What Are the Two Types of Franchise Marketing?

Khanyi Moshia | November 12, 2023 |
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Every business model adapts to new ways of reaching and engaging with their audience in the digital transformation era. The franchise business model is no exception. Franchise marketing has seen a significant shift towards digital strategies, leveraging technology to ensure growth and profitability in the franchise space.

Let’s keep it real - navigating the complex world of franchise digital marketing is no simple task: whether you're already an active franchisee or franchisor or considering stepping into the arena, there is substantial information to decipher and understand it. Let's explore what digital marketing in franchising looks like in the digital age and highlight the two types of franchise marketing.

What Exactly Is Franchise Marketing?

Franchise marketing involves the application of strategic marketing plans and tactics by both franchisors and franchisees, aiming to attract new customers and boost sales for their franchise establishment.

Franchise Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, virtually all franchise marketing has shifted to digital platforms. There are two primary branches of franchise marketing:

1. Operational Franchise Marketing

Operational franchise marketing comes into play once the franchise is established and aims to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and sales. This type of marketing is concerned with promoting the products or services offered by individual franchise locations and maintaining a positive brand image within local communities.

Key Components of Operational Franchise Marketing

  • Local Advertising: Creating and executing marketing campaigns specific to each franchise location, considering local demographics and preferences.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Implementing strategies to build and maintain strong customer relationships, encouraging repeat business and positive word of mouth.
  • Promotions and Loyalty Programs: Offering promotions and loyalty programs to incentivize customer retention and attract new clientele.

2. Franchise Sales Marketing

Franchise development marketing is a strategy to entice potential franchisees and broaden the franchise network. The essence of this approach is to sell the franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs interested in becoming franchise owners, with the ultimate aim of generating leads, fostering relationships, and converting qualified individuals into franchisees.

The Essential Elements of Marketing for Franchise Development Marketing

  • Lead Generation: This involves using various channels, such as online platforms, industry events, and advertising, to draw in individuals interested in owning a franchise.
  • Educational Content: Offering potential franchisees detailed information about the franchise model, investment requirements, support systems, and expected returns helps them make informed decisions.
  • Franchise Discovery Days: These are events or meetings where potential franchisees can gain more insights about the brand and engage with the franchisor on their turf.

A strong online presence is also a significant component of development marketing. This includes maintaining a user-friendly website that effectively communicates the advantages of becoming a franchisee and implementing SEO strategies to enhance online visibility.

social media reach and insight

Social media marketing is another powerful tool for reaching out to prospective franchisees. Franchisors can utilize various platforms to share their brand story, highlight successful franchisees, and interact with their audience. These platforms include but are not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • X - “Twitter”

What Is the Difference?

While essential to a franchise business's success, franchise development and operational franchise marketing have distinct differences. Firstly, they target different audiences: franchise development marketing aims to attract potential franchisees and entrepreneurs, while operational franchise marketing focuses on local customers to drive sales and build brand loyalty.

Secondly, their objectives vary. The goal of franchise development marketing is to expand the franchise network by drawing in and converting potential franchisees. In contrast, operational franchise marketing aims to increase sales, improve brand perception, and foster customer loyalty at the local level.

Lastly, their timing of implementation differs. Franchise development marketing primarily functions during the early stages of franchise growth when the search for new franchisees is underway. Operational franchise marketing becomes vital once the franchise locations are up and running, with a focus on continuous customer engagement and boosting local sales.

However, it's crucial to remember that this process follows pre-opening marketing and focuses on continuous customer engagement and driving local sales.

Empowering Franchise Success Through a Franchise Marketing Agency

Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) is a premier franchise marketing agency that offers comprehensive digital marketing services to attract highly qualified franchisees. With a focus on building a robust online presence and leveraging data-driven decision-making, we provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of franchises.

Building a Strong Online Presence

At IDS, we understand the importance of a solid online presence in today's digital landscape. We pride ourselves on assisting franchises in creating user-friendly, visually appealing websites that serve as the brand's digital storefront.

These websites provide essential details about the franchise opportunity and serve as a platform for engaging content and customer testimonials, which can significantly boost the brand's credibility and appeal to potential franchisees.

Additionally, our franchise marketing agency uses social media platforms to connect brands directly with their target audience to amplify reach and target specific demographics and geographical areas.

Through compelling storytelling, showcasing success stories, and real-time engagement, we help franchises build a solid and interactive online community.

data driven growth

Data-Driven Decision Making

IDS leverages advanced analytics tools to provide invaluable insights into consumer behavior, allowing franchises to tailor their marketing strategies for maximum impact.

By understanding the demographics of potential franchisees and tracking the performance of online campaigns, IDS helps franchises implement data-driven strategies that enhance marketing efficiency.

Furthermore, our franchise marketing agency utilizes customer relationship management (CRM) systems to centralize and analyze data, enabling personalized communication with leads and existing franchisees.

This data-centric approach enhances marketing efficiency and provides a more personalized and seamless experience for individuals exploring franchise opportunities.

On an all-encompassing level, IDS offers full-service franchise digital marketing solutions that help franchises build a powerful online presence, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately attract highly qualified franchisees. We are committed to assisting franchise brands in achieving their digital marketing objectives. Our services include:

  • Personalized Digital Strategies: We craft bespoke digital marketing strategies tailored to each franchise's unique requirements, objectives, and market dynamics.
  • Brand Uniformity: We promote consistent branding across all digital platforms, fostering brand recognition and customer trust.
  • Local SEO Initiatives: We employ SEO tactics to improve online presence for localized searches, allowing franchise businesses to attract more local customers and increase traffic, regardless of whether they operate in a physical location..
  • Social Media Oversight: We manage all aspects of a franchise's social media activities, from content production to customer engagement and ad campaigns, cultivating a strong social media presence.
  • Website Creation & Enhancement: We build and optimize franchise websites for an improved user experience and superior search engine placement, resulting in heightened customer interaction and conversions.
  • Paid Promotion Management: We oversee paid advertising across various platforms, accurately targeting the appropriate audience to optimize ad expenditure and enhance outcomes.
  • Quality Lead Generation: Through strategies like email marketing and lead capture forms, we assist franchises in growing their customer base and transforming prospective leads into faithful customers.
  • Performance Monitoring & Analytics: We provide comprehensive analytics and performance monitoring, allowing franchises to quantify their digital marketing achievements and make informed decisions based on data.

Franchise marketing in the digital age is about leveraging technology to reach a wider audience, engage with potential franchisees, and drive growth. By understanding the two types of franchise marketing and implementing effective digital strategies, franchisors can ensure the success of their franchise - and IDS is here to aid you in soaring to new heights!

Partner with IDS and allow our team to partner with you to achieve your franchise marketing goals. Contact us today!

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