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Maximize Your LinkedIn for B2B with Our Social Media Optimization Services

Christina Hartman | November 24, 2020 |
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Social media is becoming increasingly more important to businesses, especially LinkedIn. Great LinkedIn profile optimization can help you better connect with potential customers while also improving your company’s visibility. IDS provides comprehensive social media optimization services to help you fully leverage your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts. Here are a few of our expert tips to improving your LinkedIn profile.

Complete Your Profile 100% for LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn’s algorithms favor profiles that are totally complete by utilizing all fields and options available – making you more visible to your potential customers. Joining 50+ groups and utilizing a vanity URL are good ways to complete your profile and make it stand out.

For example, if you work in the software field, take the time to find groups related to software and join up! It will help you make yourself more visible to prospects while also giving you access to great industry insights. These are just a couple of the social media optimization services IDS offers to help our B2B clients maximize their LinkedIn profiles.

Make the Most of Your Headline

Headlines can be optimized with keywords to ensure they are searchable. Optimize your headline so that people who are interested in your services will be directed to your page. 

For instance, if you are “XYZ Manufacturing,” don't just say your name -- compliment your name with a sub-header or description with keywords that are highly relevant and drive the most revenue for you. You can articulate more of what you do -- such as the industries you serve and the types of manufacturing you can provide. You can even include geographic keywords in case people are looking for partners in your area.

The goal is to deliver relevant details while also catching the attention of valuable prospects.

Use Video

Video is a great way to effectively convey everything your B2B company can do. It allows you to showcase the processes behind your products and services. In the manufacturing industry, video gives your prospective clients a sneak peek into your factory or production space. Software companies are able to show their product in action, and business services companies can feature tangible, visual examples of what they have to offer.

 87% of digital marketers say that LinkedIn is a successful channel for videos, making it the most effective channel according to recent research.

IDS not only produces high-quality videos, but also helps you effectively share them across a variety of channels so your target audience is more likely to notice them. 

Zack Yeremian is our resident expert on B2B digital marketing and social media optimization services. Contact him today through this form, or email him at

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