

Today's investors include millennials, and millennials aren't just adept at using social media – they rely on it in to find information on news, stocks, products, and more. Our social media experts can help you reach out to this key demographic by marketing your franchise brand on social media, helping you spread the word about your brand even farther than your website and blog. Our five-phase approach to social media allows franchisors to reach out to potential customers most effectively, helping them to solidify their presence on the web.

franchise development marketing

Link-Building Services

Another key way we help franchisors enhance their franchisee marketing efforts is through our link-building services. The more links to your website on the internet, the better. That's why our content marketing experts can help embed more links to your website throughout your blog entries, social media postings, and more. Like SEO rankings, these links can enhance your presence on the web! Best of all, our content experts have mastered the art of embedding links while still keeping your content relevant, clear, and on-brand.

Customized SEO Strategy

Integrated Digital Strategies also aids in franchisee marketing efforts by designing a customized search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for each of the brands we work with. Thanks to our comprehensive research on SEO, we're able to identify the search terms that would be most useful for any given brand. By implementing these search terms in the content we develop, we can help widen the range of potential customers who are exposed to our franchisees and their offerings through Google searches. Best of all, our insights into the types of potential franchisees you're looking to target will help us develop an SEO strategy that is thoroughly customized to the needs of our brand.

Franchisee marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Contact Integrated Digital Strategies today to learn more about how we can help you and your franchisees to reach more potential customers!

Franchise development marketing is absolutely integral to the expansion of any franchise. By deploying just the right digital marketing strategies, franchisors can get the word out about their brand and their investment opportunity. This kind of publicity is key to any franchisor who is looking to expand their brand. In this entry, we'll cover a few of the ways that Integrated Digital Strategies helps our clients to get the most out of their franchise development marketing efforts.

The Benefits of a Content-Rich Website

One of the key ways Integrated Digital Strategies helps franchisors is by revamping their websites. Potential franchisors love content-rich websites that outline everything they'd like to know about your business, from investment information to the support they'll receive. With our help, you'll enjoy a website that gives potential franchisees all of the information they'll need to know before deciding to reach out to you to learn more. We have years of experience helping franchisors develop their web presence, and our expertise can help you reap the rewards of a state-of-the-art, content-rich website to aid in your franchise development marketing. Best of all, search engines love our websites just as much as potential franchisees!

franchise development marketing

Making Your Website a Magnet for Search Engines

Nowadays, many people rely on simple Google searches in order to learn more about any given topic. Integrated Digital Strategies dedicates immense time and resources to researching popular Google search terms, and helping our clients to integrate these terms into their web content. This way, they have higher chances of showing up when potential clients perform Google searches, thus boosting their traffic. Between the websites, blogs, and social media campaigns we develop, we help our clients to vastly increase their chances of being hit upon by Google searches, making their websites virtual magnets for potential customers.

Relying on Our Team of Experts

It's true that no one understands your franchise business like you do, but at Integrated Digital Strategies, we're excited to learn about what you do. We have years of experience in franchise development marketing, and our content experts understand what it takes to draw potential investors in, give them the information they need, and facilitate taking the next steps toward contacting you. When you rely on our team of experts, you can rest easy knowing that we'll deal with all of the hassles of maintaining your web presence and keeping it functioning as effectively as possible.

These are just a few ways that Integrated Digital Strategies can help with franchise development marketing. Contact us today to learn more!

Have you been wondering how to reach potential franchisees most effectively? At Integrated Digital Strategies, it's all we think about! While you've likely invested in a marketing strategy and franchise website design in the past, many franchisors don't realize that it's important to revisit these every year. In this entry, we'll explain how regularly assessing your marketing strategy and website design can help you to stay aware of who your potential franchisees are, and reach them most effectively.

Why Do I Need to Audit My Marketing Plan?

If you're a franchisor, you've probably got a great understanding of who your potential franchisees are. However, many entrepreneurs don't realize that demographics are constantly shifting. For instance, millennials are one demographic that many businesses are keenly interested in understanding. These young adults have their own interests, tastes, and ways of communicating. Thus, it's important that entrepreneurs understand the best possible language and mediums for attracting their attention to franchise with their business.

