Social Media & Reputation Management

A company's online impression is made up of more than its website. Social media and reviews on independent sites can make a huge difference to potential customers, who see these as authentic representations of a brand. At IDS, we help our clients manage their social media and online reputations in order to present their best, authentic selves to potential customers. Social media and reputation management solutions complete your business's online picture.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business through social media is a relatively new but incredibly important part of building a strong online presence. Implementing each of the different social media networks—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc—each to their own advantage is critical to develop a comprehensive social media platform.

Let IDS help! Our social media services can include operating every single detail or simply making recommendations.

Learn about our social media marketing plans.

Five Phases to a Successful Social Strategy for Franchisors

IDS specializes in helping franchise businesses attract and convert new franchisees. Adopting a specific social media marketing strategy is key to bringing franchise prospects to your business.

We have designed a five phase approach to creating a successful social media campaign for franchisors. This approach combines content marketing with a social media strategy to make the most out of a franchisor’s online presence.

Learn more about our five phases.


How Do I Get More Reviews

If you’re like most businesses, you’re probably wondering how you can get more reviews on Google, Yelp, YP, Angie’s List and Yahoo. When you partner with IDS, we design a custom review page on your site that encourages prospects and customers to leave a review on the website that they feel most comfortable with.

Reviews have been shown to not only increase positive perception of business, they also help your listings come up in the search results when people Google search for your products and services.

We’ve seen online customer reviews increase as much as 300% when using a review acquisition strategy.

Online Reputation Management

A company's online reputation can make or break the number of leads it gets. A company with a good reputation—demonstrated through social media comments, reviews on sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages, and the company's own website—has a much easier time generating leads.

But how does a company manage its online reputation? Through a number of customer-focused strategies. IDS's reputation management concierge is an ideal fit with the social media concierge, as they work together to create a positive buzz online about your company.

Learn more about IDS's reputation management concierge.

Client Testimonials

iDS is very responsive to our needs...I don't have to worry about our digital marketing.

Bain Pest Control

I spent months vetting essentially every well-known franchise focused marketing company. After receiving detailed proposals and speaking with dozens of vendors it was clear that Steve, Joe and the team at IDS were the best choices. Not only was their pricing the best, the IDS team were unequivocally the easies and best to deal with on such a large project. Most importantly after completing the projects, we needed to see a quick ROI. Bottom line, within 6 months of launching all sites and marketing plans
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Jason Anderson

With every new client, the services keep getting better. We're working with the best team we've ever had at IDs and our lead generation is having the best year we've ever had as a brand. I look forward to a fantastic 2016 and even better 2017.

Dustin Thompson

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