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The Importance of a Good Relationship Between Marketing and Sales

Eric Goudreau | January 14, 2021 |
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A common misconception is that sales and marketing people should live in separate worlds all of the time. The truth is, both parties rely on each other for positive results when measuring performance, so why be at odds with each other? Instead, there is a way that we can come together, develop an educated sales management strategy, and bolster our marketing message.

At Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), we have solidified ourselves as a top supplier to offer digital marketing for franchise brands. We soon realized through experience that the best way to master your craft and develop a comprehensive strategy is by coordinating your sales and marketing efforts. Our franchise development sales team and marketing professionals work in tandem to accomplish a common goal for our clients. We’ve seen how this entire process unfolds time and time again, and now we want to share some of our experiences with you. 

Align Your Sights on the Right Prospects

Inbound marketing is a hyper-focused method of sending a message to the right buyer at the right time, but we needed to dig deeper. Our sales management experts can relay valuable information to our marketers to fully understand a target demographic. Conversations that a salesperson has with prospects can be repurposed to develop meaningful content about a specific subject or draw in qualified candidates from a particular industry. By doing so, our campaigns have a greater purpose of helping guide the right individuals through the sales funnel. 

What Questions Can You Address?

What is stopping your prospects from moving down that funnel? Are they not getting all the information they need to feel confident about making a decision? Understanding your target audience is a great way to build your fundamental understanding of who you’re speaking to -- the next step is to address the most frequently asked questions by creating SEO rich content. 

If your sales representatives are having conversations with prospects that lead to familiar comments or concerns, your marketing team can help get them the right answers before picking up the phone. IDS’ content marketers will take the time to continuously update your website and incorporate pertinent information that will keep the discovery process running smoothly. Also, by updating your FAQ page, we have an opportunity for our writers to include relevant search terms throughout your web copy. 

Outreach, Fill in the Gaps 

You have all of your content ready to go, but you don’t have to sit back and hope that your leads will stumble upon these resources organically.  Sales enablement is the process of arming your sales management team with the right content to pass on to your prospects. To see the process through fully, your outreach team can include relevant links in their marketing emails or even use those resources as a reference in ongoing conversations. By nurturing a healthy relationship between your sales management and marketing departments, you’ll minimize your efforts and eliminate some of the pain points that once limited your outreach efforts. 

The importance of digital marketing for franchise brands is only growing, and IDS has years of experience to help you stay ahead of the competition. Feel free to contact a member of our team today if you have any questions.

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