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SEO for Franchises

Our franchise experts know how important good SEO is to a digital marketing strategy, and how tricky it is to get it right.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is an ever-changing marketing practice affected by countless forces. At IDS, our franchise SEO experts use every tool at their disposal to optimize clients' websites and other digital content. We implement white-hat franchise search engine optimization to appeal to real people and search engines alike to create long-lasting, healthy rankings for your best keywords.
Franchise Inbound Marketing

Specialized Strategies for Franchise Brands

We know that franchisors looking for prospective franchisees have a unique set of marketing needs to reach their ideal customer. We have years of experience helping franchisors target their unique audiences, particularly through SEO.

We understand that for franchisors, the key isn’t just attracting many leads; it’s about attracting high-quality leads. Time and time again, we’ve been able to help our clients increase the number of qualified prospective franchisees engaging with their content by implementing relevant and effective search engine optimization. Scroll down to view our SEO services, and find out more about how our experts can help reach your franchise digital marketing goals.

Our Services Include


Hyper-Local & Geotargeting

We’ll find and implement keywords and other strategies that are designed not just to get the attention of readers but specifically readers in the areas where you’re hoping to expand your franchise brand. Along these lines, we can also utilize local SEO for franchises to help direct business toward your existing franchisees.

HubSpot Content Development

Content Optimization

We’ll review your existing content and optimize it to ensure that it’s reaching the right audience. For instance, updating keywords and strategically linking to key pages are two ways we can optimize existing content. We’ll also periodically update the content we’ve written for you to keep it working as effectively as possible.

HubSpot Marketing Automation Services

Metadata & Search Appearance

Metadata is invisible to site visitors but is constantly working behind the scenes to communicate with search engines. We’ll ensure that the metadata on your website and associated content is performing at peak efficiency.

HubSpot Sales Enablement Services

Keyword Research & Ranking

We conduct research regularly on keywords and how they’re ranked. This gives us unique insight into what your prospective franchisees are searching for and helps ensure that your content will be consistently visible in relevant results.

HubSpot Onboarding Services

Site Audits & Evaluations

Just because the content is reaching your target audience now doesn’t mean that it will be in six months. We regularly assess your website’s traffic and adjust our strategies to keep a steady flow of leads coming your way. We’ll also provide you with reports so you can get a better idea of who is showing interest in your franchise offering.

link building

Link Building & Guest Posting

Link building is the process of reaching out to website owners to create content that will have links back to your site. Throughout our services, we reach out to these company sites so that we can pass authority to your website, which in turn boosts organic traffic and ranking performance.

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