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Content, Branding, And Personas

As one of the key facets of an inbound marketing strategy, quality content is critical to maximizing a company's online presence. Our teams work together with strategists and search engine optimization experts to produce content that attracts valuable leads to your company's website.
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Paid Digital Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a targeted way to attract visitors to your website through organic searches and ad-enabled websites. Our team at IDS has years of experience working with advertisers to set up and optimize Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, and Remarketing campaigns to effectively bring in more prospects.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a complex, multi-faceted aspect of creating an online presence. Our SEO experts work continuously to improve our clients' rankings. From assessing your current site to creating an entirely new one, the SEO team at IDS optimizes your online presence.
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Social Media Marketing

There is more to digital solutions than just creating the perfect website. Cultivating a social media presence can define your brand and set you apart as an industry leader. Social media and reviews are two of the ways that your business can manage its reputation online. Check out the ways that IDS makes you visible.

Video Production

Well-produced and relevant videos are incredibly effective marketing tools critical to getting your message and your brand out there. People are more drawn to video than they are to text, so integrating them into your marketing strategy is essential. Our video partner, Clear Vision Video, works with clients to build an idea, develop and create a video, and distribute it across the appropriate channels.
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Website Development

Most Americans do research online before they pay for a product or service, and a well-designed website can have a huge influence over whether or not your target client or customer decides to buy. Equally important is having a website that is optimized for mobile use, as 64% of Americans own a smartphone.

Analytics And Strategy

One of the key facets of a successful marketing strategy is having the processes in place to track campaign performance. Throughout your partnership with IDS, we'll give you targeted reports based on our decided-upon advertising setup. Regular reporting helps us refine strategy and gets you the highest quality leads, using your budget and our services in the most cost-effective manner.
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Competitive Analysis

A crucial part of standing out with display advertising and within search engine results is understanding the competitive landscape. At the beginning of your time with IDS, our team will conduct an audit of your competitors' strategies. This will help us determine what strategies to follow and which to avoid within your targeted industry.

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