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 IDS’s 5 Phase Approach to Franchise Social Media Marketing 

We live in a world where potential franchisees research franchise companies very thoroughly before making a purchase decision. Did you know that 80% of the franchise research is finished before they reach out to you directly? Therefore your online reputation, social media influence, downloadable content, and testimonials all play a huge role in how your prospective franchisees form their opinions about your brand. 

The Integrated Digital Strategies 5 Phase Approach to social media will drastically improve your franchise’s web presence and position your brand in front of thousands of new prospects. 

Phase 1 

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    Understand your business 
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    Identify market segments 
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    Learn competitive intel 
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    Understand market trends 
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    Define your marketing goals 
  • Define national and local social media policy 
  • Find influencers 
  • Audit content 

Phase 2 

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    Establish and implement a multi-faceted, scalable social strategy to position your brand across multiple social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and others) 
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    Train national or local staff on social media best practices. 

Phase 3

 Create strategic content to promote on website and social channels: The focus will be on nurturing leads and helping move prospects closer to a buying decision by utilizing different types of content that represent different parts of your sales funnel. 

Phase 4

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    Implement paid content promotion/ social media marketing and management of campaigns 
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    Analyze previous phased approach 
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    Optimize your campaign 
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    Find and reward advocates. 

Phase 5

 Implement closed loop reporting techniques by using marketing automation platforms and your CRM in order to track ROI of previous phases. 

It is the goal of Integrated Digital Strategies to deliver cutting edge content marketing and lead generation solutions to your franchise. Each franchise’s strategy will be completely custom made because we know that your model is different from the others.