Social Media Marketing for Franchises

At IDS, we help our clients manage their social media and online reputations in order to present their best, most authentic selves to potential customers. Social media and reputation management solutions complete your business's online profile.

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Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5
Understanding your business and identifying market trends and competition
Establishing a multi-faceted, scalable social media strategy to position your brand across multiple social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and others)
Creating strategic content to promote on website and social channels edit it.
Implementing paid content promotion and social media optimization strategies
Relying on closed-loop reporting techniques by using marketing automation platforms and your CRM in order to track ROI of previous phases
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Social Media Fast Facts

It’s more important than ever that businesses develop a strong and effective social media presence:

It’s estimated that social media use is growing fast, with a projected 3.1 billion users by 2021
On average, people spend more than two hours on social media every day
81% of marketers found that investing as little as six hours a week into social media led to increased traffic
Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, generating 60% of all eCommerce referrals last year

How Do Franchises Use Social Media Marketing?

B2C businesses have been leveraging social media to their advantage for years, but many franchisors are just beginning to recognize the benefits of social media marketing for franchises. Franchisors can utilize social media to…

Call attention to unique value propositions like discounts on franchise fees
Highlight the relationship between their brand and current industry trends
Announce the opening of new locations and share franchisee success stories
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Our Social Media Marketing Services For
Franchise Businesses

Our franchise social media marketing experts know just what it takes to grab attention on a range of platforms. Did you know that many Facebook posts disappear from your audience's timeline after just two hours? Our team knows exactly how to develop strategic, organic posts that are designed to have the maximum impact on the prospective franchisees you need to target.

Just like search engine marketing, there are many benefits to utilizing paid campaigns on social media. Paid campaigns help you better reach your audience, and we’ll be provided with information on which posts were most effective so that we can tailor future posts to your prospective franchisees.

Today’s social media users don’t just engage to keep in touch with family and friends. They also use their favorite platforms to read and leave reviews about franchisors they work with. Regardless of the size of your franchise, or the industry you’re operating in, your business is likely already being reviewed on social media. Our reputation management services can help you to strengthen your positive image among prospective investors.

Everyone on social media realizes that in order to make an impact, they need a wide audience of followers. Franchisors are no exception. We’ll utilize our franchise social media marketing skills to help you…

  • Find your prospective franchisees and engage them with your content
  • Catch the attention of prospective franchisees in the areas you’re looking to develop
  • Incentivize people to follow your page with promotional updates and relevant content

Just like keeping a website optimized, keeping your social media page relevant and visible to your prospective franchisees requires careful optimization. Our team knows how to delve into the nitty-gritty of social media platforms to ensure that your page is reaching as many qualified prospective franchisees as possible.

Want To Learn More About The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Franchise Development?

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