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Why Your Company Needs B2B Marketing Services

Christina Hartman | October 27, 2020 |
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The Importance of a Comprehensive Strategy

Many companies invest in one or two B2B marketing services, but oftentimes they don’t have a marketing strategy. That is, to say, they haven’t coordinated their efforts between trade shows, web development, SEO, and so forth. A lack of strategy can lead to a disparate campaign that’s targeting the wrong audience and content that’s more focused on your company than your ideal prospects – losing their interest as a result. An uncoordinated campaign is a waste of your time and your marketing budget.

Taking the time to document and outline a comprehensive strategy can pay off for B2B companies. ClickZ’s Jacqueline Dooley points out: “Nearly 70% of the top performing B2B marketers … noted that their organization had a documented marketing strategy compared with just 16% of the least successful marketers.” 

While it’s clear that a comprehensive marketing plan is important for B2B companies, many of them don’t have the time to coordinate one on their own. That’s where Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) comes in. We provide B2B content marketing services (and much more) to help our clients meet their lead generation goals.

IDS Components of a Great Marketing Strategy

IDS is a digital marketing agency that creates customized, coordinated marketing plans for each of our clients. We take into account your unique needs to design a campaign that’s right for you. We work with a team of web developers, graphic designers, and content creators to revitalize your digital presence and help you connect with the prospective customers you need. A few of our key services include:

  • Measurement Strategy: Working with clients, we determine goals and objectives for our content and brand messaging. How can we present a unique perspective to introduce issues and solutions to your target audience?
  • Persona Development: We’ll determine who we’re targeting to achieve our goals and objectives. We’ll identify their interests and intent signals online.
  • SEO: We’ll find keywords that can fuel our compelling content, helping to raise brand awareness and purchase consideration.
  • Targeted B2B Content Marketing (e.g. websites and blogs): We can create a wide range of content for your B2B company and deploy it so that it’s highly-visible to your target audience. 
  • Email Marketing: We’ll help you engage with clients at each stage of their buyer journey. We’ll create a system for storing their contact information and will reach out to them with relevant information on your services, promotions, and so forth. Email marketing is also a valuable way to stay in touch with customers after they’ve made a purchase. It’s estimated that 20% of your loyal customers will make up 80% of your profits and staying in touch with customers is a great way to build loyalty.
  • Webinars: Many B2B companies have relied on trade shows and conferences to network and find new clients, but COVID-19 has changed things on that front. IDS can help you develop webinars and create inbound marketing initiatives to drive attendance.

These are just some of the B2B marketing services IDS provides to help our clients expand their customer bases.

Learn More in Our eBook

Our eBook, The IDS Guide to Generating Highly Qualified Website Leads for B2B Manufacturers, delves deeper into the importance of creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Additional topics in the eBook include:

  • Integrating lead nurturing and the Flywheel concept, a new way of looking at the sales funnel.
  • Information on more strong digital marketing strategy components, such as form fills.
  • Characteristics of effective vs. ineffective campaigns.

You can download it here for free!

Contact IDS today for a free competitive analysis to show how our B2B marketing services can help boost your lead flow!

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