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What’s the Best Way to Market Your Practice Locally?

Integrated Digital Strategies | April 24, 2017 |
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There’s no one size fits all local marketing tactic that will help your practice outrank your competitors. Sorry to break the bad news. However, there are many best practices.

At our local marketing agency, we have more of a focus on online marketing strategies (vs offline) to help all of our dental and medical clients gain market share in an ever increasingly competitive landscape. Not to say that we alienate anything offline! We do coordinate many of our strategies and tactics between online and offline and you should too. Which brings me to this….

Using Local a Local Marketing Strategy to Market Your Practice

Marketing your practice locally online, in our opinion, comes down to 3 main things.

1. Knowing who your target market is. (Are you really sure?)

2. Knowing who your competitors are. (What seems to be working/ not working for them?)

3. Understanding the biggest pain points of your prospects. (What kind of non-branded value can you provide them?) (You should read the book “Youtility” by Jay Baer if you haven’t already)

Once you fully understand this, you can then start to develop a local marketing strategy online to outshine your competition. This can be as basic as starting off with a new inbound marketing focused website or claiming your local listing on Google. Or as complex as using marketing automation software to send out persona based content to push your prospects further down your sales funnel.

Recently, our CDO Joseph Mohay put together a presentation entitled, “Integrating Local Internet Marketing into Your Business." See the slides below.

If you went through the slides, you can see that marketing locally online is a very complex thing to do now.
After you have fully understood the three things mentioned before, it’s our suggestion to work with a local marketing practitioner to help you set up your practice locally for success. Of course, you can do this all yourself but you have a business to run.
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