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At Integrated Digital Strategies, our specialty is helping franchise businesses grow. We develop and execute tailored marketing campaigns that reach your target audience, generate leads, and drive sales. With our expertise in franchise development marketing and our winning track record, we can help you take your franchise to the next level.

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What We Do

Our entire staff stays up to date on changes in digital marketing by taking part in regular, targeted professional development, and every member of our team is charged with keeping up with the latest in their areas of expertise. This is an important benefit to our clients, who can rest easy knowing that every facet of their campaign has been carefully strategized by experts in many areas of digital marketing.

By working with best-in-class partners in each discipline, we integrate the latest technology at the best value possible. The advantage of our strategy is that we offer constant upgrades and advancements in the emerging digital marketing arena. We then design custom integrated programs representing a solution that addresses the specific goals and objectives of our clients.

At Integrated Digital Strategies, we know that your success is our success. Designing the best digital marketing program requires long-term thinking. Our goal is to provide you with a strong return on your investment with us, and we strive to establish lasting relationships with our clients. IDS measures progress in years rather than months.

The Benefits of Working With Our Franchise Development Marketing Agency

Turn your franchise development site into a magnet that attracts your ideal franchise buyer
Grow your brand’s digital presence in all the right places and find prospective franchisees where they "live" online
Outrank your competitors with a robust, content-rich website that search engines love
Count on experienced franchise development marketers as an extension of your team
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How we attract your clients


Franchise Website Development

Every business needs an effective and attractive website design – getting one shouldn't be a complicated task. At IDS, we provide a complete solution. It starts with a sound strategy, followed by a beautiful design and a talented development team that brings your new website to life. 

About Our Web Design and Development


Content, Branding, and Personas

Quality content on your website – information that prospective and current clients will find useful and engaging – is a game changer. When visitors navigate your site, it's analogous to them walking into a store. If you have good site content, it’s the same as having shelves stocked full of inventory. Conversely, a website that lacks relevant and engaging information is like a store that has little or nothing to sell.

More on content


Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all want to deliver the most up-to-date and relevant information to anyone searching the web. Some factors that affect your ranking include website speed, user behavior, URL structure, links, on-site text, social media signals, and an ever-changing list of other factors. Google, for instance, changes its algorithms up to 40 times a month, so it takes a true SEO professional to manage your website. 

About our keyword strategy


Paid Digital Advertising

Pay-per-click is a key part of any inbound marketing strategy. When paid advertising is combined with SEO, you get more impressions and a higher click-through rate, which improves conversions. Businesses that advertise their products and services to consumers already know that SEM, paid social graphics, and display ads are a great way to find your ideal client.

More on Pay-Per-Click


Social Media Marketing

A company's online impression is made up of more than its website. Social media and reviews on independent sites can make a huge difference to potential customers, who see these as authentic representations of a brand. At IDS, we help our clients manage their social media and online reputations in order to present their best, most authentic selves to potential customers. Social media and reputation management solutions complete your business's online picture.

Learn About Our Five-Phase Approach


Analytics and Strategy

If you come to us with a website already in place, we’ll conduct web data analytics to see which pages people are visiting most frequently and which keywords got them there. If some of the things you’re already doing are working, we’ll want to preserve those elements as we build your new content. Similarly, we’ll know not to replicate the things that aren’t working. We also offer monthly keyword, lead generation, web analytics, and paid advertising reports.

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On-Location Video Production

IDS will produce custom videos that best represent your business, product, or service. We will also create a custom YouTube Channel for your company and distribute that video content across social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Search engines also love video and will often present them higher in search rankings than they would your static website pages.

About Our Videos


Local Marketing

If your local business isn’t showing up in the local pack of a Google search, you are basically invisible! That’s why your business needs local search engine optimization from an experienced team. At IDS, we have over 30 years of experience helping local businesses across the country. We know what works and what doesn’t. We also keep up with the latest trends and “Google-approved” ways of positioning your business on the first page of a Google search!

Franchisee Marketing Solutions
Retargeting Advertising For Franchises

Retargeting Ads: An Essential Part of Digital Marketing

An essential part of the inbound philosophy is finding your prospects where they spend their time online. Retargeting ads are a way to ensure that your ads are seen by the people who want to see them.

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Let IDS Help With Your Franchise Development Marketing!

We can help you leverage the power of seo, social media, digital advertising, and engaging content & video to unleash your franchise brand.

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