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What Is Hyperlocal Marketing and How It Helps Franchises

Bill Petherbridge | January 16, 2023 |
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Hyperlocal marketing can sometimes be a difficult process to manage effectively, even for brands with a rich history in franchising. Candidates who possess the right entrepreneurial backgrounds and meet the financial requirements to own a franchise are not always easy to find.

Even after identifying these entrepreneurs, convincing them to invest in a franchise also requires significant outreach effort. They will likely have several options to consider when looking to launch a new business venture, including whether to start a traditional small business or franchise with a different brand.

Even if your brand successfully navigates through these hurdles, the franchise agreement could fall apart if you and the potential franchisee cannot decide on the market or territory to open in.

hyperlocal marketing franchise clients

Hyperlocal marketing can help your brand overcome these challenges by attracting qualified candidates interested in starting a business in your specific target markets.

Of course, building hyperlocal pages on your website is not something that your team should have to do on their own. In partnering with the experienced franchise marketing professionals at Integrated Digital Strategies, you’ll receive rich, hyperlocal content that is SEO-driven and proven to help you attract the right leads.

By implementing our hyperlocal marketing strategies, the IDS team can make all the difference in your brand’s ability to form partnerships with entrepreneurs looking to own a franchise in the same territories you are looking to enter or expand into.

Creating Hyperlocal Pages for Franchise Clients

The IDS team devises hyperlocal digital marketing strategies for our franchise clients by adding specific hyperlocal pages to their franchise development websites. These pages contain content designed to reach ideal franchisee candidates at the top of search engine results.

IDS recommends that brands link these hyperlocal pages on their websites so that visitors considering this specific opportunity can learn more about which area to consider opening in. We most frequently do this by linking the hyperlocal pages to the “Available Territories” page, section, or map on the website, if the brand has one.

The first step to creating high-performing hyperlocal pages is identifying the areas where your brand wants to add new franchise locations. The territory range can be whatever works best for your brand’s goals and ambitions. Generally, franchisors will select a city, metro area, state, or even an entire region for which they want to create a hyperlocal page.

multi-location digital marketing strategy

These targeted locations are chosen based on several criteria, including consumer demand, population growth, the strength of their business environment, or simply that area's reputation for being a great place to live and work.

Next, you’ll want to focus on describing the competitive differentiators that your brand offers through its franchise opportunity.

This can include aspects of your product or service that all franchisees can offer, characteristics of your customer or client base, or even your franchise investment structure and why entrepreneurs find it more favorable compared to other options on the market.

Consider this part a streamlined version of your franchise development site’s homepage. You will need to emphasize what makes your brand’s franchise opportunity superior to the competitors in your industry and why your team is business-partner-worthy rather than the franchisee candidate deciding to go it on their own as a traditional small business.

How the IDS Franchise Marketing Team Implements Your Hyperlocals

Once you've selected location(s) for your hyperlocal page(s), our IDS team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts will perform keyword research to find terms that will help your hyperlocal pages rank high in search engine results.

We don’t simply select the most popular keywords – we pinpoint ones with a high search volume while not being too competitive. This gives your brand a better chance of achieving a top ranking for these keywords, appearing earlier in the search engine results, driving traffic to these hyperlocal pages, and generating a greater volume of leads in your franchise sales funnel.

hyperlocal marketing strategy

Once we’ve determined the most effective keywords, the IDS team will insert the location specifications for each one, which helps differentiate the hyperlocal pages and incorporates local SEO for franchises in those areas.

This also helps build consistency in your ranking for these top keywords while focusing on the specific territories you are targeting through the hyperlocal pages. The keyword phrases that will be used for your hyperlocal marketing will follow the structure of these examples:

  • start a/an (brand name) franchise in (state)
  • why own a/an (industry) franchise in (city)
  • invest in a/an (brand name) franchise in the (region)

From there, the IDS content team will build out your hyperlocal pages around these keywords and use the competitive differentiators you highlighted to specify why your franchise opportunity is the best choice for entrepreneurs in the targeted area.

Our content team will also include information specific to each territory, highlighting the important aspects and advantages of launching a franchise in that area.

Each hyperlocal will contain a call to action that directs interested entrepreneurs to move to the next step in the franchising process.

Whether the call to action includes a contact submission form, link, or phone number to call, this will motivate potential investors to reach out, producing yet another quality lead with a specific territory in mind for you to pursue in your franchise development program.

Partnering with IDS Can Generate Results

With all the difficulties that can arise in identifying, qualifying, and chasing potential franchisees, hyperlocal marketing can serve to help alleviate any headaches associated with your franchise development efforts.

The IDS team has proven time and time again that our digital marketing services can make all the difference for franchise brands across a variety of industries. With us by your side and our hyperlocal pages on your website, IDS is confident that our partnership can generate the results you are looking for in your franchise development program.

The franchise marketing services we provide on your brand's behalf will free up your time, energy, and valuable resources to concentrate on refining other important aspects of your franchise opportunities.

Want to see for yourself how our strategic, hyperlocal efforts can attract qualified entrepreneurs to franchise with your brand? Contact the IDS team today, and we will discuss how our full suite of digital marketing services can help your franchise development efforts on many fronts!

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Bill Petherbridge
Bill Petherbridge is a Content Writer at Integrated Digital Strategies. In his role, Bill writes targeted, engaging content for franchise brands to help them connect with their audience of consumers and entrepreneurs. His work for clients includes webpages, blogs, and downloadables to draw website traffic and boost franchise development and performance.

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