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Video Production

Digital media has become an important component of generating traffic to business and franchise websites. Studies have shown that people are more attracted to videos than they are to text and will more likely watch a portion of your video before they read anything on your site. The online video audience is rapidly growing with websites like YouTube and Vimeo getting billions of impressions every day.

Videos have a very unique role in business and franchise promotion. When it comes to franchise development videos, companies can take advantage of those growing impressions that videos have and can also maximize their inbound marketing strategies by helping prospects find them through video instead of traditional search.

Franchise sales and development videos are making headway in terms of brand growth. In a feature for the International Franchise Association, John Green writes, “video stands alone in its ability to connect with franchisee candidates.” This principle applies to business growth and promotional videos as well.

Custom Business and Franchise Videos

Whether it’s a business promoting their products and services, or a franchise trying to grow their brand, Integrated Digital Strategies has got you covered. At Integrated Digital Strategies, we can produce custom videos that best represent your business, brand, product, or service. We can even create a YouTube Channel for your company to help optimize your promotional or franchise sales videos as well as create sharable links, so we can distribute the video content across social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Search engines also love video and will often present your franchise videos higher in the search rankings than your static website pages.

These custom-made videos are the products of close collaboration between our clients, creative teams, and our partners at Clear Vision Video. Companies are realizing how critical custom video content is, and by 2019, it is projected that 80 to 90% of all internet traffic will be video viewing.

From Concept to Completion

Integrated Digital Strategies employs an experienced production team, Clear Vision Video, that will highlight your company effectively and innovatively to create franchise development videos that best represent your brand and drive quality leads to your business. We work with you the entire time, from brainstorming to distribution, to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the video and that it achieves the message you want to portray.

Videos Serve Different Purposes

Wordstream has discovered striking statistics about the importance of video in digital marketing strategies. Nearly half of all people are watching more than one hour of videos on YouTube and Facebook a week, and what this has shown us in terms of video marketing is that, as of 2017, views on branded video content have increased by 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube. Video marketing has proven to be effective on different media and can bring more deliverable leads from people who are looking for your company.

Depending on your purposes and goals, videos can be incredibly effective, and ample research has shown just how important a tool it can be for both training and marketing. Whether you are a business trying to bring more customers to your store to buy your products or services or a franchisor hoping to bring more prospective franchisees to your brand with franchise development videos, utilizing digital content is imperative now more than ever.

Branding & Marketing Videos

A high-quality video lets you tell the story of who you are and what your brand is about. Today, people want to go behind the scenes to learn more about what makes a company tick. When customers and prospective franchisees are able to see the real faces that make up your company, they feel a connection that's stronger and more informed than the one generated by almost any other marketing tool available.

Overall, using video to build up your brand can help you work toward your long-term goals because positive branding has a positive effect. Video content is making waves in digital marketing, and with professional, quality work and a constant, unwavering purpose, your brand will be able to achieve great things through video production to help your company as a whole, whether it be franchise sales videos, franchise development videos, promotional videos, or something even more unique!


Client Testimonials

I spent months vetting essentially every well-known franchise focused marketing company. After receiving detailed proposals and speaking with dozens of vendors it was clear that Steve, Joe and the team at IDS were the best choices. Not only was their pricing the best, the IDS team were unequivocally the easiest and best to deal with on such a large project. Most importantly after completing the projects, we needed to see a quick ROI. Bottom line, within 6 months of launching all sites and marketing plans we had closed deals and positive ROI.
Jason Anderson
Chief Technology Officer at United Franchise Group
With every new client, the services keep getting better. We’re working with the best team we’ve ever had at IDS and our lead generation is having the best year we’ve ever had as a brand. I look forward to a fantastic 2016 and even better 2017.
Dustin Thompson
Director of Franchise Sales & Marketing
Working with IDS has been a positive and refreshing experience. They understand the value of establishing a true partnership. Too many digital solution companies offer cookie-cutter services with little effort put into understanding the values of the customers they serve. From the start, Steve, Joe, Kim, and the rest of the IDS team took the time to learn our business. They deeply understand our values and goals, and have helped us better communicate our story to our target market. Equally important, they have produced tangible results for our website. Not only is our site one of the best-looking sites in the industry, it’s creating a high level of user engagement and lead generation for our franchisees. If you are looking for a results-driven digital team with personality, IDS is the company for you.
Brandon Moxam, CFE
Vice President of Marketing &
Operations - U.S. Lawns, Inc.
We engaged IDS to design a new franchise sales website with content focused on SEO optimization. They also created and managed ongoing blog content. IDS created franchise targeted persona’s and marketed to them through Google Ads and Facebook while tracking stats and ROI. Lastly, they develop a Facebook strategy to attract leads for resale opportunities. We could not be more pleased with how IDS has wrapped their arms around us through each process to satisfy our needs. Their communication is beyond expectation and they’ve introduced us to other resources who we’ve also engaged with. IDS is a true partner investing in our success which makes for a sustained long term relationship.
Ken Peterson
Founder & CEO of Apricot Lane Boutique
IDS is a crucial member of our Digital Marketing team. They took the time to understand our brand, our goals and the persona of our perfect candidate, and we have transformed our Digital Marketing strategy and positioned our company for growth and success. With their expertise in our marketplace and the ever-changing tools and techniques associated with advertising on the web, IDS has changed the dynamics of our marketing efforts, and helped Supporting strategies achieve our aggressive franchise sales goals.
Stephen Scultz
Director of Franchise Development
– Supporting Strategies
We have been very satisfied with the results IDS has delivered. I researched multiple companies when looking to revamp our franchise development website. From the start, Steve, Joe, and his team shared the radical personalization our team believes in. They really took the time to understand our culture and brand which showed in the final product. In addition, our lead flow increased 91% in less than a year. I highly recommend IDS!
Todd Chapman
Director of Franchise Recruiting
– U.S. Lawns, Inc.
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