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PIRTEK / Hydraulic and Industrial Hose Service

IDS / Paid Ad Campaign (Pay-per-click [PPC])
Results Pre-Launch v. Post-Launch (1 Feb 2022 to 31 Aug 2022):
Total Clicks from Feb - Aug
Avg. CPC from Feb - Aug
Total Spend from Feb - Aug
From $1.27 Avg. CPC in Feb to $1 Avg. CPC in Aug
From 1,474 clicks in Feb to 2,382 clicks in Aug
Hours spent in one quarter

Lead Data

Google Calls
Total Leads
Google Leads
IDS Client:


PIRTEK is an on-site and retail hydraulic and industrial hose service provider. Franchise locations provide the fastest hydraulic and industrial hose maintenance and replacement services, utilizing a mobile fleet for on-site services in addition to retail service and supply centers.

With over 100 locations across the US, PIRTEK minimizes equipment downtime and eliminates the need for off-site repairs. PIRTEK locations offer a 1-hour ETA for on-site emergency hose service, available 24/7/365, as well as a large selection of products for customers from a broad cross-section of industries.

Why PIRTEK Looked to IDS for Help

Long-time client PIRTEK has utilized many different services from IDS over the years. PIRTEK wanted to increase the number and quality of franchise leads coming in while reducing the cost per click, so they turned to IDS to see how our marketing and display advertising services could help.

PIRTEK and IDS work together on content, social media, SEO, and more, so it made sense to work together to help lower the average cost per lead.


The Solution IDS Created to Help PIRTEK

IDS worked with PIRTEK to create a customized PPC ad campaign. The Google Ads campaign was designed to increase number of qualified leads and reduce costs. IDS utilized highly targeted SEM and display campaigns to get impactful results with our client's unique goals in mind.

Our team at IDS reworked the entire PIRTEK ad campaign. The paid media strategist assigned to the task took the time to do a deep-dive analysis of all things PIRTEK, including their previous campaigns, consumer and franchise development sites, keyword research, ad copy, calls to action, and target audience, to determine the best course of action forward.

The strategist’s research revealed that by listing all of PIRTEK’s services, they were able to discover more franchise keyword opportunities. They also updated the ad copy to incorporate more of Google’s best practices and created copy that was based on new keyword research and better directed toward franchise prospects.

Our team also edited the calls to action in the copy, so interested prospective franchisees could more easily apply upfront instead of having to dig through the site to do so. In this same vein, the paid media strategist also ensured the ads had extensions with more information to compel leads to apply. The strategist made a point of remarketing the audience and visitors to feed back into Google, so more qualified prospects are able to see the ads as well. They noted that by marking leads as quotable can help further optimize leads and find users with similar profiles.

As part of the pay-per-click (PPC) solution IDS suggested, adjustments were made to boost impressions and achieve a higher click-through rate to improve conversions. IDS monitors PIRTEK’s SEM ads to ensure they are getting the most click-through conversions for their budget and to determine which ads are most effective for the best possible results and more.

As part of the pay-per-click (PPC) solution IDS suggested, adjustments were made to boost impressions and achieve a higher click-through rate to improve conversions. IDS monitors PIRTEK’s SEM ads to ensure they are getting the most click-through conversions for their budget and to determine which ads are most effective for the best possible results and more.

Pirtek Car

Blog keywords and traffic

IDS migrated most blogs from previous domains, but Google views these as new posts. Blogs build relevance over an extended period of time, meaning any ranking before the migration was lost and restarted on the new domain.

Brand Keywords

Some sites had been ranking high for terms like “AFC urgent care” or “AFC PCR test.” While these searches bring in traffic, only a negligible amount is local, in which case the best practice is to direct these searches to the national site.

