How many leads has your website delivered in the past month? With the vast majority of people using the Internet to find businesses and do research before making contact, your website becomes a foundation for your business marketing strategy at the beginning of the buying cycle.

Attractive and Effective Websites

Every business needs an effective and attractive website design – getting one should not be a complicated task. At IDS, we give you everything in one complete solution. This starts with a sound strategy, followed up with a beautiful design, and a talented development team that brings a new website to life. Our process from start to finish includes the following:



When we develop a strategy we build a wireframe and site architecture that matches the desired buyer’s journey when visiting your site. We work with you to decide the flow of information and sequence of events for a logical sales process.

Buyer Persona

Once we have the overall strategy in place, we then develop the buyer persona. Typically we create three to five ideal buyers and answer the typical questions and concerns that they may have.


The next step when we have completed both the strategy and buyer persona is to produce a mock-up of what the site should look like using the research we uncovered in the first two steps of the process. This design should reflect the look and feel of your ideal buyer and provide a great representation of what your company is all about. Our designs create a “wow” factor that provides a great first impression that encourages visitors to stay on the site and learn more.

Content Design

After the first three steps listed above are complete, its time to create the content for the site. This is done by conducting keyword research to determine what terms your ideal personas are searching for. Once we have done the keyword research, we produce the content for each page that answers the questions and concerns of visitors to the site. This part of the process is critical for a great user experience and also for SEO so that search engines are able to find you.


The final part of the process is when all other aspects of the site are complete and it is time to make the site come to life. This is when our web developers put the site architecture and wireframe into the page layout. Next comes the images in the form of photos, info-graphics, and images that make the site appealing. The last part of the process is to add the content that was produced for the new site.

When the website is complete, the work continues! IDS has several options to ensure that our client’s sites are maintained and updated regularly. Not only is this a best practice for keeping your prospects and customers well informed; it also shows Google and the other search engines that you have a vibrant website that has regular interaction.

Client Testimonials

iDS is very responsive to our needs...I don't have to worry about our digital marketing.

Bain Pest Control

I spent months vetting essentially every well-known franchise focused marketing company. After receiving detailed proposals and speaking with dozens of vendors it was clear that Steve, Joe and the team at IDS were the best choices. Not only was their pricing the best, the IDS team were unequivocally the easies and best to deal with on such a large project. Most importantly after completing the projects, we needed to see a quick ROI. Bottom line, within 6 months of launching all sites and marketing plans
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Jason Anderson

With every new client, the services keep getting better. We're working with the best team we've ever had at IDs and our lead generation is having the best year we've ever had as a brand. I look forward to a fantastic 2016 and even better 2017.

Dustin Thompson

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