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Integrated Digital Strategies specializes in marketing and developing franchise brands. At the same time that online marketing has shifted from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, the franchise industry has seen explosive growth in the United States. There are more franchise opportunities now than ever before, so franchise companies need to update their online presence in order to find qualified leads.

Integrated Digital Strategies helps you expand your audience through inbound marketing strategies. Our franchise development digital marketers leverage the power of search engines, social media, video, digital advertising and remarkable content to unleash your franchise brand. Attract the right franchisees by creating content that resonates with them most.

Inbound marketing weeds out the tire-kickers and focuses squarely on naturally attracting the qualified, well-informed buyer searching for the best franchise opportunity for them.


  • Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Persona Marketing
  • Digital Advertising


  • Downloadable Content Offers
  • Landing Pages
  • Calls To Action


  • Email Nurturing and Marketing Automation
  • CRM
  • Closed-Loop Reporting

Our Franchise Development Marketing Strategies Focus On:

Persona Development/Marketing

Persona Marketing allows for you to build your story that best resonates with the franchise buyer that will be most successful in your system. Buyer personas help you understand your audience and different groups they fall into, which supports your content strategy. You don’t want to fall into the trap that your website content caters to one group. You want to make sure that you are showing the right content to the right personas.

Blogging With A Purpose

Your franchise blog is the foundation for inbound marketing success. You must create educational content that helps franchise buyers with common questions, pain points, “care-abouts” and more. Create blog content that fuels your website with fresh information (which search engines love) and topics that engage and resonate with your best prospects.


Franchise buyers begin with online searches and ask Google most of their questions. Your franchise sales website must be highly visible and prominent.

Downloadable Content/Lead Magnets

Give your prospects something of value when they visit your website. Well-researched and compelling content that will build your site as an educational hub of information will drive lead flow.

Digital Advertising and Content Promotion

Expand and amplify your content and advertising message to a highly-targeted audience (franchise prospects). Ads are hyper-targeted to national or select regions and clearly outline and compel visitors to engage with your brand. Layering remarketing to create brand recall and re-enforce your brand as visitors browse the web and social media.

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Find Quality Leads with Quality Content

Inbound marketing depends on content to draw leads to your website. Without content to optimize, even search engine optimization can only go so far. At IDS, our content and SEO teams work together to create custom websites, blogs, and advertisements that are optimized to reach your desired franchisees.

Learn more about how content helps convert leads into franchisees
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Our Expertise

IDS will produce a comprehensive inbound marketing program with a purpose of attracting your ideal franchise candidates through a well-balanced digital marketing program. As an extension of your sales and marketing team, our goal is to get franchise candidates further down the buying cycle. We have worked hand-in-hand with both industry-leading brands and emerging franchises since 2012 and our core marketing services are focused on Franchise Development Marketing.

Key Franchise Brands

Our experience with top franchise brands across a variety of industries suits us for any franchise concept. Our teams work to create a custom plan to fit any franchise brand's needs.

Some of the brands we have worked with include:

Accurate Franchising, Inc.American Family CareApricot Lane BoutiqueExperimacFully PromotedGreat American CookiesHot Dot on a StickJon Smith SubsMarble Slab CreameryMarilyn Monroe SpasPretzelMakerSignaramaSuperGreen SolutionsSupporting StrategiesTrend TransformationsTwo Men and a TruckU.S. LawnsVentureX

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Client Testimonials

iDS is very responsive to our needs…I don’t have to worry about our digital marketing.

Jeff Bain & Management Team

I spent months vetting essentially every well-known franchise focused marketing company. After receiving detailed proposals and speaking with dozens of vendors it was clear that Steve, Joe and the team at IDS were the best choices. Not only was their pricing the best, the IDS team were unequivocally the easies and best to deal with on such a large project. Most importantly after completing the projects, we needed to see a quick ROI. Bottom line, within 6 months of launching all sites and marketing plans we had closed deals and positive ROI.

Jason Anderson

With every new client, the services keep getting better. We’re working with the best team we’ve ever had at IDs and our lead generation is having the best year we’ve ever had as a brand. I look forward to a fantastic 2016 and even better 2017.

Dustin Thompson

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