Regularly auditing your marketing plan to be sure you're reaching key demographics such as millennials or baby boomers is one important way to help your franchise stay on top. At Integrated Digital Strategies, our inbound marketing experts can help you identify your ideal franchisees, as well as target your marketing efforts directly to them, making sure you get the most "bang" for your marketing "buck."

how to market your business

If My Business Hasn't Changed, Why Should I Update My Website?

One important reason to keep your franchise website updated is to make sure it always looks fresh, helping you put your best foot forward when you are trying to attract potential franchisees to your business. When you work with Integrated Digital Strategies, our website design experts can help you make sure your franchise website looks great, runs great, and contains all of the useful information potential franchisees are looking for.

Furthermore, keeping the language on your website fresh is an important way to ensure that you are effectively reaching your target audience. In the 21st century, people rely on search engines like Google more than ever to find what they are looking for. Thus, keywords are especially crucial if you're wondering how to market your business most effectively. An important part of what we do at Integrated Digital Strategies is researching the efficacy of keywords, helping our clients ensure that the vocabulary they've chosen has the potential to pull in plenty of traffic. Since popular keywords are always changing, it's important to keep your website updated so that it always stays strong in Google searches.

These are just a few tips on how to reach potential franchisees by regularly updating your marketing strategy and franchise website. To learn more about the services we provide at Integrated Digital Strategies, contact us today!

Website design is a critical part of the franchise sales process. In today's world, potential franchisees turn to the internet in order to research investment opportunities. Having just the right website design can help catch your future customers' attention, give them the information they need about your business, and show them the next steps to take to start the process. At Integrated Digital Strategies, website design for franchisors is our specialty. Here's a quick look at how revamping your website can help you expand your franchise brand.

Catch Potential Franchisees' Attention With Strategic SEO Keywords

One of the reasons website design is so important to franchise sales is due to SEO strategies. Potential franchisees who are researching new opportunities often rely on Google searches to see what's out there. Understanding what search terms they'll use, and being sure to strategically use them on your website, is a great way to divert more of these potential franchisees to your website. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we're experts in SEO. Our research helps us reveal commonly-searched keywords that can help your website get more traffic! Relying on this strategy helps to ensure that you're getting the most site visits possible.

website design IDS

An Intuitive Design Helps to Get Your Message Across

Having an easy-to-navigate website design is another way to help you hold the attention of potential franchisees. A well-organized website will have information on all the topics entrepreneurs want to know more about: training and support, estimated investment, brand offerings, and so forth. Furthermore, this information should be provided in a way that is easy to understand and navigate. Integrated Digital Strategies has years of experience building beautiful and highly-functional websites for the franchisors we represent, helping them to get their message out clearly while holding the attention of those who visit their sites. Don't lose potential customers because of a website that's outdated, full of broken links, or overly general in its information.

Less Work for Your Staff

A great franchise website will provide information on all of the most important details of your business. Potential franchisees can browse it at their leisure, learning what you have to offer at their own pace. Putting this information online can save your staff valuable time when more of the entrepreneurs who contact you have already researched the opportunity you're offering.

These are just a few reasons that a great website design is key to franchise sales. Contact us today to learn how Integrated Digital Strategies can help to improve your site design!

Creating the best possible content marketing strategy for potential franchisees is key for any franchise owner looking to get ahead. At Integrated Digital Strategies, helping businesses reach just the right audience is our specialty. In this entry, we'll cover a few ways we create the right content for potential franchises.