National Keywords

Much of the keywords bringing organic traffic to the local sites resulted from national keywords. Blogging is a great way to bring in users to a site, but there’s not a large impact on patient volumes on a local versus national level.
Pirtek Car
IDS also took into consideration website speed and load times. The migration required significant increases in site speed to accommodate the increased traffic. There are a variety of factors that go into the quality of site speed, including:
Creating brand consistency
Improving local SEO
Scaling content by location
Improving user experience on desktop and mobile
IDS anticipated and prepared for these and other factors during the migration, employing a strategy that would limit the impact on site speed. The strategy included:
Compressing code to ensure pages would render quickly
Ensuring lazy loading functionality to render only necessary elements
Reducing image sizes using third-party compressors
Using Nitropack plugins to keep load times under 1 second

The Outcome

Cost per lead from February 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022:

pirtek car
(Feb) - $374.39
(Mar) - $1,310.37
(Apr) - $2,167.20
(May) - $1,445.72
(Jun) - $204.36
(Jul) - $99.88
(Aug) - $91.40
Web Coding

Extracting all content from existing sites

Most of the AFC locations had their own content, blogs, language, policies, and structure unique to their individual sites. IDS worked to ensure all the content was extracted, copy edited, and migrated over to the new platform.
Web Blog

Total Spend

From Feb - Aug: $17,485 (media spend increased from $2,000 to $4,750 / +138%)

Web Blog

Total Clicks

From Feb - Aug: 11,738 (from 1,474 clicks in Feb to 2,382 clicks in Aug / +92%

Web Blog

Avg. CPC

From Feb - Aug: $1.49 (from $1.27 avg. CPC in Feb to $1 avg. CPC in Aug / -21%)

Total leads and CPL

Google Calls
Google Leads


PIRTEK saw a 92% increase in clicks in their PPC campaign, totaling 11,738 at the end of the quarter. While increasing the number of clicks, IDS was also able to simultaneously lower the average CPC by 21% from $1.27 to $1.

The ads created by IDS are designed to effectively reach more qualified prospective franchisee leads. By utilizing re-targeted and re-marketed PPC campaigns, IDS was able to present the PIRTEK franchise opportunity to more relevant searchers and produce exciting results. The results show IDS captured more impressions and a higher click-through rate to improve lead conversions.

By staying on top of industry trends, IDS was able to create a PPC ad that stands out and makes a stronger impression on the target audience. IDS consistently monitors the PIRTEK PPC campaign to optimize their advertising budget and provides them with the highest-quality leads.

7 Days
Prior to Launch

Request final edits

3 Days
Prior to Launch

Confirm launch date with franchisees Confirm launch sites with corporate

Day of Launch

Advise franchisee of launch

Post Launch

Communicate smooth launch and new URL


The IDS team partnered with a third-party source for a further layer of support to provide quality assurance.

As the project is still in progress at the 21-month mark, IDS maintains a continual relationship with AFC.

Three Doctors

Our continuing relationship includes:

New Design Ideas
Local findability (GBP and listings)
Active SEO (ongoing content optimization, link building, reporting)
Strategy and consulting
Website updates
New Design Ideas
Augmented site speed optimization
Addition of Nitropack to the site
Further lazy loading of content
New template
Topics to discuss
Nearby locations functionality
Number of callouts
Alert banner at the top of site
Stock imagery selection
Diversity of images across site
Flow and importance of Information

Pre-Launch v. Post-Launch
Overview (NUMBERS)

198 – Sites migrated
63 – Franchisees migrated
16,500 – Total pages migrated
60 – Custom features added, including mega menu, forms, Google map embed, regional functionality
2,083 – Hours spent in one quarter

Pre-Launch v. Post-Launch
Google Analytics Immediate Results

39% – Decreased bounce rate
10% – Increased pages per session
60% – Increased time on site
Pre-Launch v. Post-Launch GSC/ SEMRush Immediate Results
24% – Increased keyword ranking of Top 3
265% – Organic Improvement
77% – Locations Ranked #1 for “Urgent Care <Location>”
PPC Statistics
58% – Increased Conversion Rate (Not including COVID ads)
Average CPA – $10.5
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