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Senior Care Authority is a leading senior care consultancy service.

Senior Care Authority is a leading senior care consultancy service.
The client needed assistance increasing their number of qualified leads
and conversion rate.
IDS facilitated the relaunch of the corporate website, which included
migrating 63 independent websites to a single, unified platform.
New leads since January 2022
Increase in total clicks between March and September 2022
Increase in traffic from organic keyword searches
Conversion rate
New leads each month
Impressions between March and September 2022
Impressions on Google Business profile pages.
IDS Client:

Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority and its franchisees are leading providers of senior care solutions, offering nurturing, safe, and effective care for older loved ones. They provide a broad range of solutions, from assisted living facilities to memory care to skilled nursing facilities. Families take solace in knowing that they can turn to Senior Care Authority for guidance from their Certified Senior Advisors and Certified Dementia Practitioners, who are there to help them make the right decision based on their needs, resources, and goals. Senior Care Authority takes pride in offering families the compassion and expertise they need when they need it most.

senior care
Senior Care Authority
The Challenge:

Why Senior Care Authority Came to IDS for Help

As of August 2021, Senior Care Authority had 63 franchisees, of which 55 had independent websites. These disparate location sites had around five pages each and were located on a separate platform from the Senior Care Authority main website.

In its franchisor capacity, Senior Care Authority recognized the potential to increase leads and conversion rates by optimizing these individual sites and relocating them to the main corporate website. They saw the opportunity to redesign their existing system by adopting a standard look and feel across their location pages, which needed search engine optimization to boost traffic to their site.

There was some concern among franchisees and the Senior Care Authority corporate team about the impact this page migration would have on the SEO performance of the company’s corporate site, which had been built over time. Additionally, the Senior Care Authority corporate team knew that there would need to be continuous and direct communication with franchisees about the changes that were being made and how the new process would work in order to have everyone on board.

Senior Care Authority knew they could count on the IDS team to conduct a seamless migration of the independent franchisee websites into the main consumer site, incorporated with search engine optimization best practices for local search. They also relied on IDS to design a program that would keep all franchisees informed of the changes being made.

The Solution IDS Created

IDS is Senior Care Authority’s preferred digital marketing agency, and they turned to us to conduct a complete relocation of all the location sites to the main corporate website. IDS also created a Social Pilot Program to help communicate changes to all franchisees.

Site Migration

IDS worked with the company that held Senior Care Authority’s proprietary coding in their CMS to bring all the location pages into a Hyper Locator platform at IDS. IDS then condensed, reconfigured, and optimized all of the content on these pages to focus on keywords that targeted the relevant audiences in each location based on what they searched. These pages were equipped with calls to action and submission forms to generate leads and conversions.

In addition, IDS also introduced a location finder in the form of an interactive map to the website, which directs viewers to Senior Care Authority locations within the different states.

Social Pilot Program

IDS’ process involved working with Senior Care Authority’s franchisees through our Social Pilot Program. We instituted this program and met with several franchisees, giving them an overview of the social campaign, the relaunch of the website, and some of the marketing that would take place after the launch. We launched this program because we foresaw that one of the project's main challenges would be communicating the changes to franchisees. We found that the program successfully mitigated franchisee concerns and kept everyone up to date.

Creating brand consistency

The Outcome

Since the relocation and reoptimization of the location pages were completed in August 2021, Senior Care Authority and its franchisees have witnessed a massive increase in leads and conversions, predominantly as a result of organic traffic to the website, which comes as a result of the SEO campaign conducted by IDS.
Web Coding

Extracting all content from existing sites

Most of the AFC locations had their own content, blogs, language, policies, and structure unique to their individual sites. IDS worked to ensure all the content was extracted, copy edited, and migrated over to the new platform.
Web Blog

Updating key SEO factors

Some sites had multiple locations under a single domain. IDS took these from a single location to multiple sites, allowing for increased ranking capabilities on Google.
Multi Tab

Creating redirects for every domain

IDS spent countless hours setting up redirects for pages on all sites to ensure that saved sites or bookmarked sites would be redirected to the domain.
Web Share

Establishing communication with each location

IDS worked with each location to get signoff before migration to ensure there would be minimal unexpected downtime or site outages.


Senior Care Authority has had successive month-over-month increases in leads for the location pages, with 3,432 new leads since January 2022.



Franchisees have indicated that they have seen a conversion rate of over 5%. This means that of the 3,432 new leads, roughly 172 leads have converted to actual Senior Care Authority placements since the beginning of this year. This has resulted in massive revenue gains for Senior Care Authority.


National Keywords

One of the enormous successes of this campaign was the massive traffic generated from organic search, thanks to IDS’ optimization of the location pages, which has driven a 60% increase in total clicks and over 300,000 impressions between March and September 2022. In the last year, since the location page migration, Senior Care Authority’s traffic from organic keyword searches has increased by over 21%. Additionally, Senior Care Authority has seen nearly 60,000 impressions on their Google Business Profile pages in September alone.


IDS conducted a streamlined migration of the Senior Care Authority location pages to the main corporate website, resulting in great success concerning leads, conversions, impressions, and traffic.

Taking a Look at the Numbers

3,432 new leads since January 2022
Approaching 500 new leads each month
Over 5% increase in conversion rate
60% increase in total clicks between March and September 2022
Over 300,000 impressions between March and September 2022
Over 21% increase in traffic from organic keyword searches
Approaching 60,000 impressions on Google Business profile pages

7 Days
Prior to Launch

Request final edits

3 Days
Prior to Launch

Confirm launch date with franchisees Confirm launch sites with corporate

Day of Launch

Advise franchisee of launch

Post Launch

Communicate smooth launch and new URL


The IDS team partnered with a third-party source for a further layer of support to provide quality assurance.

As the project is still in progress at the 21-month mark, IDS maintains a continual relationship with AFC.

Three Doctors

IDS continues to work with Senior Care Authority to:

Implement local SEO optimization
Manage the Google Business Profile listings
Conduct custom signal building
Engage in reputation management
Run paid campaigns for corporate and franchise development
Social media assistance:
Handle back-end social admin tasks such as troubleshooting posting errors, conducting page updates and edits, and various other SOCi account projects
Act as the main point of contact for the internal social team by helping with any social-related questions and best practices
Conduct SOCi onboarding and training for new and existing franchisees
New Design Ideas
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Pre-Launch v. Post-Launch
Overview (NUMBERS)

198 – Sites migrated
63 – Franchisees migrated
16,500 – Total pages migrated
60 – Custom features added, including mega menu, forms, Google map embed, regional functionality
2,083 – Hours spent in one quarter

Pre-Launch v. Post-Launch
Google Analytics Immediate Results

39% – Decreased bounce rate
10% – Increased pages per session
60% – Increased time on site
Pre-Launch v. Post-Launch GSC/ SEMRush Immediate Results
24% – Increased keyword ranking of Top 3
265% – Organic Improvement
77% – Locations Ranked #1 for “Urgent Care <Location>”
PPC Statistics
58% – Increased Conversion Rate (Not including COVID ads)
Average CPA – $10.5
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