Competitive Analysis

Our digital marketing competitive analysis is an important way we help our clients get ahead.

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Understanding what the competition is doing will ultimately inform the strategies we utilize for your brand. These analyses are just one of the ways we go above and beyond for our clients.

In our digital competitive analysis, we review your competitor’s market approach by researching:

competitors by keyword
Competitors By Keyword Or Ad Campaign
Who is messaging in your market?
Keyword Strategy And Ranking
Who is messaging in your market?
site traffic
Site Traffic And Channel Comparisons
Who is messaging in your market?
Paid Search And Advertising Spend
Who is messaging in your market?

Understanding Their Keywords

Before we can identify the most useful keywords to drive traffic to your site, we’ll look at the keywords that have proven useful to your competition. This information will help us:

Determine if what’s worked for them could work for you
Develop the best strategy to help your search rankings outperform theirs
Gather information on what prospective franchisees in your industry care about most

This portion of our digital competitor analysis will be especially useful as we establish both your SEO and PPC strategies.

Breaking Down Their Messaging

The way in which your competitive incorporate keywords can be just as important as what keywords they’re using. For instance, do they primarily integrate keywords into PPC pages? Just their homepage? Each of their service pages?

Our digital marketing competitive analysis will break down exactly how they’re using keywords and reveal exactly how effective their current strategy is. This understanding helps our team:

Develop a strategy for you that’s based on the performance of your competition
Create content that stands out from the rest

The End Result

The end result of this careful digital marketing competitor analysis is that we can create content for you that leverages strategies that have proven effective for your competition in the past while finding new ways to drive traffic to your site – leaving you with a distinct competitive advantage

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