Retargeting ADS | Integrated Digital Strategies


Why Retargeting?

Advertisers are faced with the problem of trying to figure out which of the billions of websites their prospects are surfing. 

By retargeting ads, you can get your business in front of those prospects who are actively looking for the products or services you offer. These ads appear nearly anywhere on the internet, including local blogs as well as top tier sites like CNN and ESPN. 

We use retargeting technology to follow your prospects’ search history and online browsing activities. The display ad retargets them and shows several times in the next few weeks so that when they are ready to buy they will likely choose you. 

Site Retargeting: 

Targets prospects who have already visited your site, while they are visiting other sites across the web. Site retargeting is a highly effective method of converting site visitors into customers. 

Search Retargeting: 

Industry leading, keyword level search retargeting targets prospects with display ads based on the searches they perform across the web. 

Contextual Targeting: 

By looking at the content of the current page a prospect is viewing, contextual targeting serves ads that are highly relevant to that content. So, viewers only see ads they’re interested in and you only serve valuable impressions to the right viewers.