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Great franchise content marketing is important for any franchisor who’s looking to expand. Our content team has years of experience writing for a wide range of brands and can capture your franchise’s unique vision and voice.

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Developing Personas:

The key to drafting relevant content is developing personas of the prospective investors you’d like to attract. With some franchisors, these are recent college grads looking to start their first career. For others, they might be corporate employees interested in going into business for themselves.

Whoever your audience is, we’ll develop personas to get a better idea of their goals and aspirations and what information they’d find most helpful. These personas will guide our content creation throughout the whole process.

Content Calendars:

We’ll make up a content calendar months in advance that lays out exactly what topics we’ll write about in blogs, downloadables, and other content you commission.

You’ll be heavily involved in this stage, helping us to determine the most relevant topics.

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One of the most popular content marketing services we offer our clients is regular SEO-optimized blogging. IDS can work with you to set up a blog platform on your franchising website, and we’ll draft and post relevant, engaging content on a regular basis. Blogs are a great inbound marketing tool because they allow us to integrate the keywords your target customers are searching for at the time, keeping your website competitive in search rankings.

Here are a few interesting statistics on the power of effective blogging:

Long-form blog posts generate 9x more leads than short-form blog posts
Blogging continues to be the #1 marketing strategy among many companies
81% of online consumers trust the information found in blogs

As you can see, blogs have the potential to catch the attention of your target customers while also providing them with the relevant information they need.

Whitepapers, Ebooks, And Downloadables

Downloadable content is heavy on graphics and dives into more detail than what is typically offered on website pages. They are usually designed to provide concise, fast facts (e.g., infographics), provide a thorough background on a given topic (eBooks), or to serve as a summary of your investment overview (whitepapers).

Gap Analysis

We’ll analyze your current franchise content marketing (and any updated content periodically) to identify gaps in it that may prevent prospective franchisees from converting to leads. Whether it means adding new content or updating what you've already got, we’ll make sure your content is doing its job by getting prospects to contact you.

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