Develop Personas of Your Target Audience

One of the ways we help franchise owners to reach out to the right audience is by helping them develop "personas" of their target potential franchise investors. Based on factors including demographic research and business owners' own experience, we'll develop profiles of the potential franchisees you're looking to reach out to. For example, some franchisors may observe that they attract a large number of investors who fit the profile of "First-Time Investor Fiona," a successful businesswoman who is looking to branch out by investing in her own franchise; or "Conversion Calvin" who already works in a given industry but is looking to own his own business rather than working for someone else. By carefully researching the characteristics of these investor types, we're able to write content that is targeted towards these specific potential franchisees.

content marketing IDS

Understand What They're Searching For

Another key way Integrated Digital Strategies utilizes these personas is by pairing them with search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research. We constantly conduct research on which terms are most commonly searched on Google, allowing us to include these terms in content, thus garnering more traffic for our clients from Google searches. Having insight into who is searching for what as they seek out investment opportunities helps the franchisors we serve to reach the right potential franchisees.

Reach Them on Platforms They Use

Finally, Integrated Digital Strategies helps the franchisors who work with us to reach out to their potential franchisees by providing them with content marketing in a variety of mediums. Our website design specialists can help ensure that your "home base" always looks and operates great, while blog entries give even further opportunities for SEO hits. Social media campaigns allow even methods to contact and interact with potential franchisees. At Integrated Digital Strategies, our expertise on all of these platforms (and more!) helps us to build business for our clients.

These are just a few ways that content marketing can be used to your advantage to reach out to potential franchisees for your franchise. Contact us today to learn more about how Integrated Digital Strategies can help!

dental marketing

With more and more dental practices popping up around the United States, it can be difficult to make yourself seen above the competition. So how can you run your own small dental practice and continue to attract and retain customers in an aggressive dental world?

Develop your online presence with dental marketing.

Really? But wouldn’t it be better to utilize traditional marketing methods with billboards and fliers? It may surprise you to find out that there are other, more productive marketing tools you can use, which include:

1. Create a Reputable Dental Marketing Website

Think back to a time you may have been seeking someone’s services by looking online. Were there times when a company had a beautiful website and it drew you in immediately? Or perhaps the website looked shabby and under-maintained. Believe it or not, your website can be a huge indicator of whether or not someone will utilize your services.

To create a reputable website, you’ll need:

This is your time to shine! After all, first impressions are everything and many times, potential customers get their first impressions from your dental marketing website.

2. Create Consistent and Engaging Content

This doesn’t mean constantly and unnecessarily providing content for your website, especially without a plan. After all, sloppy or needless content can hurt your business. What this means is after you create your core pages, the content doesn’t stop there. In fact, websites that have a blog and consistently update that blog can rank better on search engines in order to make your website more easily seen.

3. Utilize Search Engine Optimization for Dental Marketing

What’s the point in even having a website if potential customers can’t even find it? Exactly. Here are some facts that help show why utilizing SEO is in your best interest:

Increasing the SEO of your website can bring in far more leads to your business vs. traditional marketing methods such as fliers and newspaper ads. In a growing digital age, dental practices must also get with the times. Get on the first page of Google by focusing on SEO! You’ll be glad you did!

4. Engage Customers Through Social Media

Did you know that in 2016, 68% of United States adults were Facebook users? On top of that, 76% of those Facebook users check in at least once a day. Add to that the amount of people who use Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets, and you find yourself with a large online customer base!

So how can you tap into the online world in a way that will benefit your dental practice?

You have the potential to reach so many more customers for your dental practice by following these four actions. For the most optimal results, don’t hesitate to reach out to Integrated Digital Strategies!

There’s no one size fits all local marketing tactic that will help your practice outrank your competitors. Sorry to break the bad news. However, there are many best practices.

At our local marketing agency, we have more of a focus on online marketing strategies (vs offline) to help all of our dental and medical clients gain market share in an ever increasingly competitive landscape. Not to say that we alienate anything offline! We do coordinate many of our strategies and tactics between online and offline and you should too. Which brings me to this….

Using Local a Local Marketing Strategy to Market Your Practice

Marketing your practice locally online, in our opinion, comes down to 3 main things.

