The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Franchises | Integrated Digital Strategies

Build a Reputation with Google to Bring Your Business to New Heights

Digital advances in society have begun a new age of advertising that is overshadowing the forms of outbound marketing businesses grew accustomed. Gone are the days of investing in constructing a catchy new radio jingle for your local business. Our team at Integrated Digital Strategies has seen first hand how internet marketing for franchises and building a reputable relationship with search engines changed the industry. Search engine optimization for franchises has helped create exciting, qualified candidates on progressively built public awareness of the brand. We will break down how we are able to utilize this resource for our clients and why we know it’s beneficial for any businesses marketing strategy.

How We Do It

Unique and Quality Content

At the end of the day, captivating and interesting content will always prevail. Search engines, such as Google,  are able to identify what is repetitive and include relevant information for the user. By creating worthwhile content, your site will gradually begin to rise up the rankings in search results, and your name will be presented to potentially the first page of search results. We prioritize interesting and helpful topics rather than oversaturated sales tactics that might stir away our visitors. 

Keyword Research

The words that you usually type into a Google Search bar are far more valuable than you might have thought. In developing search engine optimization for franchises, our team of experts Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) do their homework to find what keywords will help bolster content and provide our clients with an improved SEO score. All of the keywords that are used to elevate your content’s exposure will be relevant to your brand’s offerings.  Our keyword research and selection plays an incredible role in optimizing our clients content based on accrued search tendencies relative to the industry. 

Why We Do It

Finding The Right Leads

When measuring the effectiveness of internet marketing for franchises, it’s important to prioritize the number of qualified leads your campaign is generating. IDS and our clients create unique and ideal personas that fit the model characteristics of a potential franchisee. By doing so, we are able to target the ideal consumer that could relate to the content we are producing. Unlike outdated forms of outbound marketing, we are utilizing methods of marketing that hone in on specific users by delivering relevant blogs, infographics, newsletters and more. All of this to funnel in interested candidates who want and need your service

Organic Exposure To Your Brand

One of the exciting results of search engine optimization for franchises is the organic and growing exposure these companies are receiving. This form of marketing does a great job of informing inquisitive users about your service rather than the outbound tactics of selling. By implementing internet marketing for franchises we help them direct users to their sites to find out more about their company.

Are you looking to improve your franchises marketing strategy? Contact us today and we can go over how you could benefit from our internet marketing for franchises tactics.