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Investing in both franchise development marketing and franchisee marketing is a great way to ensure that you're expanding your brand while also helping your franchisees strengthen their businesses. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we can help you do both! In this entry, we'll cover a few reasons why attending to these considerations is important, and show you how we can help you maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Build Your Business While Building Theirs

A two-pronged approach to marketing has the potential to greatly benefit your business as a whole. Creating one side of a marketing approach that's consumer-facing (in order to showcase products and services, special events, and so forth) has the advantage of familiarizing customers with your brand, location, and more. This stands to benefit your franchisees directly as their customer will easily be able to look them up and learn more about their products online.

As you know, helping your franchisees market their business can help them increase sales, which directly benefits you as the franchisor. Creating a second marketing approach that's franchisee-oriented (in order to showcase the benefits of investment, what your brand has to offer franchise partners, and so forth) can help you to attract the franchisees you need to expand your brand. Linking these two campaigns together on your main website can help you to reach out to franchisees and customers alike, with little extra effort expended on your part. Indeed, when you partner with Integrated Digital Strategies, we can take the hassle out of developing and managing this two-pronged approach.

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Let Our Experts Help

Integrated Digital Strategies has years of experience helping franchisors develop campaigns that reach out to franchisees and customers simultaneously. Our web design experts know how to create websites that seamlessly integrate these two important marketing approaches. With our help, franchise investment marketing and franchisee marketing are easier than ever – contact us today to see some examples of work we've done for other clients! By integrating franchisee and consumer-facing information into your website, we can help you to market both aspects of your business. Why not make the most of your marketing budget by addressing two important areas of your business simultaneously?

Focusing on franchise development marketing and franchisee marketing simultaneously is a snap when you partner with Integrated Digital Strategies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you expand your marketing approach!

Website design is a critical part of the franchise sales process. In today's world, potential franchisees turn to the internet in order to research investment opportunities. Having just the right website design can help catch your future customers' attention, give them the information they need about your business, and show them the next steps to take to start the process. At Integrated Digital Strategies, website design for franchisors is our specialty. Here's a quick look at how revamping your website can help you expand your franchise brand.

Catch Potential Franchisees' Attention With Strategic SEO Keywords

One of the reasons website design is so important to franchise sales is due to SEO strategies. Potential franchisees who are researching new opportunities often rely on Google searches to see what's out there. Understanding what search terms they'll use, and being sure to strategically use them on your website, is a great way to divert more of these potential franchisees to your website. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we're experts in SEO. Our research helps us reveal commonly-searched keywords that can help your website get more traffic! Relying on this strategy helps to ensure that you're getting the most site visits possible.

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An Intuitive Design Helps to Get Your Message Across

Having an easy-to-navigate website design is another way to help you hold the attention of potential franchisees. A well-organized website will have information on all the topics entrepreneurs want to know more about: training and support, estimated investment, brand offerings, and so forth. Furthermore, this information should be provided in a way that is easy to understand and navigate. Integrated Digital Strategies has years of experience building beautiful and highly-functional websites for the franchisors we represent, helping them to get their message out clearly while holding the attention of those who visit their sites. Don't lose potential customers because of a website that's outdated, full of broken links, or overly general in its information.

Less Work for Your Staff

A great franchise website will provide information on all of the most important details of your business. Potential franchisees can browse it at their leisure, learning what you have to offer at their own pace. Putting this information online can save your staff valuable time when more of the entrepreneurs who contact you have already researched the opportunity you're offering.

These are just a few reasons that a great website design is key to franchise sales. Contact us today to learn how Integrated Digital Strategies can help to improve your site design!

As a health care professional, you’ve probably debated the same two questions with your colleagues as with your peers: Are we in the business of making money, or are we in the business of helping people?

With any luck, you’ve concluded that these two questions are not mutually exclusive; you can be profitable and steer people to the road to better health at the same time.

As you look for ways to accomplish both objectives, put blogging at the top of your to-do list. It is the most important step you can take to attract new patients to your practice and invigorate your bottom line—while positioning yourself as an industry expert and valuable source of information. Consider the ways that blogging makes this happen.

Browsing on your computer

Give your website a “physical exam” before you blog about your practice.

The journey begins with your website, which is arguably the most effective marketing tool you have at your disposal. It could be visually stunning—a source of pride for everyone in your practice. Still, you must ask yourself: How are people finding it among hundreds of other websites, particularly those of your likely competitors?

Typically, people call up a website in one of three ways:

Blog about your practice to enhance your bottom line.

In these terms, your visually stunning website might appear to be a risky enterprise. But it doesn’t have to be. You can negate this risk by blogging—the engine driving the inbound marketing strategy that should be the cornerstone of your practice.

Inbound marketing enables people to find you and your website with ease. So rather than send expensive postcards, flyers, and ads out your practice door, create content on a blog linked to your website that brings new patients directly in your practice door.

Blogging makes financial sense because:

Blog about your practice to help others.

In addition to financial benefits, blogging can bring you a sense of personal fulfillment because:

Developing and writing blog articles that achieve two objectives—enhancing your bottom line and helping others—requires skill, experience, and a deft hand. Call Integrated Digital Strategies for a consultation before you blog about your practice, and find how we can integrate all of your objectives.

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