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What is Social Monitoring, and Why Does It Matter for Franchising?

Christina Hartman | May 11, 2021 |
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Social media management for franchises is more important than ever. More and more people use social media not just to stay in touch with friends and family but to connect with brands they're interested in following. Social media monitoring allows you to make the best use of your social media, keeping potential leads engaged while promoting your franchise to new prospects. Here, learn more about social monitoring and how IDS helps franchises to implement it. 

Why You Need Social Monitoring

About 59% of the world uses social media. That's a massive demographic that covers virtually everywhere you could want to expand your franchise! People like social media because it does more than allow them to read about a brand, they're able to interact – asking questions, meeting current franchisees, and more. 

Creating a social media profile is a productive way to find prospective leads. However, creating a great profile and writing engaging posts is only half the battle: you need social media monitoring to ensure that your strategy is working as intended. 

People expect brands to respond to them on social media. Search Engine Watch recently found that around 70% of Twitter users expect brands to answer questions, and about 50% of people expect an answer within the hour! If someone asks a question on one of your posts or in a direct message, are you equipped to get back to them quickly?

Social media monitoring involves using tools to identify questions faster so your team can offer the right response. But its usefulness doesn’t end there – social media monitoring also allows you to identify discussion about your brand on multiple platforms, analyze engagement with posts, and manage your reputation. Lots of brands come up with great posts but still find that they’re not making much of an impact. Social monitoring allows you to break down many variables, such as the time of the post, the topic, the platform, and the demographics of people who engage, to help you garner more reactions.

IDS Social Media Manager Katelyn Baginski explains: Social media is becoming more and more like a search engine, and it's a place many consumers go to help in their decision-making process. It's a great way for brands to showcase who they really are outside of their website - company culture, behind-the-scenes happenings - it can give more of a personality to the brand.

IDS Excels at Social Media Management for Franchises

IDS is ahead of the curve when it comes to social media management for franchises. Our experts will generate a custom plan to meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking for a total social media overhaul or simply want to analyze your current strategy to find ways to improve it, we're here to help. 

We use the most effective tools and are always up-to-date on the latest algorithms. Our experts have years of experience cultivating brand engagement on social media and know what it takes to boost your following so you can find more leads and close more deals. 

Contact IDS today to learn more about social monitoring and how it can help you connect with qualified prospective franchisees.

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