1. Knowing who your target market is. (Are you really sure?)

2. Knowing who your competitors are. (What seems to be working/ not working for them?)

3. Understanding the biggest pain points of your prospects. (What kind of non-branded value can you provide them?) (You should read the book “Youtility” by Jay Baer if you haven’t already)

Once you fully understand this, you can then start to develop a local marketing strategy online to outshine your competition. This can be as basic as starting off with a new inbound marketing focused website or claiming your local listing on Google. Or as complex as using marketing automation software to send out persona based content to push your prospects further down your sales funnel.

Recently, our CDO Joseph Mohay put together a presentation entitled, “Integrating Local Internet Marketing into Your Business." See the slides below.

Local Search Optimization Presentation Miami Florida from iDigitalStrategies
If you went through the slides, you can see that marketing locally online is a very complex thing to do now.
After you have fully understood the three things mentioned before, it’s our suggestion to work with a local marketing practitioner to help you set up your practice locally for success. Of course, you can do this all yourself but you have a business to run.
For more info, call us at 800-836-9097 or email us at

Face it: To get customers more familiar with your brand, you need marketing. The end goal is gaining more brand awareness, or customer familiarity with your products and services, and leveraging that brand awareness into brand equity and increased sales.

Brand equity is the value that comes from having a great, reliable product. It’s the force compelling customers in the grocery store to buy Coke rather than a generic alternative. Customers usually go with the former—Coke—because they know they’re getting a great product.

You need marketing to bring that same level of confidence to customers. What kinds of marketing, though? What’s the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing? Is one better than the other? Which kind of marketing is more relevant to today’s technology, smartphones, and social media?

inbound marketing and outbound marketing

Knowing the Difference: Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is the kind of marketing with which most people are familiar. Outbound marketing gets its name from the fact that companies are transmitting advertising about their finished goods and services “out” to customers who might need them.

Over the years, outbound marketing has become known as “interruption” marketing because some view it as a less nuanced version of inbound marketing. Whereas inbound marketing brings customers in through email marketing campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO), outbound marketing simply broadcasts a company’s message.

Such a technique might work, but it might not. An upside of outbound marketing is that it can reach a large number of people; this is also a downside since outbound marketing can be expensive, and its lack of sophistication means that it might bother some people. Outbound marketing includes things like telemarketing, direct mail, and TV commercials.

Advantages of Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing tends to be more targeted and cost-efficient since you can bring customers into the fold without necessarily spending a lot of money on outreach.

Because inbound marketing provides different material to different sets of customers as they move through the sales funnel—from awareness to interest, decision, and action (buying your product)—you’re also captivating customers’ attention more consistently.

Inbound marketing is usually seen as the more cost-efficient and targeted marketing approach. Imagine the difference between being steered toward a restaurant in which you’re interested through local SEO or engaging blogs versus getting blasted with a TV commercial or door hanger for a restaurant. See the difference?

Integrated Digital Strategies Is Inbound and Comprehensive

Integrated Digital Strategies is a full-service inbound marketing solutions provider that works with popular marketing tools like HubSpot and Marketo to help you bring in more customers. The marketing experts at Integrated Digital Strategies also use Pardot, a marketing automation tool, to help you attract, convert, and retain customers.

Tools that Integrated Digital Strategies uses to get you there include search engine optimization, targeted email marketing campaigns, keyword optimization, content generation, and blogging, call tracking, and social media engagement. The goal is reaching the greatest number of potential customers without losing your message or edge in the process.

You need all these options at your disposal because most of your customers are mobile and smartphone-equipped. This means that you need to enhance your social media presence to keep up, optimize your content around keywords designed to get you seen, and make sure that you can consistently achieve page-one status on major search engines like Google.

Creating Your Ideal Web Presence

The staff at Integrated Digital Strategies realizes that your ideal Web presence needs to draw on a number of related tools. This means embracing search engine optimization, but it also means online reputation management, social media engagement, and analytics and tracking to ensure that everything stays on track.

Online listing management programs also work with Integrated Digital Strategies’ search engine optimization efforts, so you’ll be discovered early and often by local customers. Email marketing campaigns with Integrated Digital Strategies also include the regular deployment of original content, follow-up with customers, and ultimately more actionable leads.

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